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Is there secret plans to have Alan Levin fill the Lt Gov vacancy?

Damn Markell pulled at hat-tick with appointing Ferris Wharton judge and now I wonder if he’ll find a way for Alan Levin to fill the Lt. Gov vacancy when Denn moves into his new AG office?  I am sure the Republican Commanders don’t know to shit or go blind!

Delaware is amazing! Who knows Kilroy might get called up to fill the secretary of education vacancy coming up in July! Hey Publius, will you be my wing-man?

Hey Jimmy Olsten, is this state whacked or what 🙂 LOL! It might be the scrapple 🙂

Delaware: Gov. Markell taps Ferris Wharton for Superior Court Judge which clears the way for Matt Denn’s re: AG

Markell taps Ferris Wharton for Superior CourtJonathan Starkey, The News Journal

Gov. Jack Markell has tapped longtime prosecutor Ferris Wharton to be the state’s next judge on the New Castle County Superior Court. Wharton, a Republican who now works as a public defender, will likely sail through his confirmation in the state Senate. He would then fill a vacancy left by Judge Charles Toliver, who said last month he would not seek a third 12-year term.

Jack you’re slicker than dog-shit! Ferris Wharton is the only person that could beat Matt Denn in the AG race!  

Ferris, you’re going to make a fine judge! Good luck ! 

Matt, I am sure you’re going to make a fine AG. Good luck to you too. 

Jack, You’re going to make a fine Wall Street snake! 🙂 LOL 


Without preferential Choice Transportation for Wilmington students de facto segregation remains

It’s time to stop playing the broken record over and over and over re: Brown Vs The Board of Education. The fact remains force busing remains and it’s one way outbound for Wilmington Delaware’s children. My school district Red Clay has no traditional middle or high school in the city of Wilmington. Therefore, Red Clay Wilmington middle and high school students don’t have a “neighborhood school.” And elementary schools, though there is space in Red Clay’s Wilmington elementary schools Red Clay builds new suburban elementary schools using the Neighborhood Schools Act as justification saying the law requires us to build these schools Why build new elementary schools when their are seats in Wilmington and more seat will come as charter schools grow.

Choice is a JOKE! Without adequate “personal” transportation Wilmington’s poor children cannot access the Choice option, But Red Clay provides transportation to all Choice Conrad and Cab magnet schools.

Folks there is a social time bomb ticking and someday soon younger civil rights leaders will emerge and demand change! Soon or later young civil rights leaders won’t drink the Rodel honey or let us help you get a job within Red Clay stand in the way of SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. The garden has snakes within! Also. State Representative Valerie Longhurst and Speaker of The House Rep Pete Schwartzkopf block House Bill #23 that would require all traditional , votech and charter school board to record the public sessions of their board meetings for all to hear! Many parents do attend board meetings and speak-out but vague board meeting minutes don’t tell the story! Without real transparency there is no truth!

The money spend on teaching elementary student Chinese language skills, a language less than 1% of students will go onto to use in employment application could be better served providing preferential Choice transportation to Wilmington’s poor!

Brown Vs The Board of Education, Dr King and William “Hicks” Anderson were only tools to set the foundation for further advancement of civil right and equal access. The generation to follow failed to provide such courage to continue the fight! Too much preaching to the choir is going on! The time is now to say, enough is enough!

Building charter schools exclusivity for at-risk children is wrong! The school environment should be broad and enriched academically and in the arts.

There needs to be a timeline set to address Choice transportation! Another interesting thing about Red Clay is, there are Wilmington children assigned to Dickinson and McKean High Schools where are A.I. High School may be the closest high school. A.I. High School is gong through building expansion not to allow these Wilmington children to attend A.I. but rather accommodate out of feeders Choice students many of who don’t want to attend Dickinson or McKean. In fact A.I.High’s current feeder pattern don’t produce enough students to fill seat prior to building expansion. Let’s make it clear, I am not intentionally picking on Red Clay! Red Clay is the district I live in.

The time is now for fathers of Wilmington school children to MAN-UP! Those claiming to be civil rights leader who are on school district payrolls via contracts aren’t civil rights leaders but profiteers!

Call me misguided but I am telling you the pot is boiling and somebody better let some steam out!

Then there is the idiot at the charter schools network calling parents customers when in fact the “parents” should be treated as the owners. Three charter schools in Wilmington set to open fall of 2014 failed to fill available seat and less than 40%. Hello McFly! Perhaps some Wilmington parents sees many charter schools as warehouses to isolate poor children from their affluent counterparts. 

Nostradamus Kilory strikes again! re: Sixty years after Brown!

Sixty years after Brown and still a long way to goJeff Raffel, Helen Foss and Joseph Rosenthal

The causes of school segregation are complex. Housing segregation, more based on economics than race, plays a role, keeping many minorities in the city. Charters and choice have given both blacks and whites options that have increased segregation. Moreover, many people and organizations are concerned that limits on who can attend certain charter schools affect individual choice and accelerates segregation by race and class.

