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Why is Kilroy acting like an eight-year-old?

I’ve been blogging a long time now and sometimes just lose track of time. I never documented when I actually started engaging the local bloggers.

The first blog that caught my eye was Delaware Watch hosted by Dana Garrett. The there was Jason of Delaware Liberal and Mike Matthews over at Down With Absolutes. I was like WOW! These boys get up on their soapbox and spiting fire! I use to use my three minutes at Red Clay school boars, NJ letters to the editor, attend public meetings and speak my peace and then there were all the various committees I served on! E-mails going everywhere! I knew the risk with my sorry-ass writing skills and grammar. However, I was the one advocating that all parents needs to engage no matter their ranking in society! If you want the best for you child don’t let your unintended ignorance stop you! Blogging gave me a bigger soapbox and over the years as Facebook and Twitter emerged I was able to bridge Worldpress, Facebook and Twitter into one simultaneous outreach and work eat platform individual independent of each other. Kilroy’s is reaching around the world. 

I was doing some internet browsing and came across this Delaware Watch blog post dated April 23, 2006 where Dana said a few kind words about me and added me to Delaware Watch blogroll. If you click the Kilroy’s Delaware link in Dana posts you’ll end up at the front page of Kilroy’s Delaware on blog host site blogspot.  You see I moved to blog host site WordPress. I pretty much blew up all my archive files on Blogspot. Worldpress has better security features which I needed. So somewhere during April 2006 Kilroy’s Delaware was born which makes me eight-years-old.

I have every intention to keep on blogging and hopefully another eight-years. I was looking forward to shifting my blog posting away from education drama and move it towards an amazing story of Johnny Can’t Read which does add some public education spin and concerns for the world now and in the future. Our society and government is in meltdown mode and our quality of life as we know it is disintegrating. However, that won’t happen until I meet my the current objectives.

The end of the school year is approaching and The Race to The Top is over, Common Core Standards and the Smarter Balanced Assessment is a done deal. Our educators joined in the bitching about the federal, Dover and corporate takeover but refused to put Governor Jack Markell’s face on it! No doubt I’ve alienated some friendships because I called them out on the ropes! But the fact remains. I am staying true to my cause. But yes, my paycheck isn’t tied to Jack Markell’s penis! So many of our education leaders are looking down the tunnel and see the light to their retirement. But young teachers just entering the system look down their tunnels and see darkness and people making backroom deals with their futures. The Finnians and Groggs are no more and Judas took the spirit of the hopeful. I might have my shortcomings with grammar and writing skills but I do remember amazing public school teachers who saw more potential in me than I saw in myself. The 60’s and 70’s had a lot of mixed message and I took the wrong fork in the road. But then again, I could of been a nerd clueless to the social issues of today. I’ve made some amazing personal accomplishments far beyond the comprehension of many. The curse of being left-handed and a classic visual thinker gives me a deep view of the world around us. When many think of Earth they see that blue marble and I see a speck of dust in the universe! Then there are those who see time in relation to a wall clock and I see it as grain of sand in the universe’s hourglass. Then there is Publius who fears removing the blinders and is happy with his tunnel vision. But he is a good guy at heart! As for the Delaware GOP they are so far out in right field they are clueless. Then there are those Liberals stuck in their own fart bubble! And in the middle is the reality of the world.    

Election cycle 2014 is gearing up and for damn sure a few sellout legislators are going to be Kilroy photoshop stars! Kavips, get your sippy-cup out because I don’t want you spitting your coffee all over the computer monitor 🙂