Father get arrested for violating school board 2 minute rule

GILFORD, N.H. – A New Hampshire father is in trouble with the law after he complained to school board members about a book his 14-year-old daughter was assigned to read for school, CBS Boston reported.

Daughter’s response 

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  1. Publius e decere

    That board may have been acting within the letter of the law, which usually allows the board to eject disruptive persons, but that board appears to have gone beyond reasonable exercise. The video shows that there were only a couple of people in the room who were not on the board so a 2 minute rule seems inappropriate. The removal is all that the board probably has power to do, the arrest was excessive. And the board then issued a public statement that parents can NOT opt out of this kind of book. In other words, they stomped on the guy after throwing him out and arresting him. Seems very petty. I’m sure the students are learning lessons from this adult behavior, but it may not be the lessons the adults intended to give.

    I wonder if any of the board members or the superintendent would care to read the “controversial” passage from the book out loud to the press on camera and then state their support for its compulsory inclusion in the curriculum for 14-year-olds. I doubt it. Based on the news (not always reliable, granted) the district failed its duty to know what exactly it was acting on.

    I’m sure that book is not compliant with Common Core State Standards 🙂


    • kilroysdelaware

      Publius, take a look at this video

      it appears he may have already had his two minutes and the confrontation started after another person was finishing their comments. A you can see he is seated and it didn’t sound like he was called upon. The police officer gave him every opportunity to chill-out.

      I ‘ve attended many many board meetings and I’ve heard boos and cheers and I’ve blurted a few comments. However, I never did anything like this guy did. This board’s two minute rule is too short. Red Clay has three. At best the board district should not press charges but make their policies clear on disruption of meetings. The sad part was no one on the room such as parents rallied behind him, The all sat their like mice in the corner. Flexibility on the length someone talks could be dangerous. It would set the stage for board to allow favorable comments to proceeds and unfavorable comments not to. This gou would have done his cause more justice he stool out front of the building with a protest sign and on a soapbox bitching! The media would have picked up on it and if he were arrested outside he’s have a case re: freedom of speech.

      Look at the video I just attached and you’ll see him seat and wasn’t his turn to address the board. Board should have told the police who most-likely was on extra duty paid by the district to just remove the guy and the board ask him no to come back that night but not restrict him in future meetings. Honestly, if I acted like that sitting in the audience I’d expect the same.



    • John Young

      Kilroy, be still my beatng heart, what has gotten into you.

      The removal was excessive, the arrest was excessive. That board should be ashamed of themselves across all the decisions that led to that video.

      Mark this post, Publius gets one right, mostly.


    • kilroysdelaware

      John, if you look all the video where he was seat during the confrontation you’ll see he wasn’t the speaker. I agree no charges should be filed . However, at what point would your board take action if someone in the audience started speaking and no stop? Yes excess ad far as charges being filed! Also, odds are police officer was off duty hired for security. What really sucks is other parents just sat and did nothing!

      “Mark this post, Publius gets one right, mostly.”

      He said, “The video shows that there were only a couple of people in the room who were not on the board so a 2 minute rule seems inappropriate.”

      2 minutes anytime is inappropriate! Had enough at Red Clay’s with three minutes. Also, something of this magnitude should have warranted a special meeting but perhaps it was! I’ve seen at board meetings (Red Clay) speakers were allowed to go pass three minutes however, the next speaker in line cries foul when their time is up.

      The board president should have stop the police for taking that action and should have told the father he had his two minutes. Now can I come to your board meeting an rant from the audience as long as I like? His rants were valid points but what other action should the board president have taken?


    • John Young

      Now can I come to your board meeting an rant from the audience as long as I like?

      Yes, it’s your tax $$ paying for it all.

      His rants were valid points but what other action should the board president have taken?

      Listen, it’s free and he’s a parent and taxpayer and deserves respect as such.


    • John Young

      I said mostly. There should be no limit to public comment. NONE. Boards stuck on that are just full of themselves and are seeking to deny input from constituents.


    • Publius e decere

      John, I’ll take the risk and say “thanks”.

      Kilroy: I watched your supplemental video. Two parents were trying to get the board’s attention focused on something which I’m sure the board members would not stand and back if it was read out loud. The man did nothing even close to warranting an arrest. I’ve seen far worse disruptions tolerated by boards trying to serve the public. What in the heck was this board trying to defend? The scene in the book?

      Common sense should prevail. That board is defending something which should not be required reading for 14 year olds. And when those two guys called them out, the board called in a cop to suppress their reasonably proportionate speech. And after that “scene” that same board issued a press release saying that kids can’t opt-out of this kind of “controversial” reading. Talk about spiking the ball!!

      If anyone here supports an opt out of standardized testing, they most certainly should support an opt out on readings which serve NO educational purpose and for which PLeNTy of alternative readings were available sans the saucy stuff. That author put in the scene to … sell books. Sadly, that school system’s curriculum committee thinks that it is educational and they are being institutionally backed by their Super and their board.

      Those fathers had every right to call out that situation, and the did not do so in a way which warranted an arrest.



    • kilroysdelaware

      In the video I posted you see the dad standing before the board however the audio of what he was staying appears to be dubbed over from the incident when he was sitting and subsequently arrested. In the video I linked in the comment section you’ll see the one man speaking and then stops and said ” my time is up” at that point the father started his justified rant. So it appears in the video I posted he was standing therefore I assumed that’s when he had is two minutes. You’ll notice when the one man said “my time is up” the dad went into the rant and you don’t hear the board calling upon him to speak as if here were next.
      However, this issue at hand , the book did warrant such protest and sure appropriate for the parent to cross the line. I can’t imagine the board will follow through on the charges and doesn’t his conduct was disorderly as he sat there expressing himself. The board could have called for a recess / time out to diffuse and escalating situation.

      John, no board member stepped up to the dad’s defense or tell the police to stop! I have no doubt you would and even Publius! I know I would.

      Two issues here, father had every right to protest because the concerns were about moral and corruption of his daughter and board rules on public comments. He brought the issues the book to national attention. And go girl re: his daughter! Surely an amazing unforgettable bound of father and daughter.

      Two minute rule is ridiculous and three at Red Clay isn’t enough. But we’re in a different age now with social media and board members willing to engage out side the meetings as individuals and part of their responsibilities as public elected officials. I’d rather have an outspoken board member 😉 than on that doesn’t speak or engage the public.


  2. If your comments take more than two minutes, start a blog 🙂


  3. Pencadermom

    OMG. What the hell kind of school would let kids read that book? What is wrong with them?


  4. kilroysdelaware

    wow get’s better ! look at this video! Board full of shit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HC2LPu8wHQ