Audio Recording of Christina School Board Emergency Meeting 05/27/2014

Audio of Christina School Board’s Emergency Meeting May 27, 2014

Please turn up your speaker volume, sound quality a little low.

Ouch !!!!!! Did Board Member Young tactfully tell Board President he doesn’t have mayoral control over the board or other members? 

Why in the hell are board members in the dark not permitted to see “evidence” in a position probing the two board members who had exclusive view of evidence?  I didn’t know school boards had judicial wings within! Why wasn’t the video shared with all board members prior to requesting support for this resolutions? You’d think the video and other “evidences” against board member Sutton-Saffer! Wow !!!! Could Sutton-Saffer sue her own school board for defamation of character? This resolution seems more like a trial!

I still feel the video of a public elected official should be released and not kept secret by two board members. Also, on the other-side of the coin was the school bus driver causing alarm in his duties? So here we have a labor dispute following labor relation protocol whereas there could be a possibility student’s safety was at risk! I feel the AG’s office needs to be brought into the loop to inspect issues to see if student’s safety was compromised either by the driver or board member!

Wow board member Paige is kicking some ass! “Show us the video” :).

Young said , has our board solicited a statement from Sutton-Saffer! Yikes they did not! So resolution is based on the employee’s statement! John Young pulling an F Lee Bailey on the board!

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  1. Download the regular mp3 file here, then open it up in whatever media player you like on your computer. It will probably allow you to get better sound than the Flash player provided for the streamng version.


  2. John Young



  3. Senator Townsend and I attended the meeting. I really appreciated John Young’s attention to due process.

    I feel that the board should address the issue of what rights/responsibilities exist for a board member, versus a board member who is elected to serve as board president.


    • kilroysdelaware

      I agree!!!!!!!!!!
      No one school board member has greater authority over another! Perhaps the actions of the president and vice president who withheld information on the incident itself and so-called evidence of improper behavior by board member saffer is improper and should require a review and modification of board policies. Also, it seems the decision to make the resolution was predetermined by the board president and vice-president outside the meeting and prior to. No business should be conducted outside the meeting. PERHAPS, the accusation of negative racial comments was that of the driver and maybe not supported on video /tape. “If” the President and / or Vice President communicated with bus driver I find that very unprofessional! It “could” be the added racial concerns was racially driven by a minority board member to heighten the need for an emergency board meeting.

      I still feel with accusation of racial implications and concerns for “unsafe act” which might mean putting students at rise the AG office or at best the police should have been contacted! Making questions about safety a civil issue is concerning! If a parent stepped on the bus causing an unsafe act wouldn’t the police be involved.

      Hate to say it but the way the board President and vice president is withholding the video and other information from other board members I am concern there may be other motivations. I support board member Saffer for not attending the meaning which was nothing more than a public hanging.


    • Publius e decere

      I agree with Rep Baumbach on this point. A board should agree on basic rules (Roberts’ Rules; Mason’s Manual). And well thought out bylaws. Sounds like the Pres in this case presumed his privilege and three other board members let him prevail. Board training is needed.

      I can’t believe what I am about to say, but the person to laud is not the accused, it is John Young. He is calling out his peers over flawed process and he is right.



  4. These proceedings are positively Kafka-esque.


  5. I am just glad we can all listen to it. It’s our tax dollars.