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Bad news for H.B.#23 re: recording school board meetings

Looks like Delaware’s future Attorney General Matt Denn is at it again blocking H.B. #23. Word has it H.B.#23 sponsor Rep Hudson is boxed in a corner! Denn and the Speaker of The House are tighter than a bug’s ass! H.B.#23 was introduced and sent to the House Education Committee on January 23, 2013, out of House Committee March 27, 2013 and placed on the House Ready List! There it sat and then pushed to House Appropriation Committee where it going to be buried. Finally after bitching in was reviewed and favorably released from House Appropriation on March 31, 2014 and put back on House Ready List. Word has it Lt. Matt Denn wants H.B.#23 on ice aka desk drawer veto! Rep Hudson sits in the corner intimidated like a scared mouse! The Delaware way! So how do you advocate for education and open transparency in Delaware? Drop to your knees ! Folks I did my best! We have the Delaware State Board of Education recording their meetings. We have Red Clay, Christina, Capital, Delmar, Brandywine and Colonial who voluntarily records their board meetings! I am sorry I didn’t get the job done as promised! And it’s sad to think Matt Denn will be our next AG. Very sad! Come June 30th once legislative session ends Kilroy will be moving into election 2014 mode! We honestly elected officials in office who takes transparency seriously.

Danger Will Robinson! Electronic card insurance cards!

147th General Assembly
House Bill # 258

Primary Sponsor:

B. Short

Additional Sponsor(s):    Sen. Bushweller


Reps. Baumbach, Hudson, J. Johnson, Q. Johnson, Keeley, Osienski, Paradee, D. Short, D.E. Williams

Introduced on :


Long Title:



This bill allows for the insurance cards in an electronic format to be used as proof of insurance. Using an electronic format would not act as consent to access other contents on the device, nor would it expand or restrict investigative or search authority. Law enforcement officers, justice of the peace, and other state officials are not liable for any damage to the device that is the result of the insured using it to present proof of insurance.

Current Status:

Out of Committee   On   04/02/14

Full text of Legislation: 

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Full text of Legislation:

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OK idea is a good one but! Would allow a police office to take you smart phone back to his patrol car?

a. Presentation of proof of insurance in electronic format shall not constitute consent for law enforcement, justice of the peace, or other state officials to access other contents of the cellular phone or other portable electronic device, and shall not expand or restrict authority to conduct a search or investigation.

b. Law enforcement officers, justice of the peace, and other state officials shall not be liable for any damage to a cellular phone or portable electronic device resulting from its use to present satisfactory proof of motor vehicle liability insurance coverage.

So now a driver reaches in their pocketbook or briefcase to retrieve their mobile device! If I were a patrol officer my hand would be on my 9 (don’t go their Kavips). One split-second could be error and somebody get’s shot! Yes many of us reach in our glove-box and a little case holding our registration and insurance card. But the police officer’s line of vision is much clearer! I just don’t like it! Honestly, how hard is to make sure you put your insurance card in the glove-box? A black smartphone in the palm of one’s hand at night can cause a little confusion! Not even the risk on one death is worth it! Also, we don’t need to add more stress the our police officer’s life! It’s hard enough just walking up a the driver’s window these days! What next electronic driver license?   


*CODE RED* Parents of Delaware College Preparatory Academy! *CODE RED* #netde #edude

Delaware College Preparatory Academy

School Leader- Angela Dennis
 Board President- Yardise Jones
 Enrollment- 209
 Performance Frameworks
Academic- Does not Meet Standard
Financial- Does not Meet Standard
Organizational- Does Not Meet Standard
Renewal Year- 2016
 Increased concerns
Enrollment- DCPA did not make their 80% enrollment by April 1st, 2014.
Enrollment decreases continue to impact budget resources
FY12 and FY13 ended with an extremely slight balance
With no reserves and decreasing enrollment, FY14 is projected to end in a deficit
Long term financial viability is in question
Compliance with law
Public information on website not up to date (Board minutes, finances, etc.)
Consistent reminders regarding disciplinary procedures, IDEA regulations and compliance timelines

Delaware College Preparatory Academy
Path Forward

4/16- Board votes to place DCPA “under formal review for revocation of their

4/17- DCPA receives notice of formal review AND report outlining

 5/2- DCPA’s deadline to respond to formal review notice

 5/3- DCPA receives 30 day notice of public hearing

6/10- Public hearing

 6/18- Red Clay Consolidated School District Board Meeting

Wilmington’s former mayor takes up ass-trumpet re: failure of traditional public schools

As our schools fail, so do we fail our childrenBy James M. Baker was mayor of Wilmington from 2001 to 2013.

