Obamacare! Insurance companies gets millions as 67% don’t pay preimums

Many Obamacare enrollees haven’t paid their premiums yet – why not? /CBS News May 1 ,2014

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said as much herself: “You are not fully enrolled [in Obamacare] until you pay your premium.” Yet data collected by the Republican-led House Energy and Commerce Committee shows that as of April 15, just 67 percent of enrollees in the federally-run Obamacare marketplace had paid their first month’s premiums.

There are a variety of factors that explain why more than 30 percent of enrollees have yet to pay. To begin with, it’s worth noting that millions of Americans waited until the final weeks and days of the open enrollment period (which closed on March 31) to sign up for Obamacare. Many were allowed to finish the enrollment process after March 31, due to the flexibility the Obama administration granted. Consequently, many Americans on the new marketplace simply didn’t owe any premiums by April 15.

“Americans are not in the habit of paying something earlier than they have to,” said Tim Jost, a consumer advocate and professor of health law at Washington and Lee University

I knew this would happen! And what’s sick is, insurance companies suspend insurance to customers until payment is made BUT insurance companies still get the monthly Obamacare Healthcare Credits. Example, if the cost of the monthly premium is $480.00 and the person incomes indicates a $200.00 month healthcare credit, that amount is sent by Uncle Sam to the insurance company and the insurance company bills the customer thee other $280.00.

Many people on a fixed incomes who are not at poverty level don’t receive medicaid or medicare live check to check and when it’s time to decided who get’s paid at the end of the month such as electric, car insurance, food, unforeseen car repairs and other incidentals, Obamacare premiums are most likely last on the list. Also, those with the Bronze Plan have a $5600.00 deductible and a $6300.00 out of pocket max. Those bills to doctors have to be paid on top the premium.

So be fair and go with 30% of the 67% just signed up and first month’s premium is due. Odds are 15% of that 30% won’t pay so make the 67%, 52% Still over 50% aren’t paying their premiums but insurance companies are still getting the healthcare credits sent to them. 

Once again insurance companies make out like bandits! 

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  1. Many Obamacare enrollees haven’t paid their premiums yet – why not?

    because the rent is too damn high!


  2. Pencadermom

    if people think the premiums are bad, wait until they actually go to the doctor and get slammed with some major bills. I’m still paying a couple different hospitals for bills I got the one year we had a plan with a high deductible. not sure why I even listened to my broker when he told me it was a great plan.. I should send him my bills! We switched back quickly but I think will be dropped by Himark in December and will be forced to get Obamacare (and a second job I guess) in December.
    Hey Kilroy, where did LastDel go? I’m doing pretty good not being on here 😛 but you know, you’re a hard habit to break.. was on a bit today, got my fix. lol.
    by the way, when I was talking a couple weeks ago about my husband asking what difference the comments made on a blog, he was talking about me personally, not about you. I do feel like you have made a difference, that’s why in my ‘goodbye’ I said thank you for what you do for kids… just wanted to make that clear. 🙂


    • kilroysdelaware

      My Republican friends all bitch about Obamacare but have no clue! Me. my Bronze Plan is $548.00 a month for me! $5600.00 deductible and $6300.00 max out of pocket per year.Another $340.00 I’ll be at the max. Cataracts was about $5100.00 out of my pocket and I am dealing with afib heart issues. And when I start drawing on my 401K I’ll lose the healthcare credit it’s been a real bitch! My heartless Republican friends and one that needs mommy’s $$$ to keep his school afloat rather see people lose their home and family to pay for healthcare with out government help. And Obamacare isn’t a joyous thing. I got it because I follow the law and thought about catastrophic event as in didn’t want my wife to lose everything because me. I worked many years paying my share and taking care for the poor and providing “cheap” heath insurance for my teacher friends. It sucks!

