Sen. Sokola & Rep. Scott calls for joint meeting to prepare for the adoption of Common Core Standards

Joint Committee Meeting Notice

Chamber: Joint

Committee: Education

Chairman: Scott Committee:

Chairman: Sokola

Date/Time: 05/07/2014 03:00:00 PM Agenda Comment:

Presentation by Department of Education on Development and Implementation of the Common Core State Standard

Folks listen-up! The Smarter Balanced Assessment is not legal under Delaware Title 14 laws that governs public education.

This is the current the law: 


Education Free Public Schools


 Subchapter III. State Public Education Assessment and Accountability

System § 151 State assessment system; rules and regulations.

(b) Beginning with the 2010-2011 school year, the Department shall begin to administer both accountability and growth assessments of student achievement for students in grades 3 through 8, provided that additional grades may be added by the Department. One assessment shall occur within 30 school days of the beginning of the academic year, the second assessment shall occur at a time established by the Department which will allow its results to guide education of students within the current school year. In addition, the Department shall administer end of course assessments in appropriate high school grades.

The law says, growth assessments with one within 30 days of the beginning of the academic year, another within middle and another at end of course at the high school level. The Smarter Balance Assessment is a once a year spring test. Yes the district can use their own assessment for the other two requirements. However, the district tests across districts and charter schools are not the same and not aligned. The data results will be skewed! Also note, the legal charge is to the Department of Education to administer. Folks allowing districts free run of the first two assessment without proper security skews the entire state assessment process. Also, The Smarter Balanced Assessment is not a growth model based assessment! Being at the end of the year it has no value towards implementation of student academic intervention needs during the academic year. This process will either require students to be held back, pushed ahead when not ready or summer school whereas, intervention during the year could provide a different outcome. Also, The Smarter Balance Assessment will be the test charter schools look at and who know some day colleges and universities “might” want a peek.  

The Smarter Balanced Assessment is driven by the Common Core Standards. Ask Speaker of the House Pete Schwartzkopf when did the Delaware legislators approved the Common Core Standards? THEY DIDN’T. This joint meeting is the seed to amend Title 14 that permits Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment to be law. Senator Sokola and Representative Scott will introduce legislators or have Schwartzkopf little puppet Rep. Longhurst to sponsor such legislation. And yes Rep. Hudson will do as Longhurst says!

Parents and teachers I am tell you, the joint meeting is the seed of hell! Raise your voice now and make it be known, NO!  

Teachers and teacher union leaders PLEASE PLEASE stand up and say no to Common Core Standards and no to The Smarter Balance Assessment! Do it Please! It’s for the kids!

Please parents and teachers E-mail your state legislator and tell them Please Don’t Support Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment. Here is a link to their profiles and E-mails: Delaware State Representatives and Delaware State Senate. 

9 responses to “Sen. Sokola & Rep. Scott calls for joint meeting to prepare for the adoption of Common Core Standards

  1. Barbara J. Finnan

    I have a question about these standards. Because I’m donating time to a small museum here, I looked up the current standards for Science for elementary school. Missing from Grades K to 5 (and maybe 6) are the “old” standards for Motion. There are no standards for any Motion projects that I could find. Why not? And don’t tell me it’s because 5th Graders can’t understand them, because my classes always did. The new standards definitely don’t look “tougher” or, as the suits prefer, “more rigorous”. The teaching of what is there might be, but that’s on the teacher.


  2. Common core standards are already law and were adopted in 2010. Standards are outlined in regulation. The entire state is scheduled to complete full implementation by the end of this school year thus there is not a plan or bill that will adopt them, Delaware already adopted them four years ago and after that the implementation transition began.
    State science standards were just changed in September, but implementation into classrooms and curriculum hasn’t yet occurred. They are still doing the first step of providing deeper understanding and awareness of the standards with science supervisors and teachers.

    Your question about motion standards: there is an entire standard thread called motion and stability, so I’m not sure where you were looking for he information.
    I hope that is helpful in your work with students visiting the museum.


    • kilroysdelaware

      MHS fair enough on the Common Core Standards and yep you’re 100% on aligning state standards with Common Core. But what about The Smarter Balanced Assessment! It’s not an academic years growth model assessment and is a once a year in the Spring! Law clearly indicates three times a year.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Damn that’s right Common Core Standards adoption was part of the Race to The Top application Delaware’s teachers’ unions agreed to re:RTTT MOU. Was the Smarter Balanced Assessment part of the MOU? But wait!! If teachers agreed to the Common Core Standards why are many bitching?


    • Standards being changed can’t be accomplished by district MOU’s or a grant it must be done through regulatory change which was done in August 2010.
      You are correct that in order to change to an assessment that was not administered multiple times a year there would need to be legislation. The legislation would have to address the type or frequency of the assessment not the name of it or the vendor. However, the assessment would have to be aligned to the state’s adopted standards.


    • Barbara J. Finnan

      Thank you MHS. Where I looked was Delaware’s web site, specifically “State of Delaware – Science standards”. I looked at 4th and 5th Grade in particular, didn’t thoroughly examine 6th but didn’t see them there either. What was given were standards for the grade, which did not list Motion plus anything. If you can’t find it there, why not? I know what used to be there very well, just wanted to check any changes/updates. Your link seems to be pretty complicated for what should be a simple question to DOE.


  3. “Whoa… Did you know beau was going to run? Damn we better speed up and pass some new laws since Matt won’t get elected and force feed our education agenda.”

    “You’re right. Better get it done before jack leaves.”


  4. Barbara J. Finnan

    Kilroy, the simple answer to your question about why “teachers are bitching” is that DSEA represents its interests more than that of the teacher in the classroom – and has as far back as Ron Pierce when this all started. I can’t tell you how many meetings, especially concerning RTTT, I attended where the threat to “go along or else no seat at the table” was hung over our heads and anyone who objected was marginalized. As far as I was concerned a seat at the table was just that and only that. I’m amazed that teachers finally got to vote “no confidence” without DSEA stifling them. They must have planned hard ahead of time to get that much. There must be something in the air or water in Dover because it seems as soon as someone is elected, making nice is what its all about. And let’s not forget the ultimate sell-out who maneuvered DSEA into the present position…..


  5. Hi, I’m Dave Sokola, and I support Common Core. It is great for teaching children that they aren’t as smart as their parents think they are. Common Core is designed to keep children in their place, to make them give up on dreams and accept that they will never get more than a minimum wage job, so they might as well marry gay and smoke pot, because that is the only dreams they’ll ever have. That’s why we are working hard to make those two legal.

    Corporate America needs children who accept and never question. We can’t have bothersome unions. Imagine, people thinking they have rights? Oh, my, goodness. Did you ever hear of such a thing? Humph…

    No, with common core, no matter how bright a child is, how curious a child is, we can break them, The can crush their spirit, and numb them into just going along to get along… That is how you get jobs and that is how you bring corporate America into Delaware: for our workforce..

    That is why our tests are impossible to answer correctly. It teaches children that no matter what ever you do,… ,the boss is going to tell you its wrong and use it to take away part of your salary. Children need to know that life is like that…

    Common Core is designed to crush the spirit. We took the best of Himmler’s research, mixed it with polices from the Dark South, and mixed it with the best of corporate America… There is no better future for your child, than go through Common Core…..

    I’m Dave Sokola, and I approve this message…( Dudes, now please send those campaign contributions you promised to ( )

    (If you haven’t guessed, I’m not Dave Sokola, and this is a mockery of what he actually says… because behind his words, this is “really” what he is thinking…)… lol 🙂

    (That was fun, btw).