Without preferential Choice Transportation for Wilmington students de facto segregation remains

It’s time to stop playing the broken record over and over and over re: Brown Vs The Board of Education. The fact remains force busing remains and it’s one way outbound for Wilmington Delaware’s children. My school district Red Clay has no traditional middle or high school in the city of Wilmington. Therefore, Red Clay Wilmington middle and high school students don’t have a “neighborhood school.” And elementary schools, though there is space in Red Clay’s Wilmington elementary schools Red Clay builds new suburban elementary schools using the Neighborhood Schools Act as justification saying the law requires us to build these schools Why build new elementary schools when their are seats in Wilmington and more seat will come as charter schools grow.

Choice is a JOKE! Without adequate “personal” transportation Wilmington’s poor children cannot access the Choice option, But Red Clay provides transportation to all Choice Conrad and Cab magnet schools.

Folks there is a social time bomb ticking and someday soon younger civil rights leaders will emerge and demand change! Soon or later young civil rights leaders won’t drink the Rodel honey or let us help you get a job within Red Clay stand in the way of SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. The garden has snakes within! Also. State Representative Valerie Longhurst and Speaker of The House Rep Pete Schwartzkopf block House Bill #23 that would require all traditional , votech and charter school board to record the public sessions of their board meetings for all to hear! Many parents do attend board meetings and speak-out but vague board meeting minutes don’t tell the story! Without real transparency there is no truth!

The money spend on teaching elementary student Chinese language skills, a language less than 1% of students will go onto to use in employment application could be better served providing preferential Choice transportation to Wilmington’s poor!

Brown Vs The Board of Education, Dr King and William “Hicks” Anderson were only tools to set the foundation for further advancement of civil right and equal access. The generation to follow failed to provide such courage to continue the fight! Too much preaching to the choir is going on! The time is now to say, enough is enough!

Building charter schools exclusivity for at-risk children is wrong! The school environment should be broad and enriched academically and in the arts.

There needs to be a timeline set to address Choice transportation! Another interesting thing about Red Clay is, there are Wilmington children assigned to Dickinson and McKean High Schools where are A.I. High School may be the closest high school. A.I. High School is gong through building expansion not to allow these Wilmington children to attend A.I. but rather accommodate out of feeders Choice students many of who don’t want to attend Dickinson or McKean. In fact A.I.High’s current feeder pattern don’t produce enough students to fill seat prior to building expansion. Let’s make it clear, I am not intentionally picking on Red Clay! Red Clay is the district I live in.

The time is now for fathers of Wilmington school children to MAN-UP! Those claiming to be civil rights leader who are on school district payrolls via contracts aren’t civil rights leaders but profiteers!

Call me misguided but I am telling you the pot is boiling and somebody better let some steam out!

Then there is the idiot at the charter schools network calling parents customers when in fact the “parents” should be treated as the owners. Three charter schools in Wilmington set to open fall of 2014 failed to fill available seat and less than 40%. Hello McFly! Perhaps some Wilmington parents sees many charter schools as warehouses to isolate poor children from their affluent counterparts. 

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  1. Is this something the taskforce will look into as well? Sounds like they need to. This just isn’t right.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Preferential choice transportation might not be the solve all to addressing de facto segregation but for sure it will me a gesture of good faith in addressing it. Also do make note with the NCLB waivers schools districts do not have to comply with Title 1 Choice not to be confused with state law Choice. Same goes for SES.

      “Under Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), students who attend a Title I-funded school that is identified for program improvement, corrective action, or restructuring must be given the option of school choice. This provision allows all students attending such a Title I school the option to transfer to another public school, including a public charter school, that is within the LEA and that is not in program improvement or is not persistently dangerous.

      The option of school choice must be made available to all students the first year a school is identified for school improvement and all subsequent years thereafter, until the school has made adequate yearly progress for two consecutive years. Students who exercise their right to attend another school under this school choice provision must be given the option to continue to attend that school until they complete the highest grade of that school, even if the original school is no longer in program improvement, corrective action, or restructuring.

      Schools that are offering school choice because they have been identified for program improvement, corrective action, or restructuring must provide transportation to students who transfer to another school. If funds to provide school choice and/or transportation are limited, local education agencies (LEAs) may give first priority to students from low-income families who are the lowest-achieving students [Title I, section 1116(b)(E)(ii)] based on achievement levels as evaluated by objective educational measures.”

      Notice “If funds to provide school choice and/or transportation are limited, local education agencies (LEAs) may give first priority to students from low-income families who are the lowest-achieving students”

      Furthermore, re: Race to The Top programming that impacted Title ! schools did not follow federal law Title 1 Section 1118. The NCLB wavier are more above circumventing Title 1 Choice, SES and sction 1118.

      The real failures in this concern is the minority leaders of Wilmington, elected officials and those righteous brothers claiming to be civil rights leaders. Surely one good leader can rally 1000 people to come to a Red Clay school board meetings and say “FIX IT NOW”.