There’s that resegregation word again!

With emergence of charter schools, data points out resegregation in state schools

The expansion of Newark Charter School in particular seems to be a reason for the increasing racial and income differences between area public schools. BY STAFF REPORTER


8 responses to “There’s that resegregation word again!

  1. Eve Buckley


    The students who wrote these pieces are CSD HS grads, now at UD. Some attended NCS for middle school. They’re quite clear on what the “adults” are doing, with regard to local education access and equity.


  2. Who is surprised about this? See Kilroy’s Delaware a couple of years ago.


    • Eve Buckley

      I don’t think anyone who has paid any attention (esp. two years ago) is surprised. Unfortunately few people were/are paying attention! So perhaps the more the drumbeat continues, the more people will hear it (or maybe not–as Mike notes, our public school seg. is a feature, for many).


  3. No surprise; resegregation was anticipated even during the very 1995 Senate debate when Delaware’s original charter law was passed. For the charter lobby, resegregation isn’t a bug; it’s a feature.


  4. Hell, red clay is resegregating their own schools


    • Hell, Red Clay Re-segregatED their own schools – already a done deal since the early aughts! 🙂 – and they did it through the irresponsible use of Choice.

      Remember, the RCCD school board made a big, phoney show about being against the Neighborhood School’s Act. Their NSA compliance plan consisted of an all choice district (which was denied).

      They weren’t against the NSA because of re-segregation – they were re-segregating through choice quite spectacularly! They were against the NSA because they believed it would end up in court.

      Like Mike says… re-segregation though charters and choice is a feature, not a bug.


  5. Choice, Charter and I add magnet –RCCSD creates high poverty schools–check % for 7 schools with grades 9-12–check students in the 9 compared to # who enter 11th 2 years later–check out # of choice from other districts for Cab and Conrad–watch out when newK-5 opens–compare 3rd grade scores against CSD and Colonial