Delaware: NJ says Moyer student arrested for possession of a 32 caliber BB gun

Cops: Moyer student had loaded gun in lockerLucia Blackwell, The News Journal

A student at Moyer Academy was arrested Wednesday after teachers found a loaded handgun in his locker, Wilmington police said Thursday.

At approximately 3:20 p.m. a student informed school staff that another student had a handgun. School officials locked down the school and found a loaded .32 caliber revolver in the 15-year-old boy’s locker. Officers responded to the school, 610 E. 17th St., and arrested the teen. A search of the locker located 9.6 grams of marijuana and a BB gun, Cpl. Mark Ivey said.

The teen was charged with possession of a firearm in a Safe School Zone, possession of a firearm by a person prohibited, possession of ammunition by a person prohibited and possession of marijuana. He was arraigned and JP Court 20 and committed to the New Castle County Detention Center after failing to pay $6100 secured bail.

OK I am totally confused! Moyer Academy staff found a .32 caliber revolver but when the police did their search they found a BB Gun and 9.6 grams of marijuana and the student was person prohibited to posses firearm. Well that may means the student was a convicted felon..

So was there a .32 caliber revolver or a BB gun? Or both?

3 responses to “Delaware: NJ says Moyer student arrested for possession of a 32 caliber BB gun

  1. Typical news urinal reporting, reporter doesn’t know difference between real gun and BB gun. Person prohibited because he was 15. Possession of ammunition would indicate real gun.


  2. Well, tne News Journal ran at least four articles on the gun found at Dickinson… hopefully there will be some follow-up to clarify the issues around the gun found in a charter school.