Delaware’s Capital School District has a message for Gov. Markell and U.S. Sec of Ed Duncan #netde #edude @destateboarded @dedeptofed @foxnews @huffingtonpost @washingtonpost

Capital school board considers allowing students to opt out of state testing  By Sarah Barban Dover Post

Dover, Del.

A proposal that would allow the parents of Capital School District students to decide whether their children take state standardized tests might not be legal, according to the state department of education.

The proposal, offered by Capital school board member Kay Dietz-Sass on Wednesday, seeks to add language to the district’s accountability and assessment policy that would allow parents to opt their children out of taking Smarter Balanced, the new standardized tests that will be administered to students for the first time next year.

“We already feel as if our kids are tested to death, in this district, in this state and in general,” said Dietz-Sass, who wore a red T-shirt with that bore the message “This doesn’t define you” over an image of a Scantron answer form.

The revisions Dietz-Sass proposed would make parents responsible for notifying school principals that they want to opt their child out of state testing, while also making it clear that students could not be discriminated against or punished for opting out.

Under the proposed policy, children who are opted out of state standardized testing would be given alternative assignments to work on at the same time and place as the rest of their classmates who are being tested.

“These assignments will not be punitive in nature,” Dietz-Sass said. “Rather, it will be used to enhance the curriculum already in place in the Capital School District.”

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The time is now for parents to say NO MORE! 

NO MORE federal intervention in local public school control!

NO MORE Wall Street education ponzi schemes 

The Smarter Balanced Assessment is illegal in the state of Delaware! 

Delaware: House Ed Committee tables H.B.#334 Re: Smarter Balanced Assesment Posted on  by kilroysdelaware

Keep an eye on Senator Dave Sokola with a sneak attack legislation tucked into other legislation at the end of June! We’re watching Delaware legislators and we will post the wall of shame with pictures and names of those state legislators who support changing the state law to allow The Smarter Balanced Assessment! 

Thank you Capital school board members for showing some real courage to bring this issue to the people and the parents! Please allow parents to Opt Out! PLEASE!

Delaware is not alone: 

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6 responses to “Delaware’s Capital School District has a message for Gov. Markell and U.S. Sec of Ed Duncan #netde #edude @destateboarded @dedeptofed @foxnews @huffingtonpost @washingtonpost

  1. Finally! Someone in this state steps up and says Hell No! I hope other PSDs follow suit. And we all know who is going to keep up the charade. Here’s where it starts. The shot heard round the state. God bless Capital School District!


  2. This is about to get real interesting. My daughter, a high school junior, is in one of the pilot schools taking the Smarter Balanced test. She came home and said that the test is a mess. She said it’s nearly impossible to decipher the questions because they were poorly written and just figuring out how to use the computer program for the math fill in the blank questions would require using class time, to not only teach to the test, but to teach how to use the program. She projects losing at least a week of class time to teach how to use the Smarter Balanced Assessment computer program.

    She said the test is sloppily prepared, and many kids just got up and walked out. (Oh my) There’s also a segment where 3 students from the school are randomly assigned as a group to discuss a topic. Her groups topic was zip lines. After the discussion they take a test on the topic. I said, “And…?” She said, “Who knows what they wanted. I couldn’t figure out the point. I wrote about zip lines, but couldn’t figure out (because the question wasn’t focused) if they wanted an engineering answer, or an adventure answer, or a how to use answer… I have no idea what they wanted, because they never said… so I just wrote a LOT!”

    Her parting comment… “Brace yourself for a massive parent and student explosion” because she thinks the failure rate will be well over 80%. Wow. And this kid is one of the top students in her school and knocked her SATs out of the park. If she has a problem with this test…

    And make no mistake, her problem was with the test itself. (She’s just finished her junior year IB testing, and while she felt those tests were hard/challenging, she didn’t think they were unfair.)

    I asked her if she thought she passed the Smarter Balanced Assessment. She said she had no idea because she had to guess at the questions meaning so many times. She said if she guessed correctly then she passed, but who knows what they were talking about most of the time.

    Houston, we have a problem. Look, my daughter can drive me nuts over her obsessiveness with doing well on tests and endless studying, but if she’s not sure how she did on a test (she’s always sure, even when she bombs a test) there’s a problem with the test.

    You know, there are very few times I feel selfish when it comes to educating children, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t relieved that she’s entering her senior year and we can kiss this testing nonsense good-bye.


  3. wow, thanks Pandora. Reality Check from a trusted source: priceless.


  4. Mike Matthews

    Thank you for this comment, Pandora! You should rescue it and discuss at DL for a wider audience. Maybe some of those reform-y democrats who’ve so bought into this BS will read it. My students took the math pilot this year and looking at the program and testing interface, I was going crazy.


    • kilroysdelaware

      LOL DAMN! Mike , aren’t you the pot calling the kettle black 🙂 LOL ! All this SHIT started with the Race to The Top MOU your peeps bought into! There is only one democrat that needs to be called out and that’s JACK MARKELL! But I give you 100 gold coins for suckering Markell into shaking my hand at the town hall meeting of his where he REFUSED to answer the question LOL! As far as the agenda you can bet you ass the R’s and D’s are in it together and now Suckola might be running scared! Pandora comment is a new twist because we are seeing the world through her daughter’s eyes and OMG it should be taken a warning shot against the Smarter Balanced Assessment! He daughter is has taken DSTP, DCAS and now Smarter Balanced Assessment! This is insane for one generation of students. Parents pushing the Opt out has nothing to do with unions as some may suggest but more to do with enough is enough and parents taking their rightful place at the table! Kilroy doesn’t speak for parents nor does PTA! Markell is a lame duck and God only know where Governor Biden is on all this shit! Personally I don’t think papa Joe doesn’t buys into much of this wrongheaded reform bullshit! He knows smaller class sizes has merits and I hope Little Joe takes that ball and runs with it! Hopefully we’ll see a few brave legislators introducing legislation to stop the Smarter Balanced Assessment or pass it with an non-punitive (student) opt-out provision.


  5. What do you think is going to happen to teachers/ schools when the larger percentage of students who don’t “try” to do well or can’t do well, take a more or less arbitrary testing protocol?
    1. The teachers will be accused of not doing a good job
    2. The students will get angry
    3. The parents will get angr(ier)
    4. The school will perceived as even lower performing.
    How’s that government oversight and transparency working for y’all? Do you still believe a government that emoploys 51% of Delawareans is a good thing?

    Now they want to keep increasing your taxes without approval. Just like Jersey and PA where taxes are roughly (60-70%) the cost of many Delawareans’ mortgage. Who’s “all in” to double their mortgage? For education that is still below par by most accounts (in NCC). Who’ll be the ones paying these taxes? The “haves” or “have nots”? What’s the breakdown for who IS a “have” and who IS a “have not”? Any wagers on how many families will actually be paying if 50% of students are below the poverty line?

    They’ve had how different tests in 8 years? 3? 4? None of the data from any of the other tests can be used to evaluate the performance of students because there is no consistency and therefore the data is meaningless. The educational professionals (teachers-principals), and parents should do as Capital; ignore the tests and when the state withholds money, the districts can point directly to the hypocrisy DOE, DSEA and all the gubernatorial office holders for the last 8 + years (guess what party they belong to). When the residents finally get the extortion connection maybe they’ll vote rationally instead of down party lines. Nahh, they’re going to vote for Beau and Matt who still must obey their Party of Obama genuflection and RTTT.