Should we care that school segregation has returned, at least in Wilmington, especially if some of this is by individual choice rather than by overtly racist laws? We believe we should. Success in our society increasingly will be for those who can participate in a multicultural environment. Research has shown that teachers prefer to work in schools that are not segregated by race, economic status or limited in student academic achievement. No, an African-American student does not need to sit next to a white student to learn, but desegregated schools by race and class tend to ensure higher academic success for all students in attendance.

The sad part about charter schools is the law allows a specific interest factor associated with serving at-risk students whom many are predominately African-American.

Public schools should have all the services available for overachievers and underachievers, the same resources in the arts and school building amenities. The downtown mega charter school is nothing more than warehouse! Inspiration cannot come from a textbook or a Race to The Top program. The models must be real and alive! Reducing a school to a population of struggling students limits student’s from seeing success within their school. Sure there are success in such schools. However, the ladder within doesn’t have many rungs. Why is there first and second honor rolls? Why is there Tag and AP classes? Why is there college courses being taught in some high schools? I can’t find the words to describe what I am getting at! However, I’ll try it this way! The academic opportunities drives the menu. If student’s menu is to meet or exceed the standards in contrast to a menu to meet or exceed all expectation and potential then those with a the limited menu won’t reach beyond. Getting hard here! If a professional athlete or musician can inspire children to reach for the stars why can’t having a school with the lowest performing students and the highest performing students within inspire the lowest performing students to be higher performing students. Sorry Charter School of Wilmington leaders (not students) your notion keeping out underachieving students because they would be a negative drag on the overachieving students is “immoral” and counterproductive to the mission of public education and the spirit of fair and equitable public education.

The danger associated with desegregation aka de facto segregation is the isolation of black and white children whereas a social culture shock is brewing when these children must come together in the workplace and in society. The biggest fear of many whites is the fear their white children will adopt urban behaviors such as in music, dress and mannerism. Honest conversation here, white children who cross such lines are called Wiggers and sadly black students coming out of the hood who become overachievers are being accused of being sellouts and wanting to be white! Sure we have a great sense of culture diversity in Delaware but there is still underlying prejudice and racism. The sad part of this is, it dwells within education reformers who see nothing wrong with segregation or de facto segregation.

Perhaps my analogies are way out there but I call it as I see it. I was born in 1954 and my eyes have witness the change and OMG then there was my dad the typical Archie Bunker. The poison of parents black and white pours over to their children and leave some staining. 

I have a hunch when President Obama completes his term the high for blacks having a black president will be over and the reality of nothing really changing will hit home. I see social unrest brewing compounded by a government bent on collecting data on all citizens black and white. The pot is boiling and before whites and blacks come together we’ll see the mutual erosion of our freedoms at the hands of a  failing government. Perhaps 50 years from now America will be in total social chaos with government on one side and the people on the other. In the middle there will be bands of criminals black, white and of all colors killing and taking to survive. 

Preparing students for the so-called global economy has some merits. But let’s no kid ourselves, the push to get our students there is putting more resources in place for the overachievers to get there first. I see no real goal of eliminating the achievement gap. Blacks will remain the underclass because many affluent black leaders who can make a difference are too busy kissing the ass of the likes of Governor Jack Markell.

We are fortunate that the Earth we count on for our human survival will consume us and punish us for not taking care of Mother Earth. Earth is the Noah’s Arc of mankind within the universe and the Earth will consume all of us in Arc. But in the meantime a complete social breakdown is on the horizon. America is shifting to a two-class society by design of the government.

If we can’t keep our public schools free of cultural in-differences we won’t survive as a human race. Yea Yea, Kilroy’s doom and gloom bullshit. So much is on the backs of our children yet the profiteers of today within the community black and white will weigh them down. Perhaps we need to look beyond Brown Vs The Board of Education and let the works of Dr. King and Hick’s Anderson be the guiding torch and way. The  problem within education is a direct link to problems as a society and what goes on in the home! But I know one-thing, allowing Wall Street so much play in public education is a formula for disaster. Poverty has become a profit center in public education and valuable resources are being taken from the classroom. 

Delaware’s children in poverty doubled under Gov. Markell’s leadership or rather lack of!

More Delaware children living in povertyEsteban Parra, The News Journal

The percentage of Delaware children living in poverty has doubled since the 2008 recession, according to a report that tracks the well-being of state youth.

The continued rise in poverty is disturbing because children living in poverty can suffer a disproportionate share of deprivation, hardship and negative outcomes in their education, health and general well-being.

