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Delaware: House Bill 334 Wall of Shame #netDe #edude


147th General Assembly
House Bill # 334
  (Tabled in Committee)  

Primary Sponsor:


Additional Sponsor(s):    Sen. Sokola


{ NONE…}

Introduced on :


Long Title:


Synopsis of Orginal Bill:

(without Amendments)

This bill provides for the transition of the statewide student assessment system, the Delaware Comprehensive Student Assessment (DCAS), to the Smarter Balanced Assessment System (Smarter). Specifically, the bill removes references to multiple assessments.


Current Status:

House Education Committee   On   05/08/2014

The Smarter Balanced Assessment is a step backwards and those legislators who vote for it aren’t for the kids. Remember DSTP! Dave Sokola Tricked Parents! He’s back with Jeb Bush loving Scott!

Here is the Wall of Shame listing of those legislators supporting H.B.#334 

scott sokola

Delaware legislators wants bullet resistant whiteboards WFT? Miro popped a few scews!


147th General Assembly
House Bill # 347

Primary Sponsor:


Additional Sponsor(s):    Rep. Miro & Sen. Poore


{ NONE…}

Introduced on :


Long Title:


Synopsis of Orginal Bill:

(without Amendments)

This bill requires all new school construction or major renovation to include the following features: an intruder alarm, bullet resistant whiteboards, bulletproof glass in entrance areas and interior doors and windows, and doors lockable with keys on both sides. Further, the bill would require all new school construction plans to be submitted to the Office of Management and Budget’s Facilities Management Section for compliance with these requirements as well as with Crime Prevention through Environmental Design principles.

Current Status:

House Education Committee   On   05/15/14

WTF Joe Miro of all people buying into this bullshit! OK panic buttons in each classroom! Hey Joe, why didn’t the police search Moyer  Academyfor other guns after finding one gun ? Shouldn’t the school been searched for other weapons? 

All sounds nice Joe but $$$$ all will end up on local taxpayers! Yea yea, we shouldn’t let price stop us from protecting children! Joe odds are somewhere in a Delaware public school everyday there is a gun! Keeping intruders out sounds good! But Joe, when a “student” within decides to go postal how do you keep him out? Joe, if someone said there was a bomb in the school and the police bomb squad came and found one do they. yell “we found it” and end the search? No Joe! Could be two or more bombs so they need to sweep the entire school. The police should have searched the entire Moyer school for other weapon. Yea, the student said, no I didn’t bring it to school to harm anyone here! If students are dumb enough to bring weapons to school they shouldn’t be believed when acting as criminals. If student knew the entire school would be searched if one gun was found they may think twice and not play the odds. 

Joe time for a rocking chair! Leave while your on top!  

Texas: 160 Duncanville H. S. students suspended of violating dress code

Students Return to Class After More Than 160 Suspended for Dress Code Violations 5 NBC DFW

More than 160 Duncanville High School students are returning to school a day after a dress code crackdown sparked outrage with students and parents.

Students who spoke with NBC 5’s Ellen Bryan before school Thursday said some of them would continue to be in violation of the dress code to protest the administration’s policies.

Duncanville administrators said violations include: Piercings, large belt buckles, untucked shirts, different colored jackets and other issues

Red Clay goes undercover on itself! LOL :)

Charters to be checked for equality in Red Clay By Michelle Provencher WDEL

Red Clay’s School Board creates a new committee to investigate charter and magnet school admissions policies for possible prejudice.

Board member Kenneth Rivera, District C, introduced the topic at Wednesday night’s meeting.

“If you look at the demographics at some of the schools, it is a vast disproportionate number of students who are of low income, special ed, certain races who are not attending certain schools,” Rivera says. “So my question is, why?”

MORE HERE >>>>>>>

As far as Conrad magnet school, here you go! Conrad continues to shed black students Posted on  by kilroysdelaware

Conrad: If it is a 6-12 magnet school why are students required to apply again for 9th grade? Also, Conrad 6-8 should be in violation of the Neighborhood Schools Act because local neighborhood children were reassigned. 6-8 should be opt-out not in. Also, if Conrad is all choice with no feeder-pattern why does it have preferential bus service. Why are other “choice” students not as accommodated as Conrad and even Cab students? 

As far as Charter School of Wilmington do you honestly need a bullshit committee? Eliminate the entrance test and reviewing application academic history. Make enrollment preferences Red Clay Students and then all others.

The minority community better wake-up and see this committee an opportunity to end this injustice! 

Delaware: Major flaw in Delaware school safety is a ticking time bomb.

Once again a loaded handed gun was found in a Delaware public school and this time a charter school.

Students are getting the message about reporting weapons in their schools and they are real heroes. But the flaw is the action the schools take or rather don’t take.

Delaware school safety law “should require” a lock-down of the school where guns are found. The entire schools should be search for other guns or weapons. The odds are high that there are guns and weapons in our public and charter schools everyday. There is a psychological factor here that isn’t being applied. If every student who brings weapons to school knowing that if another student is busted and triggers a lock-down and search of the entire school lockers and all backpacks they may think twice about bringing weapons to school. Also, it’s time for our local police to perform random searches by dogs for drugs and weapons. 

I don’t want to sound so doom and gloom here but the clock is ticking for Delaware schools! We can’t write this shit off as isolated. I hope our next AG Matt Denn (he’s a shoe-in unless Ferris Wharton runs) helps drives new “proactive” school safety laws.

