OMG Social drama amidst the Christina School Board

Christina board to meet over harassment claim Matthew Albright, The News Journal

The Christina School Board is having an emergency meeting Tuesday to discuss alleged harassment by a board member.

Board Vice President Frederick Polaski said he couldn’t discuss the allegations or name which board member was involved.

“All I can tell you is that it does not involve a student, and that at the moment they are strictly allegations,” said Board Vice President Frederick Polaski. “I can’t say any more than that, because there are still internal investigations ongoing.”

WFT !!!!!!!! Word has it DE DOE is fishing for information about what’s going on! Honestly none of their business! Gee I wonder which over the top CSD board member is the perpetrator 😉

District spokeswoman Wendy Lapham said the board is expected to present a resolution “disapproving of an action by an individual board member,” but said district staff have not been involved in that resolution’s development or presentation.

So a board member will be given a written reprimand. I’ll bet the meeting won’t be public due to being a legal matter. Board members have the same protection rights a teachers. 

The emergency meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday at Gauger-Cobbs Middle School, 50 Gender Road in Newark. The notice for the meeting says the board has the right to go into executive session, which would close the meeting to the public and the press.

Yep ! Executive meeting! So if the public finds out somebody violated the confidentially law! 

5 responses to “OMG Social drama amidst the Christina School Board

  1. Are you insinuating that games are afoot in CSD?


  2. I could be wrong but this looks more like a tactic to silence criticism of Common Core, the DOE, and RTTT and the poor handling of all three by the Markell administration…..

    If it is , then it is time to blow this wide open…

    Explaining to others that what someone is doing hurts children, is now being called harassment…. Really?


  3. Strangely enough, I don’t think this is about Big John.

    My sense is that this board is trying to get a head of something coming down the pike – a potential political scandal?


  4. Ummm. Wonder if the allegations are embarassment and not harassment. Wouldn’t want false charges filed over thin skin.


  5. Harry Curriden

    School board members do not have the same right to confidentiality as employees. They are public officials. I don’t care who the board member is I hope he or she demands that the entire meeting be held in public. If not maybe its time to talk to a lawyer.