Education Reformers Proven Wrong Again


And another study piles on… again proving that Jack Markell, Arne Duncun, Mark Murphy, Rodel, Chief’s for Change, are all wrong for education…  We have seen a glut of such studies this year… compared to zero studies that support any of the premises being made by these so called reformers… Don’t take my word for it simply because I say so, but to me it is safe to say they are all on the wrong track…

This study focuses on what happens or happened, in impoverished school districts where a Federal Court said:  “rectify this, it isn’t equal education….”

In all those cases more money was spent in schools and results got better….

You see, the enemy to education is poverty.  If you attack poverty, you improve education… If you do nothing  but test what students don’t know, you get nothing but a lot of documentations stating that students don’t know…

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