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Audio Recording of Christina School Board Emergency Meeting 05/27/2014

Audio of Christina School Board’s Emergency Meeting May 27, 2014

Please turn up your speaker volume, sound quality a little low.

Ouch !!!!!! Did Board Member Young tactfully tell Board President he doesn’t have mayoral control over the board or other members? 

Why in the hell are board members in the dark not permitted to see “evidence” in a position probing the two board members who had exclusive view of evidence?  I didn’t know school boards had judicial wings within! Why wasn’t the video shared with all board members prior to requesting support for this resolutions? You’d think the video and other “evidences” against board member Sutton-Saffer! Wow !!!! Could Sutton-Saffer sue her own school board for defamation of character? This resolution seems more like a trial!

I still feel the video of a public elected official should be released and not kept secret by two board members. Also, on the other-side of the coin was the school bus driver causing alarm in his duties? So here we have a labor dispute following labor relation protocol whereas there could be a possibility student’s safety was at risk! I feel the AG’s office needs to be brought into the loop to inspect issues to see if student’s safety was compromised either by the driver or board member!

Wow board member Paige is kicking some ass! “Show us the video” :).

Young said , has our board solicited a statement from Sutton-Saffer! Yikes they did not! So resolution is based on the employee’s statement! John Young pulling an F Lee Bailey on the board!

Kilroy’s search for Delaware PTA smoking gun #netDe #Edude

PTA: A Resource For Parents August 30, 2011 By 

We are not experts on this subject but we are so fortunate that DE PTA has partnered with the Governor Jack Markell, Lt Governor Matthew Denn, Senator Sokola and the Department of Education to be sure the training for parents is well communicated and well received.

De PTA supports common core standards. We are proud to be apart of this wave to reach out to all parents and be sure our children are all getting the equitable education they all deserve.

I have many side-bar debates with others on education reform and I am often accused of looking the other way when it comes to Delaware PTA. Well that’s not true but I’ve ask over and over for documentation proving Delaware PTA supports Governor Markell’s education agenda. In trying to prove them wrong looks like I am proving the right! Sad!

Trends in State Implementation of the Common Core State Standards: Communications by The National Governor’s Association.

In Delaware, the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has been a particularly strong partner in statewide efforts to implement the CCSS

OK it’s a done deal! Delaware PTA supports and approves of the Common Core Standards.

As for Race to The Top, yep here it is, Delaware PTA’s application endorsement.

The Race to The Top, Common Core, Smarter Balanced Assessment federal tie-in 

The Race to the Top Assessment program was authorized as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). In September 2010, the U.S. Department of Education (Department) awarded competitive, four-year grants to two consortia of states, the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) and the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (Smarter Balanced)

Now we’re back to the grassroots The Smarter Balanced Assessment testing Opt-out! Once the trains rolls out of the station will Delaware PTA jump aboard and claim the movement as their lead? But you can bet that train must be moving at a “promising” speed.

My predictions are, once the 2016 elections are over and the implosion of Markell’s education agenda is a clear reality someone will be holding the bag! Yea we know how DSEA and local district unions played the Race to The Top game. But they never claimed to be the voice of parents! Delaware PTA will be the one holding the bag! There was no “meaningful” dialog with the local PTA and Delaware PTA on Race to The Top and the agenda laced within. The Kool-Aid fest was after the fact and many wouldn’t succumb to the poison. Folks, we’re in the golden-age of information and with secured data! It’s hard for anyone to do the Moonwalk when the house of cards coming falling down! Many charter schools parent organizations are PTOs and I suspect when parents come out of the Kool-Aid induced coma we may see more PTOs in traditional public schools. Just a prediction! 

Don’t trust Delaware teacher unions and Delaware PTA re: Opt-out of the test!

Folks there is a grassroots movement growing in Delaware that is calling for parents to opt their children out of taking Delaware’s standardized test called The Smarter Balanced Assessment. The Smarter Balanced Assessment has not been approved by Delaware legislators as the current “law” requires a three part assessment re: growth model test such as with DCAS the current state assessment test. The Delaware Department of Education is moving forward with The Smarter Balanced Assessment as part of Governor Markell’s education agenda. Even the pilot test of The Smarter Balanced Assessment being conducted this year seems illegal. Word has it Senator David Sokola is crafting a sneak-attack legislation that will be injected it other legislation being pushed at the end of legislative session. 

As for as Delaware teachers unions and the Delaware PTA, if they come out supporting parents re: opting out of the test! We need be skeptical of their involvement. Teacher unions, the opt-out would support their goal of not wanting to be accountable to this test. I support not holding teachers accountable to a wrongheaded state assessment test. However, their involvement isn’t all about the love for students! Delaware teacher unions supported Race to The Top signing the Race to The Top MOU and in fact the former president of DSEA was a member of the state’s Race to The Top team that went to Washington successful securing a Race to The Top $$$$$ win. Delaware’s RTTT application supported changes to the standards aka Common Core Standards and new assessment test to be aligned with those standards. Our teacher union have been doing a lot of bitching about the new reforms but fail to paint Governor Jack Markell as the Delaware ringleader / Wall Street gatekeeper. It was Governor Markell’s education agenda that drove participation in Race to The Top, Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment! At the end of the day, our Delaware teacher unions have reform blood-stains on their hands. I support labor but fuck the snakes within who don’t tell the truth about the love affair with Jack Markell. Then there is the tactful fence-sitter spitting in both direction! One way or another little prince!

