Transparent Christina carpet bombs Delaware PTA

@DelawarePTA finally tells truth regarding CSD BOE emergency meeting and in doing so confirms that their leadership is paralyzed by their animus for @ED_IN_DE #sad #netde by Transparent Christina

All Parents!!! Demand Your Money Back From The PTA By Kavips reblogged by Transparent Christina.

Calling On Christina To Ban The Delaware PTA From Soliciting On School Property by Kavips reblogged by Transparent Christina

Why is @DSEA1, @RodelDE, @DEDeptofED, and @DelawarePTA trading in CENSORSHIP??? @dwablog #comments #netDE #eduDE @TNJ_malbright #deedchat By Transparent Christina.

FYI, Kilroy is not sure Delaware PTA’s exact position on Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment. I am pretty sure Delaware PTA took part in a community information campaign about Common Core Standards helping educate the community. However, I am no so sure that signifies Delaware PTA’s endorsement. In the big picture one would think any state PTA would poll the school level PTA parents seeking a unified position. Surely no state PTA speaks for “all parents”.

Kilroy has been involved many years and even served as a school level PTA president and on many committees even the Delaware State Parent Advisory Council. I even helped formed Advocates For Children Education (ACE) as was one of the founding co-chairs. We beat back DSTP (Dave Sokola Tricked Parents) and those 3-tiered diplomas. Folks, I am here to tell you, this round of education reform that increases federal intervention will imploded after 2016 elections. Markell will be gone (out of office) as will Obama. I just “pray” Governor Beau Biden doesn’t allow this cancer to grow! I  can tell you this, not some much with Common Core Standards but with The Smarter Balances Assessment, those who currently support it and help pour the Kool-aid are on the wrong side and will pay the public ridicule price.

It comes down to this, if your for Governor Markell’s education agenda seeded with Wall Street profiteers and overreaching federal control, you are “not” for the kids. Jack Markell wants to hang is hat of education reform and invested way too much of his time micromanaging public education and allowing the Rodel clones to operate within the Delaware Department of Education. He spends more time sowing his $$ seeds as education czar than governor of Delaware. That is why Delaware is lagging behind other states in the economic recovery.

So, someone please point me in the direction (documentation) as to where information support PTA’s “endorsement” of Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment.

As for Transparent Christina’s carpet bombing, I have to give him some support. The PTA organization doesn’t trump other voices out there. Though it does appear Delaware PTA is bias to Governor Markell and his water-walking circus I still want to see documentation as to their endorsements. THIS IS WHAT DISTRICT / SCHOOL LEVEL PTA MEMBERS NEED TO ASK AN ASK FOR DOCUMENTATION. After all, it’s the moms and dads who fund Delaware PTA and they need to know how their money is spent. But more importantly who is on what page with all this reform! John Young is not the evil one! He is a board member who dares to cut across the grain and doesn’t hide his position. The Christina School District “public” asked him to serve them 5 more years re: recent school board elections. I remember a rat pack of parents rallying to say no to DSTP and those 3-tiered diplomas. We push for a growth model assessment along side teachers and we won re: DCAS. So why would PTA not be up in arms with The Smarter Balanced Assessment, a once a year assessment? Don’t give me the shit the district will tied in other district assessment for growth data! Those district assessment aren’t aligned with one another. Therefore, the yearly data pushed out comparing students statewide will be SKEWED!

IF and I said “IF” Delaware PTA supports this wrongheaded agenda, I foresee a decline in membership three years down the road! Like I said, Markell and Obama will be gone! So who get’s to hold the bag? Any PTA organization should be non bias to political agendas and only speak and endorse such radical changes with the voice of dues paying membership! Not a state level PTA executive committee. Like I said, “IF”!

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  1. John Young

    CCSS support from DE PTA facebook:


  2. John Young

    Here they are attending CCSS conference:


  3. John Young

    Here they are big pimpin’ Common Core (and DelExcels) with a webinar and guides:


  4. John Young

    now supporting CCSS kissin’ cousin, the un-vetted Next Gen Science Standards:


  5. John Young

    any other question of their support?


  6. kilroysdelaware

    Retweeted by Delaware PTA
    LFA ‏@LearningFirst May 16
    Terri Hodges, President of @DelawarePTA, talks about their efforts to advocate & educate on #CommonCore: #CCSS

    O crap !!!!!!!! “advocate” is a direct implication of endorsement! SHIT! It’s one thing to push the information as informative but it’s another to put an organizational stamp on it ! I am telling you, when Markell and Obama are gone somebody has to pay the piper! No good!


  7. Love the Video. Christina School Board = USA
    Delaware PTA = North Korea


  8. Love the Video. Christina School Board = USA
    Delaware PTA = North Korea


  9. I love it so much I’d like to keep reposting. But , I need to go get some delicious dark roasted hot coffee so it will have to end here…. 😦


  10. alsonewarkmom

    DE PTA is so unprofessional. I am on the PTA board at 2 Christina schools. I will be suggesting that both move to a PTO. No more funding to this horrible organization!

    PS…DE PTA gets money from Gates to promote Common Core. Have any of you been to one of these sessions? They are exactly that…promotion of Common Core. The presenters were unable (or unwilling) to answer any deep or contravercial questions.


  11. Publius e decere

    This is all classic Rules For a Radicals diversion. Who is harassor and who is harassee?


    • clearly the harassor is the PTA, pimping CCSS with no evidence and supporting un-vetted high stakes SBAC tests.