Times like this makes you ashamed to be an American! Re: Reginald Johnson

Dagsboro man settles Taser suit for $270,000 Sean O’Sullivan, Wilmington News Journal

A Dagsboro man has settled his civil lawsuit charging excessive force against the city of Seaford and a city police officer for $270,000.

The stipulation dropping the lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court last week.

The incident that was the focus of Reginald Johnson’s suit was captured on video and showed two Seaford officers – who apparently believed that Johnson was someone else – pulling over Johnson’s car, demanding he get out and without allowing Johnson much time to respond, shooting him with a Taser and roughly handcuffing him.

Moments later, after Johnson protests that he has done nothing wrong, two officers can be heard laughing and one joking about planting drugs in Johnson’s car.

I know police officers make mistakes from time to time but here they did BAD! The guy get’s pulled over for nothing not even a traffic violation! Can you imagine being pulled over thinking maybe you broke some traffic law and the police demand you to get out of the car “now” pulling on you! Wouldn’t you say what’s going on what did I do? And the last paragraph where the police were joking about planting drugs is his car!! OMG!! Just think they might have done that to someone else! Seriously our country is going to hell! 

2 responses to “Times like this makes you ashamed to be an American! Re: Reginald Johnson

  1. Relax. Those two officers are not Americans. They are followers of Sheriff Jeff Christopher, who think they are completely above American law because they have a metal star, and it is their duty to make up new law as they go along. That would make them Christofarians… sort of like Rastafarians, but with different haircuts.


  2. Barbara J. Finnan

    If you really want to be ashamed to be an American, read : Operation Paperclip – The Secret Intelligence Program That Brought Nazi Scientists to America, by Annie Jacobsen After that you may have as difficult a time with what was done, including to unknowing servicemen and American citizens as i have.