More blunders by DE Sec of Ed Murphy @destateboarded @dedeptofed @ed_in_de #edude #netde

May 07, 2014

5:30 PM

Charter Schools

CSAC Modification Public Hearing



Host Agency

Charter Schools

Meeting Location

Carvel Building Auditorium

820 French Street
Second Floor 
Wilmington, DE, 19801
Kent County


Jennifer Nagourney

401 Federal Street 
Dover, DE 19901

The issue I have is not the content / agenda of this meeting but the timing and place of this meeting.

Wilmington is the last place you want to be during rush-hour! Then there is the inconvenience of parking with added cost of parking fees.

Something I think our state legislators are all strung-out on crack cooked by the Delaware Department of Education. 

There are “many” public schools in the area and most have auditoriums and ample free parking. 

DE Ed Sec Mark Murphy seems to be hiding under the rock with all these new sex scandals plaguing our schools. Hey coach perhaps we ought to remove all the frosted glass from the principal’s and AP’s office door windows. However, meantime back on the ranch, these charter school review meetings need to be thought-out a little better. Damn coach sometimes I think you’re the cat that swallowed the mouse. Having public meetings at a time when the time and location seems like roadblocks to participation seems planned and intended!   

3 responses to “More blunders by DE Sec of Ed Murphy @destateboarded @dedeptofed @ed_in_de #edude #netde

  1. Oh, Kilroy… Give him a break… People get tired sometimes and just want to walk a couple of blocks… all downhill, from the Rodel office….


  2. They aren’t smart enough for all that intrigue. And I guarantee they are all dumbfounded reading this.


  3. My guess is since these are ‘public hearings’ they will have one in each county