Delaware: NJ says Moyer student arrested for possession of a 32 caliber BB gun

Cops: Moyer student had loaded gun in lockerLucia Blackwell, The News Journal

A student at Moyer Academy was arrested Wednesday after teachers found a loaded handgun in his locker, Wilmington police said Thursday.

At approximately 3:20 p.m. a student informed school staff that another student had a handgun. School officials locked down the school and found a loaded .32 caliber revolver in the 15-year-old boy’s locker. Officers responded to the school, 610 E. 17th St., and arrested the teen. A search of the locker located 9.6 grams of marijuana and a BB gun, Cpl. Mark Ivey said.

The teen was charged with possession of a firearm in a Safe School Zone, possession of a firearm by a person prohibited, possession of ammunition by a person prohibited and possession of marijuana. He was arraigned and JP Court 20 and committed to the New Castle County Detention Center after failing to pay $6100 secured bail.

OK I am totally confused! Moyer Academy staff found a .32 caliber revolver but when the police did their search they found a BB Gun and 9.6 grams of marijuana and the student was person prohibited to posses firearm. Well that may means the student was a convicted felon..

So was there a .32 caliber revolver or a BB gun? Or both?

Campus Community School (charter) board minutes are pathetic! Just the way Rep. Longhurst likes them.

Kilroy visits many school district and charter school webpages and I must say. Campus Community School’s (charter) board meeting minutes are at the bottom of the barrel. CAMPUS COMMUNITY SCHOOL BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING MINUTES March 26, 2014

Administrator Updates:
See attached Administrator Update Reports from Catherine Balsley, Leroy Travers, and
Heidi Greene.

Leroy Travers spoke about school culture.

Heidi Greene discussed the results from the DCAS Scores.

There’s no attached reports for the public to review! Why?

New Business:
• The Board reviewed the proposed school calendar for school year 2014-2015
• The Board reviewed the Head of Schools proposed changes to the school program for SY 14-15; trimesters vs. quarters, multi-age classrooms vs. single grade, length of day, etc.
• The Board reviewed the proposed severe weather policy regarding
requirement for staff to make up missed time.
• These proposals/policies will be voted on at the next regular meeting.
• See attached report

Yep, once again not attached report!

So now somebody has to file a major FOIA request! 

Folks State Representative Longhurst with her new chambermaid State Representative Hudson has blocked H.B.#23 from going to a full House vote. I am told there is a slim possibility it will be released from House Ready List to House Agenda for a House vote but not make to Senate because of the close of session nears. Tactful move on Longhurst and Hudson part to say it wasn’t me! Sorry ladies I am not buying that and our grassroots group will put you out of office.

Rep Hudson claim to fame she all about open government is bullshit! She has lost the will to fight what she ran on to become state legislator. Hudson has become nothing more than a person trying to keep their “career” in government! If it takes kissing Rep Longhurst’s ass, Hudson says, mark a spot.

So with Delaware State Legislators unwilling to address the deficiencies in how local school boards communicate to the school community and community at large, school leaders like the ones at Campus Community School (charter) can regulate the flow on dept of informing. Hudson knows this game! After all she was one of the original Pencader board of directors. Pencader was order closed and Hudson’s failure to set board policies and procedures did ultimately add to the demise of Pencader.

Folks when the “news” re: Campus Community School hits the mainstream media you can bet I’ll be back pointing the finger at the failures of Longhurst and Hudson.          

Delaware: Gov Markell the Carnegie folks have some Chinese tea-leaves for you to read #netde #edude

China has 7 million graduates and no jobs available By Yukon Huang and Canyon Bosler

(Yukon Huang is a senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, where Canyon Bosler is a junior fellow.)

As China tries to evolve from “the workshop of the world” into a more technologically advanced service economy, however, a swelling glut of graduates is threatening this age-old compact. This year alone, Chinese universities are expected to produce a record 7 million degree holders, more than seven times the number 15 years ago. This rapid expansion has vastly outstripped demand: Unemployment among recent graduates has rocketed to 16 percent, four times the norm, while the wage premium they receive has plummeted by 19 percentage points. In some cities, semiskilled factory workers now make more than university graduates in office jobs.

Hey Governor Markell, I am curious, where is that that global economy you keep talking about that requires our children to learn Chinese language skills?

Couldn’t we just take that funding and used it in our high-needs schools to supplement English language skill for underachieving Americans? Jack pay close attention to what these Carnegie folks are saying. 

The policy of encouraging more Chinese to get a university education was meant to strengthen China, to help build it into a creative and modern service economy. Instead, the push is creating new and worrying vulnerabilities. It’s too late to turn back, which means solutions must focus on stimulating demand for graduates and changing the skill mix of those students. As President Xi Jinping works to root out corrupt practices, large and small, he should also focus on the bribe taking that’s becoming prevalent in the hiring process.

The alternative is a rising sense of injustice and frustration among tens of thousands of educated youth. That’s hardly a future he or China’s other leaders can afford to contemplate.

Jack. I think there is an underlying message here. Government needs to get out of micromanaging public education and regulating business in a way it strangles real innovation and growth.

Jack what have you done to address the employment needs of Delawareans graduating from college? Jack what have you done to address the employment needs of Delawareans graduation for votech high schools? Jack you spent so much time on building tomorrow workforce Delaware’s current economy falls behind expansion of surrounding states economies. Jack, it’s much easier “talking” about what needs to be done than actually doing what needs to be done. If you were a CEO of a major company you’d be fire for such dismal performance.