Campus Community School (charter) board minutes are pathetic! Just the way Rep. Longhurst likes them.

Kilroy visits many school district and charter school webpages and I must say. Campus Community School’s (charter) board meeting minutes are at the bottom of the barrel. CAMPUS COMMUNITY SCHOOL BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING MINUTES March 26, 2014

Administrator Updates:
See attached Administrator Update Reports from Catherine Balsley, Leroy Travers, and
Heidi Greene.

Leroy Travers spoke about school culture.

Heidi Greene discussed the results from the DCAS Scores.

There’s no attached reports for the public to review! Why?

New Business:
• The Board reviewed the proposed school calendar for school year 2014-2015
• The Board reviewed the Head of Schools proposed changes to the school program for SY 14-15; trimesters vs. quarters, multi-age classrooms vs. single grade, length of day, etc.
• The Board reviewed the proposed severe weather policy regarding
requirement for staff to make up missed time.
• These proposals/policies will be voted on at the next regular meeting.
• See attached report

Yep, once again not attached report!

So now somebody has to file a major FOIA request! 

Folks State Representative Longhurst with her new chambermaid State Representative Hudson has blocked H.B.#23 from going to a full House vote. I am told there is a slim possibility it will be released from House Ready List to House Agenda for a House vote but not make to Senate because of the close of session nears. Tactful move on Longhurst and Hudson part to say it wasn’t me! Sorry ladies I am not buying that and our grassroots group will put you out of office.

Rep Hudson claim to fame she all about open government is bullshit! She has lost the will to fight what she ran on to become state legislator. Hudson has become nothing more than a person trying to keep their “career” in government! If it takes kissing Rep Longhurst’s ass, Hudson says, mark a spot.

So with Delaware State Legislators unwilling to address the deficiencies in how local school boards communicate to the school community and community at large, school leaders like the ones at Campus Community School (charter) can regulate the flow on dept of informing. Hudson knows this game! After all she was one of the original Pencader board of directors. Pencader was order closed and Hudson’s failure to set board policies and procedures did ultimately add to the demise of Pencader.

Folks when the “news” re: Campus Community School hits the mainstream media you can bet I’ll be back pointing the finger at the failures of Longhurst and Hudson.          

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