Big push back in Delaware re: Common Core Standards! Gov Markell says, no federal intrusion

Delaware teachers laud Common Core progress. Some parents complain the standards are pushing students too hard Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Over the past year or so, Delaware has seen protests from conservative groups who say the standards are robbing power from local school boards and teachers. Some parents complain the standards are pushing students too hard and burdening them with too much work.

The discontent has spread to some teachers – the Representative Assembly of theDelaware State Education Association voted “no confidence” in March on how the state is implementing the standards.

Things are even more turbulent in other states: Indiana became the first of the 45 states that signed on to officially withdraw, bowing to pressure from those seeking more local control.

Supporters of Common Core, like the teachers at Thursday’s event, say some of the backlashis rooted in misinformation. Gov. Jack Markell, a Common Core supporter, told the teachers not to lose resolve.

“I wish the whole state could see what you’re showing us today,” Markell said. “Then they would see that this isn’t about a federal takeover. This is isn’t about some kind of ‘education reform’ agenda, it’s about continuously improving for our kids.”

Well I am glad DSEA is digging in against Common Core Standards. According to this NJ this group of 250 teachers were all supporters of Common Core Standards. That goes to show you the extremes Governor Markell will go to stack the decks in his favor. What did he do, counsel-out those wanting to attend that don’t support Common Core Standards?

Yes Governor Markell it is a federal takeover of our local schools and local control. Your boy Matt Denn is railroading H.B. #23 so parents and the community can’t hear the truth! Shame on Matt Denn for drinking the Kool-aid you pissed in! 

11 responses to “Big push back in Delaware re: Common Core Standards! Gov Markell says, no federal intrusion

  1. I’m about fed up with Markell’s “if only other people were as smart as us, they’d get it” attitude. It’s condescending as hell and does a huge disservice to the citizens of this state. You know what Jack – if our concerns are based on “misinformation” then by all means, correct that misinformation instead of just copping the attitude.

    And while you’re at it, feel free to show me how to help my third grader with her fractions homework since it’s so freakin’ convoluted that despite the fact that I work with numbers all day long, I can’t figure it out.


  2. John Young

    Some parents also think the research base and likelihood of CCSS success does not warrant specious investment in bullshit curricula/testing to allegedly reflect success and used to punish schools and teachers.

    The News Journal’s headline writers act like they get money wired into their accounts by the NGA.


  3. While I don’t always agree with Glenn Beck, I found this very fascinating!


  4. Greg MAZZOTTA

    If, the Governor’s words, as stated ‘education reform’ agenda, it’s about continuously improving for our kids.” How about adopting the role model schools and best practices of the Baldrige/Education recipients. These are to most referred sources for continuous improvement.


  5. here is the lure for that PR stunt yesterday – yet another competition for a pot of money


    Common Ground for Common Core

    What: Governor Markell will speak at a Common Ground for Common Core event – The Governor will join Education Secretary Mark Murphy, 2010 National Teacher of the Year Sarah Wessling, superintendents, local school board presidents, PTA representatives, State Board of Education members and legislators to share best practices and lessons learned during their first year using Common Core. As part of the state’s Common Ground for the Common Core, the teams are participating in an 18-month project designed to build capacity and support their implementation of the Common Core State Standards. The Common Core State Standards are a set of clear, consistent guidelines for what students should know and be able to do at each grade level in math and English Language Arts to ensure they are prepared for success after graduation.

    Who: Governor Markell

    Mark Murphy, Secretary, Department of Education

    Sarah Wessling, 2010 National Teacher of the Year

    Representatives from academia


  6. Barbara J. Finnan

    Although I read this article a couple of times, somehow I missed important facts: Who exactly were these enthusiastic teachers (teachers I know can’t remotely be described as enthusiastic), where was this, how did the attendees get an invitation, should it have said “educators” instead of “teachers since the description above says it includes superintendents, etc, and last but nt least, is there some valid reson that Albright didn’t answer newspaper’s basic qquestions: who, what when, where (and let’s add why)?


    • Barbara J. Finnan

      Typos that appear at the end of my submission are there because, for some reason, this page or my computer cuts off what I can view and correct. Sorry.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Come on Barb, Typos are welcomed here 🙂 I was blaming my on cataracts and now that I had eye them fixed I’ll have to dream up another excuse 🙂

      Barb, I think the event planners for the Common Core Love-fest hired Charter School of Wilmington to screen attendees and counsel out those without grit and vision.


    • Barb, it was at Dover Downs last night. I wonder how they will celebrate when legal cases come down for teachers suing school districts over their firing because students didn’t do well on standardized tests in states like Texas and Indiana where they dropped Common Core. Delaware should be an interesting state given how much the current government is pro common core. That will be an inferno!


  7. Barbara J. Finnan

    Check my comment on the blog before this one. I was just presuming that CC were “tougher” than the old standards, but maybe not. Has anyone really checked these things out in comparison to the old standards? It looks to me that a lot was scrapped and what is left was made more complicated, which doesn’t seem educationally sound. So our kids will know a lot about a few things (maybe) and nothing about physics until when exactly? If concepts are taught in ways that kids “get” them, kids can amazingly learn what they need to build on as they get older and into more advanced studies. I don’t have time or interest in really tearing into CC, but I think this is a big Wizard of Oz thing and somebody needs to rip down the curtain.


    • Greg MAZZOTTA

      BJF – several states did have a higher bar, specifically MA.

      The larger question is WHY did Arne Duncan lobby against the superintendent of Montgomery Cty. Schools as he was being considered for NYC School Chancellor. Montco is the highest performing school system and the 2010 Baldrige/Education recipient.

      Might this speak volumes as to extending conflict and stiff-arming continuous improvement?

      We will be presenting the 2013 Baldrige/Education recipient,
      Pewaukee (WI) S. D. in Wayne Pa, to share highlights of their journey towards Performance Excellence in education.