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Beware Delaware SCR #63 Trojan Horse attacking parents rights re: IEP

147th General Assembly
Senate Concurrent Resolution # 63 w/SA 1

Primary Sponsor:


Additional Sponsor(s):    Sen. Poore & Rep. M. Smith & Rep. Ramone


{ NONE…}

Introduced on :


Long Title:


Synopsis of Orginal Bill:

(without Amendments)

This concurrent resolution creates an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Task Force. 

The student IEP process is driven by federal law under IDEA and protected by federal law. There is enough information to make the responsibilities of schools and parents quite clear. 

Another Sokola task force isn’t going to address the fact that parents are manipulated in agreeing what’s best for their child. Red Clay is bent on getting their way with their inclusion plan that “must” be an acceptable part of the “IEP”. Sokola and Mike Ramone were a no show in their own school district (Red Clay) when parents were crying for help! Rep Kim Williams and Sen Karen Peterson were actively engage and “helped” parents beat back this injustice.

Odds are Sokola and Ramone won’t post task force meetings date and for sure won’t post timely meeting minutes. Hey Sokola and Ramone get with Matt Denn and use the model he uses for the Workers’a Compensation Task Force  with detailed meeting minute and “audio recordings”.

No matter what, at the end of the day Federal Law trumps State Law in regards to the IEP and let’s not forget Sokola and Ramone both voted YES on H.B.#334. Parents don’t trust these two! They could come out to support parents of special ed students in their own school district! Hey Ramone what’s the deal with the political dance? Trying to secure that tenant? 😉 I can’t believe you are helping hold open the gates of Delaware for further federal intrusion re: H.B.#334.    

Got a skeeter on my Peter re: Pete Schwartzkopf

Casino aid debate reaches final day Jon Offredo, The News Journal

“Nothing is a slam dunk in that committee, but I think it will be released,” said House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf.

The bill has already passed the Senate and deserves to have a date on the floor, he added.

What about H.B.#23 Pete ?

Mar 31, 2014 – Reported Out of Committee (APPROPRIATIONS) in House with 5 On Its Merits
Jun 11, 2013 – Amendment HA 2 – Introduced and Placed With Bill
Jun 04, 2013 – Assigned to Appropriations Committee in House
Mar 27, 2013 – Reported Out of Committee (EDUCATION) in House with 6 Favorable, 4 On Its Merits
Mar 27, 2013 – Amendment HA 1 – Introduced and Placed With Bill
Jan 23, 2013 – Introduced and Assigned to Education Committee in House

Schwarzkopf cries when games are being play with legislation impacting “his” pals at the casinos! But it’s OK to block real transparency laws for public schools. Not good Pete! Just another reason to vote Rep Longhurst over of office.

Others on the committee are sponsors of the bill, including House Minority Leader Daniel Short, a Seaford Republican. The bills are not bailout bills, but a tax reduction that allows the casinos time try to regain financial footing, he said.

Yep and Rep Short voted yes on H.B.#334! So much for his credibility. Rep Short let’s just call your casino plan a backdoor bailout.

Now who wants to tell sleeping Delaware parents there’s a new test next year? #netde #edude @stateboarded @dedeptofed @ed_in_de

Let’s face it parents can tend to be out of touch with major changes. Perhaps they are too busy being parents, a good thing.

Like clockwork when the reality sets in many parents will say, “why didn’t anyone tell us” or “why are we the last to know”? 

Well one thing for sure, the “system” has a face and many are stamped with the YES vote for H.B.#334.

Since the feds says the Smarter Balanced Assessment was hatched by the states it’s not a federally mandated test. The wind has been knock out of the sails of NCLB and Title 1 Section 1118 has been used as a doormat disregarding the requirements of Title 1 programming changes where parents are to be consulted.

B-2.     Must an SEA consult with parents in the development of the State plan?

An SEA must consult with parents, along with others, such as LEAs, in developing its State plan. [Section 1111(a)(1), ESEA.]

B-3.     What responsibility does an SEA have with respect to the parental involvement provisions in local plans?

