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Delaware resort businesses infringes on local school board control #edude #netde

Task force recommends pushing school start after Labor Day By Sean Carlson WDDE 91.1 FM

A state task force voted 8-7 Wednesday to recommend that the General Assembly push the start of Delaware’s school year past Labor Day.

Delaware Tourism Director and task force chair Linda Parkowski said the group, made up of lawmakers, educators and representatives from the tourism industry, considered a variety of factors in making its recommendation.

This is real F’ed up here folks! Business owners down the beach like Senator Hocker who introduced this bill wants to have the start of all public schools including charters be after Labor Day so that there won’t be a disruption in there “profits”. This decision should that of district and charter school boards.

The task force’s recommendation includes an opt-out clause that a allow schools to start pre-Labor Day under certain circumstances, something Delaware Tourism Director Linda Parkowski says was discussed at length

 School district and charter school boards shouldn’t bow-down to this bull-shit 

“The ability to have local control was a really strong current that ran through the entire meeting, especially from the educators’ perspectives,” she said.

Why wouldn’t it be strong?

Parkowski says it’s up to the General Assembly to craft the mechancics of the opt-out clause, but noted it would likely involve waivers for hardship or year round schools. 

While we’re at it how about wavier for parents to opt their child out of the Smarter Balanced Assessment?

Does DE DOE’s powers supersede Delaware State Legislators ?

147th General Assembly
House Bill # 334
  (Tabled in Committee)  

Primary Sponsor:


Additional Sponsor(s):    Sen. Sokola


Rep. Heffernan

Introduced on :


Long Title:


Synopsis of Orginal Bill:

(without Amendments)

This bill provides for the transition of the statewide student assessment system, the Delaware Comprehensive Student Assessment (DCAS), to the Smarter Balanced Assessment System (Smarter). Specifically, the bill removes references to multiple assessments.

Mark my words, at the end of legislative session H.B.#334 or perhaps another piece of legislation will open the door for The Smarter Balanced Assessment. Sokola, Scott and Heffernan should be voted out of office! This legislation ins’t “for the kids”, it’s for Jack Markell and his personal agenda for life after public office!