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WHAT DID I TELL YOU! Sokola and Scott pulling a fast one re: H.B.#334 #netde #edude @destateboarded @DeDeptofEd @ Greg_Lavelle @Ed_In_DE


147th General Assembly
House Bill # 334

Primary Sponsor:


Additional Sponsor(s):    Sen. Sokola


{ NONE…}

Introduced on :


Long Title:



This bill provides for the transition of the statewide student assessment system, the Delaware Comprehensive Student Assessment (DCAS), to the Smarter Balanced Assessment System (Smarter). Specifically, the bill removes references to multiple assessments

Kilroy says, now we’ll have our political target list for November 2014 election. Those legislators supporting this are no friend to local control! Why did Sokola and Jeb Bush loving Scott allow The Smarter Balance Assessment be adopted by DE DOE before legislative discussion? This is wrong folks and major step backwards and will damaged Delaware’s autonomy by forcing our student assessment test into a national “shark tank”. Folks watch this one closely and see who the political traitors are! Folks this is BAD!

Delaware: Rep Kowalko & Sen Sokola tag-team re: FOIA U of D & DSU

147th General Assembly
House Bill # 331

Primary Sponsor:


Additional Sponsor(s):    Sen. Sokola


Reps. Jaques, J. Johnson, Q. Johnson, Keeley, Mulrooney, Potter

Introduced on :


Long Title:



This Act removes the exemption from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and thus fully applies FOIA to the University of Delaware and Delaware State University. Currently FOIA applies to their Boards of Trustees and their documents relating to the expenditure of public funds.

Current Status:

House House Administration Committee   On   05/07/2014

Big public school test cheating scandal in Philly!

Philadelphia Teachers, Principal Charged in Test Cheating Scandal / Cheating operation allegedly went on for five years By Vince Lattanzio NBC10.com

For five years, teachers and the principal of a Philadelphia elementary school allegedly engaged in an cheating operation to raise test scores for a state standardized exam, Pennsylvania’s top prosecutor said on Thursday morning.

Now, they face criminal charges.

Nobody is going to jail! They’ll all be working in Delaware schools.

Five educators — four teachers and their principal — at Cayuga Elementary School in the Hunting Park section of the city allegedly changed or provided answers to students and reviewed test questions for the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) before giving the test, according to Pa. Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

“Cheating robs children of a good education and hurts kids and families,” Kane said in a statement. “The alleged misconduct by these educators is an affront to the public’s trust and will not be tolerated.

From 2007 through 2012, principal Evelyn Cortez and teachers Jennifer Hughes, Lorraine Vicente, Rita Wyszynski and Ary Sloane allegedly instructed students to record test answers on scrap paper so their work could be checked, a grand jury investigation found.

Cortez “blatantly promoted” the act over the PA system at the nearly 450 student school, the AG’s Office said.

Gee, I hope the Delaware Department of Education puts those names in Uniblab 2015. Perhaps we can’t catch them applying for a jobs at DE DOE.

This kind of cheating goes on all the time but a little more discreetly!

Cortez, 59, Vicente, 41, and Hughes, 59, have all been charged with felony Corrupt Organizations, Perjury, Tampering with Public Records or Information as well as several misdemeanors.

Wysznski, 65, and Sloane, 56, are charged with felony Tampering with Public Records or Information and misdemeanors including Forgery.

Take their pensions away if found guilty!

Cortez’s attorney, Matthew Sedacca, told NBC10.com that his client contends “the charges are not true.”

“She is denying these allegations and we are going to fight them. We have not seen any of the paperwork that has been presented by the Attorney General’s Office,” he said.

Hughes’ attorney, Leno Thomas, said his client is innocent. “We look forward to defending in court vigorously.”

Attorney information for the other teachers was not immediately available.

Folks after a few days this story will be history and we’ll never know the outcome.

Gallard said the district disciplined or fired 15 employees earlier this year following a separate, unrelated internal investigation of test taking practices at 19 schools.

At 19 schools DAMN !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well this is what we get with high-stakes testing! 

Father get arrested for violating school board 2 minute rule

GILFORD, N.H. – A New Hampshire father is in trouble with the law after he complained to school board members about a book his 14-year-old daughter was assigned to read for school, CBS Boston reported.

Daughter’s response 

Publius slips into the shadows and can’t defend his position!


As you are aware three approved charter schools set to open next school year 2014-2015 failed to attract students as “promised”.

I still support the charter concept that offers choice. But still question certain discriminatory student admission practices protected by skewed laws. 

The failure of these three charter schools proves Publius notion that parent and students drive the demand is false. The demand is nothing but hype! These charter schools should have filled every seat and had waiting lists! Didn’t happen! 

Academia Antonia Alonso had only 107 students fully signed up by Thursday, or only 36 percent of its planned enrollment. Delaware MET had only 93 students fully signed up, or about 34 percent of planned enrollment.

Design Lab Charter High School, another charter set to open in the fall, was also scheduled to face possible review, but the department took it off the board’s agenda. Design Lab officials have asked the state to allow it to open a year later.

