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NYC Grotesquerie: Moskowitz, Jeb Bush, Hedge funders and Blackwater USA Team Up to Raise Millions To Undermine de Blasio, Unions and Public Schools


Jeb Bush loves children and charter schools. Jeb Bush loves children and charter schools.

Members of the mega rich and politically powerful gathered together last night at Cipriani to distort the truth, bash unions, shower each other with praise and raise $ 7.75 million for education entrepreneur Eva Moskowitz and her ever expanding Success Academy empire. Indeed, Moskowitz who for weeks busied herself acting the helpless victim of evil Bill de Blasio ( while at the same time benefiting from a five million dollar anti de Blasio PR blitzkrieg ) announced that she intends to extend her empire in several ways. “ As of August, Success will have 32 schools and 9,000 students. Four years from now, Success plans to have 55 schools with 21,400 students, which, Moskowitz said, would make it the equivalent of the fifth largest district in New York State and half the size of the Washington, D.C. school system. “
Not only that…

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60 NJ H.S. Seniors breaks in school urinate and trashes school

60 Teens Arrested After Senior Pranksters Break Into New Jersey School, Urinate in Hallways By Brynn Gingras / 4 New York News

More than 60 New Jersey high school seniors were arrested early Thursday after they allegedly broke into their school for a class prank overnight, urinating in the hallways, flipping desks and greasing door handles, police say.

Police responded to a burglary alarm at Teaneck High School shortly before 2:30 a.m. When they arrived, several students tried to run away but officers found dozens of teens still there, some hiding, and significant damage throughout the school, according to Teaneck Police Sgt. John Garland.

Garland said officers found balloons throughout the building, flipped desks, petroleum jelly on doorknobs and urine in the hallways. Police also watched some of the alleged criminal activity on the closed-circuit security system as it was happening.

“I’ve been a police officer 19 years, and this is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen,” Garland said. 

Several of the students allegedly told police that it was all part of a senior class prank, he said.

“They’re learning the hard way that it’s not too funny,” Garland said.

I say no graduation and diplomas held until restitution is made and of course criminal charges!


Times like this makes you ashamed to be an American! Re: Reginald Johnson

Dagsboro man settles Taser suit for $270,000 Sean O’Sullivan, Wilmington News Journal

A Dagsboro man has settled his civil lawsuit charging excessive force against the city of Seaford and a city police officer for $270,000.

The stipulation dropping the lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court last week.

The incident that was the focus of Reginald Johnson’s suit was captured on video and showed two Seaford officers – who apparently believed that Johnson was someone else – pulling over Johnson’s car, demanding he get out and without allowing Johnson much time to respond, shooting him with a Taser and roughly handcuffing him.

Moments later, after Johnson protests that he has done nothing wrong, two officers can be heard laughing and one joking about planting drugs in Johnson’s car.

I know police officers make mistakes from time to time but here they did BAD! The guy get’s pulled over for nothing not even a traffic violation! Can you imagine being pulled over thinking maybe you broke some traffic law and the police demand you to get out of the car “now” pulling on you! Wouldn’t you say what’s going on what did I do? And the last paragraph where the police were joking about planting drugs is his car!! OMG!! Just think they might have done that to someone else! Seriously our country is going to hell! 

When it’s time (necessary) to put your dog to sleep (euthanize) please be with them to the end! Look at this!

Dog found alive six months after it was supposedly euthanized CBS NEWS April 30, 2014, 7:48 PM

FORT WORTH, Texas – A Texas family is accusing a veterinarian of keeping their dog imprisoned in a cage and using it for blood transfusions for six months after they thought their pet had been euthanized due to health problems.

The dog’s owner said she had given Dr. Lou Tierce of the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic in Forth Worth permission to euthanize her then 4-year-old Leonberger, Sid, last October because the veterinarian told her the dog had a degenerative health condition, CBS Dallas/Fort Worth reported.

But last week, Marian Harris heard from a former employee of the vet’s clinic, who told her Sid was still alive.

“The betrayal is so incredibly intense that nothing you have prepares you for the emotions,” Harris said. “There’s anger, there’s joy that you have your dog back, there’s betrayal of this intense trust. And so it’s just really hard to camp on one particular emotion.”

Painful as it is, you must stay with your dog or cat to the “end”. You owe them that for the years of love they gave you!  

Obamacare! Insurance companies gets millions as 67% don’t pay preimums

Many Obamacare enrollees haven’t paid their premiums yet – why not? /CBS News May 1 ,2014

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said as much herself: “You are not fully enrolled [in Obamacare] until you pay your premium.” Yet data collected by the Republican-led House Energy and Commerce Committee shows that as of April 15, just 67 percent of enrollees in the federally-run Obamacare marketplace had paid their first month’s premiums.

There are a variety of factors that explain why more than 30 percent of enrollees have yet to pay. To begin with, it’s worth noting that millions of Americans waited until the final weeks and days of the open enrollment period (which closed on March 31) to sign up for Obamacare. Many were allowed to finish the enrollment process after March 31, due to the flexibility the Obama administration granted. Consequently, many Americans on the new marketplace simply didn’t owe any premiums by April 15.

“Americans are not in the habit of paying something earlier than they have to,” said Tim Jost, a consumer advocate and professor of health law at Washington and Lee University

I knew this would happen! And what’s sick is, insurance companies suspend insurance to customers until payment is made BUT insurance companies still get the monthly Obamacare Healthcare Credits. Example, if the cost of the monthly premium is $480.00 and the person incomes indicates a $200.00 month healthcare credit, that amount is sent by Uncle Sam to the insurance company and the insurance company bills the customer thee other $280.00.

Many people on a fixed incomes who are not at poverty level don’t receive medicaid or medicare live check to check and when it’s time to decided who get’s paid at the end of the month such as electric, car insurance, food, unforeseen car repairs and other incidentals, Obamacare premiums are most likely last on the list. Also, those with the Bronze Plan have a $5600.00 deductible and a $6300.00 out of pocket max. Those bills to doctors have to be paid on top the premium.

So be fair and go with 30% of the 67% just signed up and first month’s premium is due. Odds are 15% of that 30% won’t pay so make the 67%, 52% Still over 50% aren’t paying their premiums but insurance companies are still getting the healthcare credits sent to them. 

Once again insurance companies make out like bandits! 

Violence hits Delaware School Bus! Racially motivated?

Arrests expected in Parkway Academy school bus assault. An apparent attack on a student attending an alternative school that was posted on Facebook has led to an investigation by Dover Police.

By Jeff Brown

Posted Apr. 30, 2014 @ 4:17 pm

Dover, Del.

Detectives with the Dover Police Department will be requesting arrest warrants in connection with an apparent attack on a student riding a school bus.

The incident came to light through a video posted on social media sites, said department spokesman Cpl. Mark Hoffman.

The attack, which Hoffman called a “brutal assault” took place the afternoon of April 29 aboard the bus, operated by Parkway Academy Central, Hoffman said.