Red Clay goes undercover on itself! LOL :)

Charters to be checked for equality in Red Clay By Michelle Provencher WDEL

Red Clay’s School Board creates a new committee to investigate charter and magnet school admissions policies for possible prejudice.

Board member Kenneth Rivera, District C, introduced the topic at Wednesday night’s meeting.

“If you look at the demographics at some of the schools, it is a vast disproportionate number of students who are of low income, special ed, certain races who are not attending certain schools,” Rivera says. “So my question is, why?”

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As far as Conrad magnet school, here you go! Conrad continues to shed black students Posted on  by kilroysdelaware

Conrad: If it is a 6-12 magnet school why are students required to apply again for 9th grade? Also, Conrad 6-8 should be in violation of the Neighborhood Schools Act because local neighborhood children were reassigned. 6-8 should be opt-out not in. Also, if Conrad is all choice with no feeder-pattern why does it have preferential bus service. Why are other “choice” students not as accommodated as Conrad and even Cab students? 

As far as Charter School of Wilmington do you honestly need a bullshit committee? Eliminate the entrance test and reviewing application academic history. Make enrollment preferences Red Clay Students and then all others.

The minority community better wake-up and see this committee an opportunity to end this injustice! 

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  1. Eve Buckley



  2. This has not been a good day for Charters!


  3. CSW’s charter is per their website:
    “The mission of The Charter School of Wilmington is to engage highly motivated high school students with an interest in math and science by providing a challenging college-preparatory curriculum…”

    Is it Kilroy’s position that they should eliminate an exam which attempts to identify students who have the aptitude and motivation to successfully complete the coursework? Would it be more agreeable if students were admitted WITHOUT the aptitude or ability and then fail out thereby restricting students who otherwise DO have the aptitude or motivation? Are there some questions on the test that specifically target a particular race which prevent highly motivated minority students from passing the test? Would it be appropriate to admit students unprepared, unmotivated or uninterested for the academic requirements of the school? CSW is not attempting to replace RC Highschools but your proposing that it be “just like them” so you’re pushing for CSW to do just that. Seems contradictory to me.

    Since when does Kilroy support NSA? You’ve commented that the intent of the law is bad because it re-segregates students. State mandated residential racial planning has yet to be passed so why do you care if NSA isn’t the modus operandi in this circumstance.

    Conrad: Seriously Dr. Kilroy what do you think Conrad is doing to African American students to make their numbers decline? Flying a redneck confederate flag overhead? Are you unwilling to suspect that the higher number of lower income students who happen to be minorities may not be sufficiently academically prepared or willing and choose not to attend/ apply? There are low income people of all races and nationalities and if they are unmotivated or low achieving, they aren’t going to push / apply to places where they don’t want to go. Dickinson is what it is and if it doesn’t or can’t offer the academic programs Conrad does what should happen? You really want to hang your hat on that they don’t provide transportation? If so my reason for not living in Wilmington is because there’s too much bus exhaust pollution. I like a high violence environment because it’s exciting!!??

    Seems like a bad day for all education when our public schools can’t or won’t provide programs like TAG, Honors, & AP OR don’t have students that are capable of the requirements because the students had to seek alternatives to get them.