Three charter schools couldn’t deliver application “promises”! Academia Antonia Alonso already asked for a delay last year and it was granted. Two years a 36% enrollment? Come on Publius WTF? 

Delaware: attempts to shield duplication of traditional public schools by charters in state senate

Charter school bill heads to Senate Jon Offredo, The News Journal

The Delaware State Board of Education can study more closely the impact charter schools have on surrounding districts and impose conditions on them under legislation sent to the full Senate on Wednesday.

The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Bryan Townsend, D-Newark, said the legislation gives board members the latitude to understand how proposed charters and charter expansions would affect the overall education system.

“The bill in my mind gets at the issue of the state board of education being able to take a holistic view of the education system,” he said.

I agree with taking mayoral control away from Delaware Secretary of Education but at the end of the day the state board answers to Delaware President Jack Markell. Perhaps the next legislation should be requiring the state board of education members to be elected by the public not appointed by the agenda I mean governor.

The vagueness of the term “impact” came into play last month after the board and Secretary of Education Mark Murphy approved four new charter schools to open in New Castle County over the next few years. Townsend was among 20 state lawmakers who wrote to the board before that decision voicing “deep concerns” about the amount of money and number of students traditional districts could lose

The deep concerns should be with the qualification of the Delaware Secretary of Education. Three years as a gym teacher, two as a building principal than abrupt exit from St. Mary’s County Public Schools ending up on Rodel’s Vision 2015 doorstep. Obviously Markell’s liking to Murphy was all Rodel and the sinister agenda to break the back of traditional public schools to own the unions.

Representatives from public and charter school associations, as well as the governor’s office, all supported the bill, saying it added much-needed clarity.

Well somebody is going to lose here so who comes out on the short end of the stick! Either charters duplicate traditional schools with programs like STEM and IB or traditional schools losing out to the bright-flight to charters. At the end of the day it will be traditional school losing out no matter how hard they compete. 

Lindsay O’Mara, Gov. Jack Markell’s education policy adviser, said the bill adds a lot of value to the approval process by defining impact, which in the last bill wasn’t very well defined.

“I think one of the most valuable things this bill does is ask the Department of Education to look across the country, examine best practices and really come up with some factors and rubrics and some structure around how impact would be considered as part of the process,” she said.

O’Mara? Why does that name sound familiar? Anyhow, I thought it was giving the state board of education a little more latitude in the final charter school application approval! Somebody just slipped-up saying this legislation is a feel good legislation and the department of education in which the state board is not part of will continue to rule. The same tactics DE DOE and Murphy uses to make parents feel part of the process but they aren’t. Parents are always indoctrinated after the facts. As far as Title 1 parents protection under federal law Title 1 Section 1118, you can thank the good righteous brothers claiming to be civil rights leaders for letting Title 1 Section 1118 becoming null and void.

Despite the call for this legislation, the notion parents and students are screaming for more charters was trumped when four charter schools approved to open next school year 2014-2015 couldn’t even make 40% of promised enrollment. One of these charter already had a year-delay because they struggled to enroll students. Two years for this charter school and they couldn’t even enroll 40% of promised enrollment. Charter schools failing to meet the 80% rule / law should be terminated before they open their doors. There is no need for the BS charter school review procedures for charters that aren’t full operational. They failed to meet enrollment required to open their doors!   Also, charter schools who borrow money from family members should be questioned and that practice be prohibited. I don’t care if it’s below market interest rank! It’s improper and unethical. 

Breaking News: Chicago Teachers Union Opposes Common Core

Diane Ravitch's blog

The Chicago Teachers Union adopted a resolution opposing the Common Core.

This is big news because the parent organization, the American Federation of Teachers, accepted millions of dollars from the Gates Foundation to support and promote the Common Core.

Fred Klonsky posted the following account of the CTU action:

Chicago Teachers Union adopts resolution opposing the Common Core State Standards.

MAY 7, 2014

Today the Chicago Teachers Union House of Delegates passed a resolution opposing the Common Core standards.

A similar New Business Item was not permitted to be voted on at the recent Illinois Education Association state convention. It was ruled out of order by IEA President Cinda Klickna. The NBI had been introduced by veteran Park Ridge fifth grade teacher and delegate, Jerry Mulvihill.

From CTUnet:

Today, members of the House of Delegates (HOD) of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) passed the following resolution that enjoins the city’s…

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29% of States Dropped Out of Smarter Balanced Assessments Because It’s That Bad


Originally there were 31 states in the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA)consortium.  Today there are 22.  9 or 29% have dropped out…  But it is worse for PARCC… Their drop out rate is… 38.4%  They lost 10 states out of the 26 signed on…..

Why is Delaware so adamant in sticking with their commitment when others are jumping into lifeboats and being lowered off the main deck?  Is it because we want to be the last to play in the ship’s band?

What happens to our costs, when the cost of producing these tests originally spread over 31 states, now has to be shared by only 22? Can we afford to pay that much more when we have a cheaper test, the DCAS, working well for us at the moment?  Why should we pay twice as much, or two thirds more per student, simply because we are the only ones still…

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