Will AG Matt Denn support gun ban for veteran diagnosed with PTSD?

I have serious reservations about Matt Denn being Delaware Attorney General at the same time Beau Biden being Governor of Delaware. I feel this will be a toxic combination when it comes to gun laws.

Beau Biden announces new gun-control legislation by The Associated Press / Politico 

WILMINGTON, Del. — Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden wants to make it more difficult for people considered to be a danger to themselves or others to obtain guns.

Biden proposed legislation Monday requiring mental health providers, including school counselors, to call police if they believe a person poses a danger to himself or others. Police would investigate and would refer the case to the state Department of Justice if they believe the person shouldn’t have access to a gun.

The DOJ could then ask a judge to prohibit the person from owning or possessing a gun. The judge also could order the seizure of any guns the person has. In the case of a troubled child, authorities could seize any guns owned by a parent or guardian with whom the child is living.

Then this:

The Liberty Crier by Randall Chase

The bill, pushed by Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden (VP Joe Biden’s son), cleared the Delaware House last year with only one dissenting vote before being dealt a stunning defeat in the Senate, which like the House, is controlled by Biden’s fellow Democrats. That bill failed on a 13-6 Senate vote in June, with five Democrats joining Republicans in voting against it.

The bill would have required mental health providers, including licensed school counselors, to call police if they believed a person posed a danger to himself or others. Police would investigate and refer the case to the attorney general’s office if they believed the person shouldn’t have access to a gun. The attorney general’s office could then ask a judge to prohibit the person from buying or possessing a gun. The judge also could order the seizure of any guns that the person owns.

Lt. Governor Matt Denn supported this legislation and if he becomes Attorney General he will continue the push. If Beau Biden becomes governor lookout.

Putting those veterans diagnosed with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) on a gun ban list would be a civil injustice and an insult every man and women who wears and wore uniforms of the armed forces of America.

The sad part about Biden’s gun control legislation supported by Denn is it supports and atmosphere of mistrust between those seeing help and those providing it. Folks this legislation could also ban and disarm women who are being treated for perimenopause and seize all guns within the home locked up or not. 

Did you know about this:

Depression- Depression is related to disruptions in the activity of the brain. Approximately 90% of brain tumor patients exhibit signs that are consistent with depression, especially post surgery. You may feel frustrated, sad, alone, along with feelings of self worthlessness. Many lose interest in their usual activities as well as hobbies, feel miserable and they become socially isolated. 

Could Beau Biden be put on the list on no gun ownership? I am not concerned with his health and I wouldn’t support such legislation. But surely his health issues can be depressing. A so-called health profession would be bound to report any sign of concern. So when in doubt turn your patient in so you won’t be held legally responsible if there were a mishaps. 

The disarmament of America is a concern. However, training young men and women how to kill and sending them into battle then turnaround and prohibit them from gun ownership because of the ill-effects of war is a social justice. Every war from the American Revolution produce traumatized veterans. Why now does our government see it fit to disarm returning veterans?

Were setting the stage for those who need and want help to not seek it fearing their rights to bear arms may be in jeopardy. Yes we want guns out of the hands of criminals but war veterans who need our trust, compassion and help should not be labeled potential killer because of PTSD. What I am saying is, such a ban for these individuals is not far-fetched the paranoia and the obsession of “government” to disarm Americans is the real danger to freedom and the right to bear arms. I assure if Biden gun control laws advance and it will with Matt Denn as a partner you’ll be back to tell me I was right about PTSD being the grounds for disarmament of returning warriors.      


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