Delaware Legislator wants a Race to The Top local open-ended school tax

Bill would let schools boost tax rate without vote Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Districts would be able to raise tax rate by up to three percent a year without referendum

House Bill 355, which House Education Committee Chair Darryl Scott, D-Dover, plans to file next week, would allow districts to raise their local tax rate by up to 3 percent a year without going to referendum.

The bill aims to help districts cover growing operating costs from ballooning enrollment, which many school officials complain have grown faster than the revenues they receive. Some districts have also worried about how they will sustain programs from the $119 million federal Race to the Top grant, half of which went directly to districts.

“If we allow districts to make these smaller increases when they need them, we can allow taxpayers to keep the money in their checkbook as long as they can,” Scott said.

Personally I think Rep. Scott is the hole in asshole! Folks, Scott is not running for reelection and is calling it’s quits! This is his way of saying fuck you to those who oppose his support of Jeb Bush’s Chiefs for Change and endorsement of Delaware Secretary of Education’s participation. Scott’s actions caused an uproar that makes it impossible to be reelected which pushed his decision to call it quits.

Rep Scott is a big fan of Race to The Top whereas the parents and taxpayers are fighting federal intervention. This legislation H.B.#355 is nothing more than a means to fund federal control goals with local taxes.

I have a hunch DSEA is going to stay in the shadows on this one and I can only hope the state PTA folks come out publicly and say “NO” to H.B.#355.  

One thing for sure is, any state legislators signing on to Scott’s H.B.#355 might need to look for a job in the real world!   

4 responses to “Delaware Legislator wants a Race to The Top local open-ended school tax

  1. adelawareteacher

    I sure did not see an abundance of supplies as a result of RTT. That money was used for testing, planning for testing, PLC’s to study test results, and administration to assess my performance on testing. I am glad I am getting new ELA books. Mine were 15 years old.


  2. Nonconformer

    No way this should ever go through. The voting property owners are the only checks and balances that would keep this system from being more corrupt than already exists. Can you imagine a district increasing 3% each year for 10 years in order to get 30% more funding for turf fields, geothermal HVAC, LED HD scoreboards, and more administration/educrat positions?

    Why not just let the prisoners guard themselves on the honor system. I am sure we can trust them to do the right thing by the taxpayers. Wink. Wink…..!


    • Geothermal HVAC is actually a good idea that would save money in the long run, and is a responsible way to deal with climate change. Don’t knock it as something frivolous. But it needs to be on a referendum too, and that referendum needs to pass.


  3. Nonconformer

    That’s exactly what I am talking about. Schools of all places should have solar panels too with all of the flat roofs. Not knocking geothermal, or turf. Voters are checks and balances for any of these projects and that is the way it should remain.