Delaware: Major flaw in Delaware school safety is a ticking time bomb.

Once again a loaded handed gun was found in a Delaware public school and this time a charter school.

Students are getting the message about reporting weapons in their schools and they are real heroes. But the flaw is the action the schools take or rather don’t take.

Delaware school safety law “should require” a lock-down of the school where guns are found. The entire schools should be search for other guns or weapons. The odds are high that there are guns and weapons in our public and charter schools everyday. There is a psychological factor here that isn’t being applied. If every student who brings weapons to school knowing that if another student is busted and triggers a lock-down and search of the entire school lockers and all backpacks they may think twice about bringing weapons to school. Also, it’s time for our local police to perform random searches by dogs for drugs and weapons. 

I don’t want to sound so doom and gloom here but the clock is ticking for Delaware schools! We can’t write this shit off as isolated. I hope our next AG Matt Denn (he’s a shoe-in unless Ferris Wharton runs) helps drives new “proactive” school safety laws.

One response to “Delaware: Major flaw in Delaware school safety is a ticking time bomb.

  1. Greg MAZZOTTA

    Friends, please follow what tis happening in PA, at Franklin Regional as, i the aftermath of the 22 stabbing victims, school safety issues are being re-visited.

    Also, the Baldrige criteria is of assistance here, with regard, to crisis plans and community engagement.

    The FR crisis plan which was very complicated worked well. Delaware education leaders would be well served by making this a case study.

    Please let me know how I can help.