      What difference does it make commenting on blog? We what difference does it hosting a blog site like Kilroy’s. Not much but you get to interact with cool people and Publius whom I have no beefs with! We all have out views and opinions and somewhere in the middle is the truth. However, many legislators ,educators and concerned people view this blog and I know from legislators they hear and some of the consensus. I am not your typical christian but I believe we all must give something back! There are good things I’ve done in education and I learn from others. As for you and others certainly don’t let blogging / comments consume you as you have a family. Kilroy’s feeds over to Facebook and Twitter the other dram circles. the mainstream media feeds the minds to their agenda and blogs are the underworld and virtual kitchen table. When I was young adults in my community did gather at the kitchen table and on porches to talk and bitch about the events. Before all the way back there were taverns when men conspired to start the revolutionary war ! Also , “Tun Tavern was a tavern and brewery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which served as a founding or early meeting place for a number of notable groups. It is traditionally regarded as the site where what would become the United States Marine Corps held its first recruitment drive during the American Revolution.[1] It is also regarded as one of the “birthplaces of Masonic teachings in America”

      You can bet big brother visits here! My son’s ancestors were part of this. https://kilroysdelaware.wordpress.com/2011/11/12/richard-henry-lee-before-the-declaration-of-independence/

      Your opinions are always valued and many read them. I get tons of sidebar E-mails and do network with many outside this blog.


  3. That is odd, I just saw the insurance companies were reporting that 80-95% of enrollees were paid up? Where is this report coming from?

    OH. The House. The same people who tried to repeal Obamacare 50 time and wasted $75 million of our money according to CBS, pushing those pony show votes through…..

    Those guys… Well the truth is that up to 95% are paid off so you won’t have to worry….

    It appears the Republicans made the assumption that all payments had to be due by March 31, but the really were due yesterday…. We’ll see if the insurance companies or the Republican nuisances know best of the insurance companies business….

    Plus, I see they left off both Idaho and New Mexico to make the totals look worse!

    Bottom line: Relax and be skeptical of every thing coming from the House regarding Obamacare.


    • kilroysdelaware

      I agree but for many who couldn’t afford healthcare the added monthly premiums are a bitch! My healthcare went with getting laid off as George Bush was too busy fight wars and giving Pakistan billions for right of passage! I had a great paying job and voted for Obama the first go around and even Jack Markell. I believed in the change message but in the end I got F’ed! I’ll be 60 the end of this year and I am aged out in any professional career! The Delaware GOP is too far far right and are out of touch with middle American! Sure we want a more fiscally responsible government and damn don’t we want transparency! My ass has been fighting harder than anyone trying to deliver it re: education! The is no one ad on the side banner that I ask for money and I had offers! I don’t want it ! We all come into this world with empty pockets and we all leave with empty pockets! You can’t take it with you! I can make a list of positive things I’ve done but that don’t matter! As far as Obamacare, mark my words, the premiums are going up next year and those of us aged out of career and short of 65 re: medicare are going to pay big time! Why didn’t they just breakdown the state lines and allow health insurance be sold across state line re: competition and regulate healthcare from the federal level not state? Because with consolidation of insurance provides comes massive job loss! Why could people just buy into Medicaid and the government keeps the premiums? The reality is the biggest winners are the insurance companies and the losers are the people! Now we have the IRS looking in our electronic health records! If Obamacare falls at least the government maintains it’s real goal of medical records in which they “can” access anytime they want! Look at you new Delaware driver’s licences, remember keep a natural face when they take your picture! Why? Face recondition via a massive data base.This shit with schools and InBloom! More data collecting! Soon those veterans with PTS will be on list of not be able to own guns! Women with perimenopause and being treated for associated depression! No guns for them! Obamacare is more about crowd control when the day the people say enough!

      As far as those working with company provided healthcare! News flash! Your share re: premiums are going up as are the deductible. I wonder when my Republican legislative friends start paying full $$ on healthcare and why is the F are we giving state legislators and elected officials healthcare when they retire? They act as if they are war veterans! And god blessed the war veterans who are getting F’ed! I’ll start on the Democrats tomorrow!


    • You might want to read this before worrying. It’s another “skewed” report.


  4. Remember, Obama Care Legislation was drafted by Insurance Companies, Hospitals and Big Pharm. These stakeholders are not in the market to loose-only dump the costs onto Consumers. I Also seen a 50% rise in my premium with a $3500 Deductible-90/10 Co-Insurance. Just doing the math, if you are fairly healthy, pay the fine $100.00. Paying cash for Preventative Care seems like the plausible option. Only if you can live with Gambling that acute medical needs will arise. The Middle Class is being squeezed once again. Tri-Care, Medicaid or Medicare for the Working Class-Darn I wish the eligibility was 500% above the Poverty line. You’ve Just Got Punked.


    • Darn I wish the eligibility was 500% above the Poverty line.”

      You are onto something there. The path to reform is to make everyone eligible, and raise the subsidy to 100%. Then cut the insurance companies out. In other words, national health care. Or if you prefer, Medicare for all.