As for the Delaware PTA, I am catching heat by waiting for documented proof Delaware PTA supports Race to The Top, Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment. They have been engaged in a information campaign “informing” parents of these changes. But I am being told Delaware PTA is politically bias towards Governor Markell. I can’t see how Delaware PTA could come out supporting the test opt-out after being an apparent cheerleaders for Rodel and Markell. I am still waiting for documentation stating Delaware PTA “endorses” these programs. However, PTA communications does seem to be laced with supporting theses programs and there is nothing suggest they oppose any of them! So parents need to hear what Delaware PTA’s actual position is. If Delaware PTA wants to roll with the consensus of the day and adapt positions, I think that would be unhealthy. So yes, where is Delaware PTA on the battle field? 

So folks and supporters of the Opt-out movement! Pleased be careful of jumping on any union or State PTA Opt-out wagon. Transparent Christina raises concerns that PTA membership fees help the support efforts on a state PTA agenda not really supported by local school PTAs. When Delaware PTA speaks publicly there may be an assumption that voice is unified through the school level PTAs.  I can see this concern! 

Do keep in mind, a legislative Sokola sneak attack is in the makings to give The Smarter Balanced Assessment the green light!  

Delaware:Christina School District should not be conducting a criminal investigation! No police action re: unsafe act! #netde #edude @ed_in_de @destateboarded @dedeptofed @foxnews @beaubiden @DelawarePTA

Christina board member accused of harassmentMatthew Albright, The News Journal

The Christina School Board on Tuesday night addressed allegations one of its members, Shirley Sutton-Saffer, harassed a school bus driver, passing a resolution saying it did not condone the alleged behavior while waiting for results of the district’s internal review.

“I feel that these allegations are serious enough that they deserve an immediate response,” said Board President David Resler.

Resler called an emergency meeting after the allegations against Sutton-Saffer surfaced last week. The resolution said a full investigation has not yet been conducted and emphasized the allegations are unproven, but said Sutton-Saffer has been accused of “harassing a district employee” and “engaging in an unsafe act.”

The resolution had included “using a racially derogatory term,” but the board removed that line because a school bus camera that caught the incident on video didn’t include the slur, though a statement by a district employee said she used one, Resler said.

Something seems very corrupt here! The video of the incident was “NOT” presented to the board and public at last night’s board meeting yet an employee’s accusation of racism was removed from a board resolution.

Why was there a need for a “resolution” condoning or not condoning a board member during a “district” internal review? 

Public School board members are “elected” officials and concerns of accusation by a school bus driver of harassment laced with racial harassment should be a matter for the AG’s office.

The board’s action is nothing more than a kangaroo court that paints the board member in question as guilty. The board, “passing a resolution saying it did not condone the alleged behavior while waiting for results of the district’s internal review.” So you’re not guilty until proven guilty but we think you are!

After more than 90 minutes of debate, board members Elizabeth Paige, George Evans, Fred Polaski and Resler voted for the resolution. Board member John Young abstained, saying he didn’t have enough evidence to vote either way

Why wasn’t it unanimous?

“I have been presented with zero evidence regarding the act,” Young said. “I am disappointed that I would be asked to support a resolution admonishing somebody for an uninvestigated, unresolved act.”

Mr Young, is your elevator stuck between floors? McFly Young the “Video” of the incident! Duh! 

Young and Paige were critical that only Resler and Polaski had seen the video.

Sorry Mr. Young my bad for pulling a PTA on you! Well stop the presses! Resler and Polaski were invited to review the video and not the other board memebers present at this meeting? Did the News Journal leave something out such as the video was “not” made available to the board and public last night? If that were the case, how could board members Resler and Polaski view it? I am fucking confused! Did the incident take place and only Resler and Polaski were invited by the district superintendent to view the video? Or was it the district transportation supervisor? Also, WHY is a video of a public elected official accused of a crime being kept in secret from the public and all school board members? Why only “handpicked” board members aka elected official permitted to view the video?

SCREAM !!!!!!!!!!! “School bus camera” ?? Were their children present! Did Sutton-Saffer board a bus during it’s run? 

Sutton-Saffer has been accused of “harassing a district employee” and “engaging in an unsafe act.”

So who was put in danger? Students or the bus driver? Something seems criminal here!

Polaski, who voted for the resolution, said the incident appeared to be about how buses were being driven in her neighborhood.

I wonder did Sutton-Saffer ever report to the district or police about safety concerns re: how Christina’s buses are being driven in her neighborhood? Something tells me she snapped and did something foolish like confront the driver rather than call the police. Wait, if she didn’t call the police on this incident or others was she protecting district employees or the district?

Hey Jimmy Olsen, this story goes very deep! Video of elected officials acting inappropriate possibly criminal being withheld from the public and media! Behaviors of a school board member engaging in an unsafe act that could mean putting students at risk! No police involvement! Come on Jimmy stop sucking on crawlfish heads and give us the real story!

How much you want to bet Publius will be in here ridiculing John Young rather then praising him for wanting the truth and evidence?

Hey Delaware PTA! Don’t you think if there was a safety issue someone would involved the police? It’s it about the children? Don’t well all need to advocate for the safety of children? However, what saddens me is none of the board members last night seem to question why no police involvement? District internal investigation !!!!!!!!! WTF !!!!!!!!!! Who are they trying to protect? The driver or an elected official? Perhaps both and the district’s integrity! Well forget about the integrity part! If the district put the safety of students first they would have called the police!