Governor Jack Markell doesn’t have the business or political skills to effectively address the economic needs of Delaware so he put’s all his marbles in the future as in education reform. He keeps talking about tomorrow’s jobs for students while doing nothing for their parents in economic despair. Job growth in Delaware has been in education and the sad part of it all is classroom sizes remains the same and those jobs are administrative. 20 dollars million spent to develop DCAS that rolled out five years ago now being replace by The Smarter Balanced Assessments that is costing another 12 million dollars is “harmful” to our most neediest students. By adopting of The Smarter Balanced Assessment Delaware is fueling Federal takeover of public education and will limit local control even at the Dover level re: DE DOE and state legislation. Those legislators supporting House Bill #334 moves Delaware from a stand-alone standardize test to shifting it to a national standardized test tied to Wall Street profiteers and surely Governor Markell’s stock portfolio. Markell’s obsession to create $$$ opportunity for himself does nothing to address the poverty among children. In fact, his education agenda makes it worst. Sure some of the goals increases the chance of black children being able to grab the golden ring. However, the reform of Delaware’s public schools that shift from assisting students of greatest academic need to all students even paying for SAT test for the more affluent and allowing charter schools to say no blacks, I mean no under-achievers creates an education environment not conducive to obtaining the original goals of ESEA and at the same-time it negatively impacts IDEA.

Markell’s fixation on a Global Economy that shifts every generation does nothing to address the social ills of poverty today. Ignoring the needs to address the murder rate in Wilmington shouldn’t be hang in there, we’ll get education fixed and jobs for everybody will reduce crime. 

Governor Markell is a complete 100% failure and will be the worst governor on public education in history. 

Yes Governor Markell’s poor leadership skills has caused an increase in poverty!

600 hundred people polled determines minority feelings and only 600 voters at a school board election is shameful

Delawareans: Minorities will like it hereJeffrey Gentry, The News Journal

Despite the recent headlines out of Sussex, most Delawareans think this state is a pretty decent place for racial and ethnic minorities to live.

Delaware came in tied for seventh with Nevada in a Gallup poll published Wednesday, with 87 percent of Delaware residents saying where they live is a good place for minorities.

The 50-state Gallup poll was conducted June-December 2013, with at least 600 residents in each state being questioned.

Delaware’s minority community is too fragmented to rely on a 600 person poll especially when you combined racial and ethnic minorities.

Does this so-called positive outcome make de facto segregation on our public schools secondary? Does it make allowing Charter School of Wilmington the right to measure enrollment applications based on achievement whereas it’s common knowledge that minorities particularly African-Americans make up a large percentage of at-risk student socially excepted?

Delaware social-class structure comes down to two! Politicians and the people! So in that respect the people are the minority!

What cracks me up the most is, this poll of 600 people drives this report and somehow makes it valid. But yet when only 600 people come out for a school board election the system is broken! The racists that live among the charter school advocates feel some charter schools are predominantly black because that’s their choice so the system works! Well because voting in school board election is open by all who chooses to vote and only 600 turnout should be alright.

Random surveys might be fine on picking ice cream flavors but using them is such limited numbers of respondents only demonstrates in Delaware cream always rises to the top. The condition on the minority coming in the sense of black is dismal! Disparities in employment and afford college is still an life changing issue. Black men are still being pulled over because they are black!  I double African-Americans in Delaware are sleeping better now that this poll has been released. Yea yea, damn Kilroy why are you so concerned? Well perhaps I know my people are fucking liars and manipulators of the the truth. As far as white politicians, the tend to want us black as a props in campaign photos to demonstrate they support minorities! Well if our Governor Jack Markell had any love and sincere respect for minorities he’d find the money to provide more policing to Wilmington. Also, he’d push for laws ending sending pot-heads to jail so that the space can be used for real criminals.

It’s possible some of those 600 Delawareans polled then may want to change their answers now following the antics of a couple of Sussex councilmen Tuesday. The two, Sam Wilson and Vance Phillips, made a show of withholding $100 grants from an NAACP youth group, saying the NAACP must be involved in discrimination because of its name.

Well at least they aren’t calling Vance Phillips racist for being a watermelon grower! And what about the Delaware Republican Party and their efforts to be more inclusive when it comes to African-American? 

NAACP don’t get me started! Delaware NAACP has lost it’s way and have been hypnotized by the color green. NAACP does nothing when all the new school buildings being built are in the suburbs to accommodate whites in the name of the Neighborhood Schools Act while Wilmington doesn’t even have a traditional high schools and busing is one way! OUT ! No Red Clay traditional middle school. Yea right, I forgot! Red Clay can’t do that because they’ll be creating racially identifiable schools in Wilmington.  On MLK days, everybody grab a mop and a paint brush and cleanup the community! WTF? Doing slave work on MLK when they should be picking up protest signs to advance MLK’s dream and the works of William “Hicks” Anderson. If I were a son of either man I’d be leading the way! 

Where are the righteous ones protesting such a 600 person poll on the condition of minorities in Delaware? If Christina School District put out such a poll on condition of education among minorities and only 600 parents responded and the district used that information saying all is well brothers and sister I’ll be Jea will come with a lawsuit.