Delaware Governor Jack Markell lives in a research bubble to avoid reality #netde #edude

Delaware students celebrate college acceptance Matthew Albright, The News Journal

State officials have pushed hard to get more students enrolled in college. Leaders from Gov. Jack Markell to Secretary of Education Mark Murphy frequently cite research that suggests 60 percent of Delaware jobs will need a post-high school degree by 2018, but only one in five Delawareans currently have one.

Delaware Governor blames his failure to expand Delaware’s economy on a workforce not ready to meet the challenge and needs of industry. 

Jack’s analogy in regards to 50% of college graduates not obtaining jobs in the field of study is because they chose the wrong filed study!  

Jack Markell rants on about STEM however, if “every” students study within the STEM field the pool of applicants would be so large industry would be able to fill their needs via the top 10%. Face it, America went from a manufacturing-based economy to a service-based economy not because of unionized teachers but because politicians pushed deals with countries like China that put American worker at a disadvantage. It doesn’t take a Harvard graduate to work on an assembly-line. Post World War II industrial-might had many on the assembly-line workers without a high school diploma. As far as the erosion of the auto industry to foreign competitors here again politicians allowed for unfair trade deals.

Indeed STEM has it’s merits. However, Jack Markell methodology and push may send students down the wrong road! Markell methodology could create a surplus and face it, even with college graduates those at the top 10% of their class are snagged up like superstars and surely not all students will find jobs in their field. Dog eat dog world and the Chinese has an edge in that respect.

We’re ignoring the fact that those students led down the wrong road of promise end up with no job in their field and even STEM related end up with a lifetime of student loan debt. When it comes to students debt there is more mercy (relief) given to Wall Street bankruptcies than student bankruptcies who get NONE! Same goes for federal parent student loans.  

College is a very important step in a young person’s life but there is an underlying risk and yes great rewards. The best advice to give any student even at the kindergarten level is, be the best you can and always give 100% of yourself. There are many opportunities beyond STEM but the best goal is to end up in the top 10% of the class no matter the field of study. Nothing wrong with being a world-class chef or a $$$ successful waiter/ waitress in a world-class restaurant. It’s all about being your best and the best at what you do.

Parents reading this, ask your child what they want to study in college and support them and lean on them to be the best at it! The last thing you want to say to them is “Governor Markell is saying STEM.”  But for sure there is a demand in the STEM field but Markell methodology underscores the fact that many poor minority children are going under-served in efforts to meet basic standards as funding shift towards STEM. Structurally public education is broken and not because of the unions. Much of the reform efforts are more about breaking unions as a means to reach the ultimate goal in busting prevailing wages. Common Core Standards and the Smarter Balanced Assessment is just another attempt to kick the can down the road. Honestly, if Markell went the road of “STEM” without playing D.C. politics with Delaware’s education we could have focused setting and achieving goals with in the multi-layers of STEM. Markell’s mistake was wrapping all this reform push around STEM. I am lost for words here but, we want to point students in the right direction not drag them. It’s all about being your personal best even for our most neediest students. Self-esteem is the most important and fragile part of our being. Preparing “all” students for the future so-called global economy requires addressing the humanistic needs of young children is an American society where moral and political fabrics that makes us American is unraveling.       

Where are the STEM Students? What are their Career Interests? Where are the STEM Jobs?

Where are the STEM Jobs? In 2012, the US STEM workforce surpassed 7.4 million workers and it is expected to grow significantly through 2018, to an estimated 8.65 million workers. In 2012, accountants and auditors comprised the largest number of STEM-related jobs in the US with over 1.66 million, a number that is projected to increase to 1.78 million by 2016. Currently the manufacturing sector faces a large shortage of employees with STEM skills. Alarmingly, 600,000 manufacturing jobs are going unfilled in spite of current economic conditions. Between 2011 and 2015, an estimated 1.7 million jobs will be created in cloud computing in North America. Another noteworthy increase in STEM jobs has come courtesy of mobile application (“apps”) technology, which has fostered 311,000 jobs in the “app economy.” By 2018, the bulk of STEM jobs will be in Computing (71%) followed by Traditional Engineering (16%), Physical Sciences (7%), Life Sciences (4%) and Mathematics (2%).

We need to do a better job of dissecting STEM to individual needs and careers within!  



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  1. “In 2012, accountants and auditors comprised the largest number of STEM-related jobs….”

    If whoever wrote this, thinks accounting and auditing is STEM, then they don’t know STEM from Shinola.