Delaware’s governor spent too much time as education czar and not enough as governor! Delaware is in the $$$$$ hole #netde #edude @stateboardofed @washingtonpost @huffingtonpost

Delaware lawmakers begin trimming budget as revenue falls Jonathan Starkey and Matthew Albright,

Education programs will receive about $4 million less than Markell envisioned in January

I’ll start with the good news! 

The Joint Finance Committee voted last week, for example, to put $1.4 million back in the budget as a transportation stipend for parents sending their children to private schools. Markell proposed eliminating the stipend to focus more money into the public school system. That drew fire from private school parents, who argued they ought to get at least something for the tax money they contribute to statewide education.

I support this because parents who send their kids to private school also pay local school taxes. Also,I think this state would be better off dumping charter schools and going with school vouchers 50% of the per student cost noted on district websites.

Most of the impact represents additional spending that had been proposed but is now off the table because of sinking revenues. That includes:

• A $1.7 million initiative that would have provided additional data tools and coaching for teachers.

Big waste of money anyhow! 

• $1 million to help fill gaps in the state’s drug treatment system.

No sure where this plugs into K-12 but take it out of Alan Levin’s budget.

• $1 million to teach manufacturing skills to high schoolers.

Do we have any manufacturers in Delaware? They can learn the skills on Youtube! 

• $400,000 to create a statewide visitor identification system to help control access to schools.

Duh it isn’t visitors bringing weapons into the schools, it’s the students.

In education, $570,000 in reductions proposed by Markell to bridge the budget gap represents a cut from the current year’s budget, says David Blowman, the deputy secretary of education.

“No one is naive enough to believe that education, which makes up about a third of the budget, would be spared in this,” Blowman said.

So actually the cuts to education is $570,000.00.

The Charter Performance Fund will only get $1.5 million, $500,000 less than first proposed. That is money set aside to allow the state to give up to $5 million in extra funding to charters that are either high-performing or making big gains among at-risk students.

So actually cuts to traditional public schools is $70,000.00.

Thank God the step-pay for teachers wasn’t eliminated. 

There is no doubt Governor Jack Markell is the worst Delaware governor on education in the state’s history. If he would of put the same energy in being “governor” as he did being education czar I think our economy would be much better off which would have increased revenues. Markell, over-ambitious as education czar and no ambitious as a world-class governor. Governor Biden, dude you are going to inherit a mess! Listen to pop, smaller class sizes more booths on the ground aka “classroom teachers”.  $$ reward schools not teachers! There is no “I” in teamwork!    

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