Hiney (Rep. Scott) and Hole (Sen. Sokola) stealth legislation to allow charter schools with less than 200 students

47th General Assembly
Senate Bill # 234

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Additional Sponsor(s):    Rep. Scott


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This bill aligns language within Title 14, Chapter 5 with changes to education and charter policy made throughout the chapter as well as elsewhere in the title. These changes remedy inconsistencies in language between different sections of Delaware Code as a result of recent changes to licensure, certification, accounting system, as well as aligning all sections of Chapter 5 with specific dates and deadlines established through multiple bills in the past year. This bill organizes required reporting for charter schools within the chapter subsection referencing reports and also addresses the sunset of single gender charter school language from June 2013.

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Senate Education Committee   On   05/30/2014

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Section 1.  Amend Chapter 5, Title 14 of the Delaware Code by making deletions as shown by strike through and insertions as shown by underline as follows:

§ 503 Legal status.

A charter school is a public school including 2 or more of grade kindergarten through 12 and having at least 200 students (provided, however, that a charter school may enroll fewer than 200 but no less than 100 students in its first 2 years of operation or for a charter school serving at-risk or special education students), 

Folks, though it appears Sokola and Scott might be cleaning up some verbiage however, the crossing out of the requirement under legal status requiring a charter school to be at least 200 students might be making way for approval of those charter schools that didn’t meet their enrollment requirements to open in fall of 2014. This is the kind of shit Sokola does towards end of legislative session! They sugarcoat this legislation in House Ed Committee and Senate Ed Committee and jam it through in the wee-hours of last days of session. Go view the legislation yourself and you’ll see the above.   

Also, it looks like verbiage in the single-gender clause is being deleted. Might be something to do with Reach’s lawsuit and DE DOE’s desire to close them. Not sure but check it out!

4 responses to “Hiney (Rep. Scott) and Hole (Sen. Sokola) stealth legislation to allow charter schools with less than 200 students

  1. Also the event vouchers were enacted, this would open the door to storefront “voucher schools” opening under the charter banner.


  2. A charter school with less than 200 students…

    A yearly budget less than $680,000? With most yearly building rents well in to the millions, those children aren’t getting a very good education, are they. Makes far better sense to close the charters and choice those children in to a public school of their preference……

    This is a dumb idea. If we are going to siphon money from the public schools, it really is stupid to siphon it for 3 years, then close the school and return those students back to the feeder, where they are already 3 years behind where they would have been had they stayed in public schools.

    Charter Schools don’t educate as well as public schools. That has been proven by every test, in every state!!!


  3. 506 (e) Section 1. Amend Chapter 5, Title 14

    “ If at any time during any fiscal year of its existence, a charter school knows or reasonably should know that it has or will become unable to pay in full its projected expenses as they fall due, the school shall immediately so advise the Department of Education and its authorizer, and shall provide the Department with all financial information relating to revenues and expenses of the school necessary for the Department to determine the extent and cause of any potential operating deficit. If a charter school should fail to provide the notice to the Department of Education and authorizer required by this subsection or shall fail to cooperate with the Department in the production of financial information pursuant to this subsection, the Department Authorizer shall subject the school’s charter to formal review pursuant to the provisions of § 515 of this title in order to determine whether grounds exist to take remedial measures.”

    it appears when this bill passes there will be within 3 years, a large number of Charter School failures being re-absorbed as was (and will) Moyer, Reach, and Pencader….

    Although all parents who are deeply knowledgeable over educational issues will cheer loudly as the Charter movement fizzles, sputters, and dies, and rejoice that now all students can return and benefit from their fine public institutions, (which happen to blow the test scores off charters, as well as win all the football competitions) As we saw with Moyer, REACH and Pencader…. leaving Charter schools alone to fail, sets each and every one of those students back several years!

    So why play this game? (Of course we all know why Sokola and Scott want this game played.) But they don’t count. Why should every other legislator set Delaware’s kids up on purpose to fail, just to humor Dave and Darryl?

    It’s simply not right.,


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