An SEA must review each LEA’s plan to determine if the LEA’s parental involvement activities meet the requirements of section 1118.  [Section 1112(e)(3), ESEA.]

Assessment is a critical component of Title 1 and it is “fact” Title 1 parents were not consulted prior to Delaware’s Race to The Top MOU, Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment. Also, the Delaware State Parent Advisory Council (DSPAC) sits around with their heads up their asses! This group was rooted back in the William Hicks Anderson days and had teeth. DE DOE manipulated DSPAC bylaws and water them down. Notice the “A” stands for “Advisory”. Take a look at their new purpose ! NO VOICE! And here is their FaceBook! Last entry was May 16, 2012 and only 69 likes.

The mission of the Delaware State Parent Advisory Council (DSPAC) is to develop a climate of understanding and cooperation, which fosters a positive working relationship between local school districts, individual schools, students, families and community members. We do this by improving awareness, promoting an exchange of information, providing training and technical assistance, and supporting and advising state efforts related to parental engagement.

Has anyone notice not one legislative enacted committee relating to education included a members of the DSPAC? And O yea, Kilroy was part of this groups years ago and was very vocal and exposed the fact that Red Clay (before Merv and current administrators) rubber stamped parents names on the Consolidated Grant Application without those parents knowledge. The there was the report to USDOE OIG that forced Red Clay to payback some misappropriated funds (again before Merv and current administrators).

Delaware DOE doesn’t even list who the DSPAC members are! This group is to be the link between DE DOE and school level parents via PTA and other related district / school committees. Where are the minutes for these DSPAC meetings Rep Hudson?

Good people of the blogosphere Kilroy has been involved in many school level, district level and state committees including DSPAC. I particapted in a few conventions for the National Coalition of Title 1 / Chapter 1 Parents and did once take the stage at national conference with my sermon. I am not a person just throwing stones at the system! I refused to drink the Kool-aid! Mike Matthews was only 13 back in 1995 when I became engaged in this shit! Then when he got older he became delivery-boy running sandwiches over to Priscilla at GOP headquarters. And boy did he have the hots for her :).   


This is no Photoshop picture! The lady speaking is Delaware’s first Secretary of Education Iris Metts. At the time I was a member of the DSPAC and Chairperson of Red Clay’s Title 1 Parent Advisory Council! And believe me, we gave advice and had voice! As the consolidated grant application process evolved and the Title 1 parent groups were folded into a groups representative all grant components, not just Title 1. There was an agenda to beat-back the voices of civil rights which in Title 1’s case was William Hicks Anderson’s disciples left behind when he departed this Earth . Folks, there were aggressive parents back then that knew the law. I am far far from being an expert but I can tell you this, “many” Delaware legislators are clueless of the fabrics of federal law and what parents had to endure to ensure their voices were heard. Senate Lavelle sold his vote for some political favor! You can bet on that! Rep Hudson was exposed and isn’t the champion for transparency she claims to be!  

Sure, I tend to be over the top however, that’s because the system tried to keep me quiet and at the bottom. There are many parents roped into being team-payers with offers of jobs and memberships on prestigious groups. Me, I refuse to drink the Kool-Aid and heard all the crap about let’s work together and let’s build up not tear-down. The system including Markell and Rodel is good at keeping parent chasing their tails. But something the dogs wake-up and bite. Hate me all you want but I don’t let the fact I have a GED and a pocketful of college credits hold me back from speaking out! 

So now with The Smarter Balanced Assessment another parent group will be giving a $$ grant to educate parents on this new save the world assessment.

My guess is. enough is enough and a grassroots test opt-out movement will emerge.  Also, there will be a shakeup in Dover re: legislators! We have the voting records and know which legislators held the door for the federal intervention. Markell will tell you next year’s student assessments scores will not be so good and call it an adjustment period / growing pains! Markell will be out of office after 2016 election and so will Obama! In comes a new administration with another save the world education reform plan! Look at Rodel !! What are they at ? Vision 2025. Just keep kicking the can down the road. I am not sure if Governor Beau Biden will continue letting Rodel use DE DOE as their sandbox. 

