600 hundred people polled determines minority feelings and only 600 voters at a school board election is shameful

Delawareans: Minorities will like it hereJeffrey Gentry, The News Journal

Despite the recent headlines out of Sussex, most Delawareans think this state is a pretty decent place for racial and ethnic minorities to live.

Delaware came in tied for seventh with Nevada in a Gallup poll published Wednesday, with 87 percent of Delaware residents saying where they live is a good place for minorities.

The 50-state Gallup poll was conducted June-December 2013, with at least 600 residents in each state being questioned.

Delaware’s minority community is too fragmented to rely on a 600 person poll especially when you combined racial and ethnic minorities.

Does this so-called positive outcome make de facto segregation on our public schools secondary? Does it make allowing Charter School of Wilmington the right to measure enrollment applications based on achievement whereas it’s common knowledge that minorities particularly African-Americans make up a large percentage of at-risk student socially excepted?

Delaware social-class structure comes down to two! Politicians and the people! So in that respect the people are the minority!

What cracks me up the most is, this poll of 600 people drives this report and somehow makes it valid. But yet when only 600 people come out for a school board election the system is broken! The racists that live among the charter school advocates feel some charter schools are predominantly black because that’s their choice so the system works! Well because voting in school board election is open by all who chooses to vote and only 600 turnout should be alright.

Random surveys might be fine on picking ice cream flavors but using them is such limited numbers of respondents only demonstrates in Delaware cream always rises to the top. The condition on the minority coming in the sense of black is dismal! Disparities in employment and afford college is still an life changing issue. Black men are still being pulled over because they are black!  I double African-Americans in Delaware are sleeping better now that this poll has been released. Yea yea, damn Kilroy why are you so concerned? Well perhaps I know my people are fucking liars and manipulators of the the truth. As far as white politicians, the tend to want us black as a props in campaign photos to demonstrate they support minorities! Well if our Governor Jack Markell had any love and sincere respect for minorities he’d find the money to provide more policing to Wilmington. Also, he’d push for laws ending sending pot-heads to jail so that the space can be used for real criminals.

It’s possible some of those 600 Delawareans polled then may want to change their answers now following the antics of a couple of Sussex councilmen Tuesday. The two, Sam Wilson and Vance Phillips, made a show of withholding $100 grants from an NAACP youth group, saying the NAACP must be involved in discrimination because of its name.

Well at least they aren’t calling Vance Phillips racist for being a watermelon grower! And what about the Delaware Republican Party and their efforts to be more inclusive when it comes to African-American? 

NAACP don’t get me started! Delaware NAACP has lost it’s way and have been hypnotized by the color green. NAACP does nothing when all the new school buildings being built are in the suburbs to accommodate whites in the name of the Neighborhood Schools Act while Wilmington doesn’t even have a traditional high schools and busing is one way! OUT ! No Red Clay traditional middle school. Yea right, I forgot! Red Clay can’t do that because they’ll be creating racially identifiable schools in Wilmington.  On MLK days, everybody grab a mop and a paint brush and cleanup the community! WTF? Doing slave work on MLK when they should be picking up protest signs to advance MLK’s dream and the works of William “Hicks” Anderson. If I were a son of either man I’d be leading the way! 

Where are the righteous ones protesting such a 600 person poll on the condition of minorities in Delaware? If Christina School District put out such a poll on condition of education among minorities and only 600 parents responded and the district used that information saying all is well brothers and sister I’ll be Jea will come with a lawsuit.   

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