29% of States Dropped Out of Smarter Balanced Assessments Because It’s That Bad


Originally there were 31 states in the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA)consortium.  Today there are 22.  9 or 29% have dropped out…  But it is worse for PARCC… Their drop out rate is… 38.4%  They lost 10 states out of the 26 signed on…..

Why is Delaware so adamant in sticking with their commitment when others are jumping into lifeboats and being lowered off the main deck?  Is it because we want to be the last to play in the ship’s band?

What happens to our costs, when the cost of producing these tests originally spread over 31 states, now has to be shared by only 22? Can we afford to pay that much more when we have a cheaper test, the DCAS, working well for us at the moment?  Why should we pay twice as much, or two thirds more per student, simply because we are the only ones still…

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2 responses to “29% of States Dropped Out of Smarter Balanced Assessments Because It’s That Bad

  1. Nancy Doorey

    Yikes, Kilroy – your statements are way off! Here are the facts about state memberships in PARCC and Smarter Balanced. In spring 2011, 44 states plus the District of Columbia had EITHER joined ONE of these consortia as an official, voting member OR had joined BOTH as non-voting members so they could learn more about each (sort of double-dating before deciding whether to join one or go on their own).
    Currently 39 of those 45 original participants are now full members of one consortium or the other. Of the 31 original Smarter Balanced states, 17 were full members and 14 were “double daters,” half of which (7) decided to become full members, 4 chose PARCC, and 3 decided to go on their own. So has there been a mass flight from the consortia? No! The large majortiy of the change in numbers is because double-daters made a choice – which they had to do by this spring when field-testing began.


  2. kilroysdelaware

    The blog post was by blogger Kavips and re-blogged here Thanks for the info.