Delaware state republicans holds door open for federal intrusion in Delaware public schools! Now I seen everything! #edude #netde @destateboarded @gop @senate_gops @GOPleader @reince @huffingtonpost @washingtonpost @delawaretoday @greg_lavelle @ed_in_de

Support for Common Core Plummets with Parents of School-Aged Kids Filed in Common Core State Standards by  on June 26, 2014

They found that just 34% of adults with children in elementary or secondary school favor all schools nationwide to meet the Common Core State Standards.  That is a drop of 18% since early November 2013.  47% opposed the Common Core, and 19% are undecided.

54% believe the Common Core is unlikely to improve student performance, only 37% believe they will do what advocates promise.

Among all Americans Rasmussen notes 41% favor the the Common Core with 36% of Americans being opposed.  23% are undecided.  44% of all Americans believe Common Core will not improve student performance.

Also of interest 54% of all Americans believe schools place too much emphasis on standardized testing.  Just 24% believe student scores on standardized tests should be a major factor in determining how well a school is doing.

Only 23% of Americans believe the Feds should set education standards for schools.  Rasmussen reports that it up from 18% in November.  39% believe the state should with 27% saying local governments should.  The state number is higher than the last time this was polled, and the local government response dropped seven points.

Folks let’s not forget Reps Hudson (R), Miro (R),  Ramone (R), Blakely (R), Dukes (R), Gray (R), Kenton (R), Outten (R), D Short (R), Smyk (R), Spiegelman (R) and Wilson (R) all support Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment, all voting YES for Delaware H.B. 334. Of the 9 NO votes they all were cast by Democrats!

Dave Anderson calls out Senator Lavelle! Re: the yes vote that jammed one in the backs of parents and students

HB 334 Fails 8 to 13–OOPS Vote again–It Passes 12 to 9. Common Core Testing Is on the Way to Being the law

Junes 26, 2014 by David Anderson

Read entire blog post here ………….

The General Assembly had a chance to put the breaks on the state board and make them obey the law.  Instead, it allowed the administration to make them pawns of the DOE instead of the legislators being the leaders that they were elected to be.

It is not over yet, call, email, and FB the Senators.  Tell them to go back to their original votes or we may vote against them before we vote for them, except only our first vote counts in the voting booth.

If they do not listen to us, we need to make this a rallying cry this election cycle. This issue could be the one that makes a dent in one party rule. 1 seat takes away the super majority in either house.  3 seats flips the Senate. Venables and Townsend voted right, except for Lavelle every Republican voted right. They need to hear from us. Some of them are not up this year, we have two years to prepare.

Dave state legislators need to wake-up and understand many of us read proposed legislation and watched the votes! Senator Greg Lavelle got caught with his pants down bending over for Jack Markell! He has no clue as to the damaged he caused public education in Delaware and indeed his support for H.B.#334 will negatively impact all schools including charters.

What many don’t know DCAS contract with AIR ends June 30, 2014! Delaware state legislators in the dark Posted on  by kilroysdelaware and DE DOE told AIR they aren’t renewing before state legislators approved dumping DCAS. Hush hush talk it would cost DE DOE millions to realign DCAS after spending millions on The Smarter Balanced. So parents, students and taxpayers get screwed and Lavelle gets an 8×10 of Markell. Then there is Hudson bailing on H.B.#23 and damn and Miro a no show at Red Clay for the ELL re: inclusion plan. What the F next? Copeland getting an Obama appointment?

So much for keeping Washington out of local control re: public education. 

Is Delaware setting the stage for parents to view teacher performance ratings?

