*CODE RED* Parents of Delaware College Preparatory Academy! *CODE RED* #netde #edude

Delaware College Preparatory Academy

School Leader- Angela Dennis
 Board President- Yardise Jones
 Enrollment- 209
 Performance Frameworks
Academic- Does not Meet Standard
Financial- Does not Meet Standard
Organizational- Does Not Meet Standard
Renewal Year- 2016
 Increased concerns
Enrollment- DCPA did not make their 80% enrollment by April 1st, 2014.
Enrollment decreases continue to impact budget resources
FY12 and FY13 ended with an extremely slight balance
With no reserves and decreasing enrollment, FY14 is projected to end in a deficit
Long term financial viability is in question
Compliance with law
Public information on website not up to date (Board minutes, finances, etc.)
Consistent reminders regarding disciplinary procedures, IDEA regulations and compliance timelines

Delaware College Preparatory Academy
Path Forward

4/16- Board votes to place DCPA “under formal review for revocation of their

4/17- DCPA receives notice of formal review AND report outlining

 5/2- DCPA’s deadline to respond to formal review notice

 5/3- DCPA receives 30 day notice of public hearing

6/10- Public hearing

 6/18- Red Clay Consolidated School District Board Meeting

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  1. Whew, scared me there… At least it wasn’t a Code Blue…..