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Former Mayor of Wilmington Baker bitch-slapped by NJ Letter to The Editor

When parents don’t step up to the plate News Journal Letter to the Editor

Here’s my response to former Wilmington Mayor James M. Baker’s recent Delaware Voice on charter schools. I would like to point out that while he blames public schools for the failings of minority students, he leaves out those who are truly responsible – parents.

But since he is a politician it is understandable that he would avoid placing the blame where it really belongs – on voting parents. Blaming schools for the failure of parents to assure their children are making the efforts needed, while taking responsibility for their own education, is irresponsible and will simply prolong the problem.

Jim Kelley


How many times have we heard, parents are their child’s first teacher! I agree with Mr. Kelley! Children fail because their parent fails to be responsible. 

Former Mayor Baker turns a blind-eye when charter schools are being designed to warehouse minorities in a de fact segregated setting. In all the years I attended Red Clay school board meetings not once did James M Baker take to the microphone at a board meeting and speak for his community. To lead by example was beneath him!

Three charter schools that were set to open next fall failed to enroll even 40% of the total seats available. Why? What happen to the demand and outcry of parents?