Parent Choice Portal Project
Analysis, Design, and Development
RFP # 2014-05

1.2. Project Overview
The purpose of the Parent Choice Portal is to empower parents to make more informed decisions about where to send their children to school and provide them with an accessible and easy-to-navigate tool for participating in School Choice. By increasing transparency around the quality of our schools and engaging more parents in School Choice, the State believes it can exert public pressure on our schools and districts so that there is greater accountability for improved outcomes for Delaware’s students. The information supplied to stakeholders through the Parent Choice Portal will be derived from the comprehensive longitudinal data sets maintained by DDOE, supplemented by
data supplied by human service, workforce and higher education partner organizations in Delaware.
The primary goals of this effort are as follows:
 Provide parents with the information they need to make informed decisions
about where to send their children to school
 Illuminate the comparative strengths of our schools as well as opportunities
for improvement
 Streamline school choice by providing parents with the opportunity to use a
state portal to initiate the school choice process
A parent should be able to use this system to understand how well a school fits the needs of their child – whether academic, extracurricular, or otherwise – and initiate the process of applying to that school.
A school should be able to use this system to market their unique strengths, while also understanding their attractiveness to parents in the context of similar schools within Delaware.

It appears Delaware is setting the stage for parents to view teacher performance ratings online. As many know DEEDS is available but only displays teachers credentials. As far as rating schools to make an informed decision Delaware already has the school profile dashboard that even includes the individual school’s discipline profile and much more.

Some teachers feel parents don’t have the right to know their teacher performance ratings. But this RFP is setting the stage! Just think opting out of state student test could be a possibility! So why not demanding your child not be place in teacher with bottom of the barrel ratings? Do I agree with all of this? Irrelevant! A day “will” come where parent will had such access to make that “informed decision.” The technological building blocks to do so are lining up. 

Yea yea I know Kilroy is a crack-pot! He yelled the sky is falling with Race to The Top, Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment! But that all proved to be a lie! Right?

DE Senator Greg Lavelle voted for Common Core Standards #netde #edude

Greg you blew it dude!

Charter School of Wilmington board of directors neglecting responsibilities

See for yourself, the last posted board of director’s meeting minutes posted was for March 2014 meeting. Looks like the board secretary is sleeping on the job?  

Delaware: S.B. #218 w/SA 1 to add bullying as “good cause”. Bullies stay and victims have to run?

So with this legislation charter students and choice students won’t be trapped in a school where they are being bullied! Sounds fair and a good piece of legislation. HOWEVER, why should the student being bullied be the one forced to leave the school? And by forced, I mean, why isn’t the bully removed? To satisfy this “good cause” surely there will be some kind of documentation suitable for charges against the bully and / or his (her) parents. As far as school “Choice” surely the provisions within the Choice application makes it clear the student can be asked to leave if no adhering to code of conduct. Also, charter schools must have the same provisions. Why should a good student be forced out of a school due to school violence? If we’re not going to effectively address school bullying what happens when the child “on the run” gets bullied at their feeder school assuming they go back or another Choice or charter school. Good intention here but an acknowledgement criminals have more rights! Yes bullies are criminals if their actions causes another students to flee the school. What about student within their feeder schools? Will they be allowed to Choice to another school even if their is no seats or a charter school bypassing the entrance test?

147th General Assembly
Senate Bill # 218 w/SA 1

Primary Sponsor:


Additional Sponsor(s):    Rep. Scott & Rep. K. Williams


Sen. Townsend; Reps. Briggs King, Heffernan, Jaques, Paradee

Introduced on :


Long Title:


Synopsis of Original Bill:

(without Amendments)

This bill amends the definition of good cause to include reported and recorded acts of Bullying as previously defined in Delaware Code. This definition change would allow bullying along with the other factors currently listed under “good cause” to terminate the 1 year charter agreement or 2 year district choice agreement required by law.

Current Status:

Out of Committee   On   06/17/14


Breaking News! On again off again blogger M. Matthews decides to grace the blogosphere with a new post!

DE Dept. of Ed. and State Board of Ed. Need to Check Themselves

It’s been an interesting summer break for me. Full-fledged “summer” with the soaring temps outside. Not so much of a “break,” though. And that’s ok. Keeping busy keeps me sharp and out of trouble.

Or so I thought.

Reed the entire blog post here …………….

“Keeping busy keeps me sharp and out of trouble.” WTF Matthews, allowing you to blog is like allowing Charles Manson to drive tour buses in Hollywood!

I think it’s high time the State Legislature look at the power the unelected and unaccountable State Board of Education wields. And they also need to look at the cozy relationship between the Department of Education and the unelected and unaccountable State Board of Education. Time for some legislation clarifying their roles.

Damn Matthews, I remember when you were DL Jason’s understudy! Ever since you got that union card your saltiness turned to sugar.  The relationship between the state board and DE DOE goes like this, the state board’s puppet strings leads to Markell’s left hand and DE DOE’s to Markell’s right-hand. Then there is Mr. Blowman! You can guess where his string leads to :). 

Now I seen everything! DE Sen Lavelle makes video on political ethics and morals #edude #netde @destateboarded @gop @senate_gops @GOPleader @reince @huffingtonpost @washingtonpost @delawaretoday @greg_lavelle @ed_in_de @

Are you fucking kidding me Greg??????????????? This has to be a joke!!!! Allen Funt are you playing jokes on Delaware from your grave?

The Delaware common people jury in! State Senator Lavelle is a douchebag! re: H.B.#334 flip-flop vote #edude #netde @destateboarded @gop @senate_gops @GOPleader @reince @huffingtonpost @washingtonpost @delawaretoday @greg_lavelle @ed_in_de @

The legislative actions of Delaware State Senator Greg Lavelle and Delaware State Legislator Debbie Hudson does have a silver-lining! I think these two have helped the Delaware Republican Party hit rock-bottom and with their fearless leader borrowing money from family to keep his charter school afloat the only direction for GOP is up! Folks something has to give to end this Delaware Republican / Democrat joint effort to reform Delaware’s public schools via a political / Wall Street ponzi scheme.

To be blunt, what happened this year equates to nothing more than Delaware State Senator Greg Lavell dropping to his knees in front of Governor Markell and Delaware State Representative Debbie Hudson pulling Governor’s Markell zipper down and Chairman of the DE GOP Copeland yelling, go ahead Greg close your eye and do it for the team.

The Delaware Republican Party stood-by for the last 6 years as Governor Markell took it upon himself to sign Delaware up for Race to The Top, Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment. The GOP is all big on keeping Washington out of our lives. But when it comes to the joint ventures of Delaware charter schools it doesn’t matter how overreaching Washington is and one thing for sure is the lives of parents and students don’t matter. Yea yea, Publius we know, charter schools are a gift to the people! But from what I see, charter schools have become a goldmine for prominent lawyers who helped sow the charter school seeds. Damn, even the blond hair flower boy tried to cash in! Lavelle’s flip-flop vote on House Bill #334 wasn’t based on rationale thinking for the sake of parents and students. You can bet that “yes” vote was Lavelle’s golden ticket to be cashed in next year. He’ll wipe his mouth and swallow his pride and dance around GOP Headquarters with golden ticket in hand! Greg, Confucius say, “man who go to bed with itchy butt wakes up with stinky finger.” Take a whiff Greg!

The Greenville crowd might be in love with Debbie Downer Hudson and Greg Lavelle but the fact remains their support for Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment will force local school taxes to go up to back-fill the loss of federal funds.

Transparency is the key to true reform and Debbie Downer Hudson couldn’t carry the ball into the end zone! She submitted to Rep Longhurst like a Poodle to a Pitt Bull.  

Why Did The Vote Change?


Pure Shit

The plans were already in place; the required legislative vote was window dressing… But the people spoke.

Able to get to their representatives, they got enough votes to shut down the Smarter Balanced Assessments… Till they got this news, and an order to go back, redo the vote, and make this outcome happen…. Scared like little girls, that is exactly what they did….

Obviously Common Core is dead.  This administration doesn’t know it yet…..

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+++UPDATED+++ Profiles in Cowardice, the Delaware Senate bows to Executive intimidation it would seem. #SeparationofPowers#netDE #eduDE