In February, the White House introduced the “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative. The fact sheet revealed sobering statistics. Data shows that boys and young men of color, regardless of socioeconomic background, continue to be disproportionately at risk.

Former Mayor Baker’s takes data associated socioeconomics and spins it into public school teachers failures.

The impact of a failing public school system has taken its toll on the city and state, and our at-risk children continue to pay the price. The city has seen a 60 percent dropout rate for city students for years with very little improvement.

Notice he said, The city has seen a 60 percent dropout rate for city students for years with very little improvement.” How many traditional public high schools are in the city of Wilmington? NONE! Moyer charter school located in Wilmington had a 27.1% high school dropout rate highest in the state of Delaware. Positive Outcomes another charter school (not in the city) had 14.9% dropout rate and Campus Community charter school (not in the city) had 26.7% dropout rated. There are no other high schools in the state of Delaware with a two-digit high school dropout rate! All are charter schools. 

Here is the most recent Delaware High School Dropout RateThe overall annual high school dropout rate is 2.9% for all students combined. For African-American students, the dropout rate is 4.0% and for Whites 2.1%. I think this is where the former mayor dwells on (60%), 44.8% of all dropouts are African-American. BUT STOP the former mayor isn’t saying African-Americans, he is saying city students and references at-risk. As far as I see, the state report doesn’t breakdown to such an equation but it should. No one can argue African-American students represent the largest pool of at-risk students and poverty students. But make note of that 44.8%! It means 44.8% of all dropouts are African-American and do note 42.5% of dropouts are White and Hispanic 12.7%. The state’s data stinks and appears to be something Vermont would use! Former Mayor Bakers should join me in calling for a reporting system that breaks down the student cells data by race at the high school report level and in the case of the city where Wilmington is served by four school districts, the report should provided a combined report reflective of city student data.

Fourth-graders at Warner Elementary School on 801 W. 18th St. in Wilmington have proficiency rates of 41 percent in reading and 35 percent in math, compared to state averages of 72 percent and 70 percent respectively. Warner is 93.5 percent low income.

Fourth-graders at Shortlidge Elementary School on 100 W. 18th St. are 43 percent proficient in reading and 40 percent in math. Shortlidge is 93.3 percent low income.

And as mayor, what did you do to “empower” parents to take ownership our their public schools? NOTHING! Where were you at Red Clay school board meetings opposing the district taking class size wavier caps? NOWHERE! When did the mayor step up and demand no class size waivers for Wilmington’s Title 1 schools? Never! Warner’s failure goes right back to the mayor’s office! Right back to a weakened Wilmington NAACP! Yet fat ass white-boy Kilroy has been screaming about Warner’s cycle of failure for years! I don’t even live in the city yet I’ve raised concerns for years at a time Mayor Baker couldn’t even walk the shit he talked! 

So why are some lawmakers proposing legislation that will make it nearly impossible for new charter schools to open and well-performing charter schools to expand? This is both unbelievable and nonsensical. Considering the numbers cited above, would you deliberately work to impede the progress of charter schools?

New charter schools do not equate to better than traditional public schools and the three approved to open fall 2014-2015 failed to even fill 40% of the available seats. Mr. Former Mayor, it appears the mouth piece to your horn is attached to a horn the leads to the crack of your ass! New charters were offered city parents and they rejected them! Why? These three charter schools should of had enrollment to “capacity” with waiting-list. Why did they “FAIL” Mr. Mayor? WHY?

I support any method that gives our children the best education and best chance for a successful life. I genuinely believe that charter schools offer that opportunity.

Yea opportunity for gold-diggers hiding behind non-profits feeding of the backs of poor children. Are you looking for a slice of the $$$ pie? And let’s not forget, many believed you as mayor was going to make the city a safer place to live and learn. 

Legislators should be focusing on creating more high-quality education options, not limiting the growth of charter schools.

Wow are you suggesting a school voucher program for Wilmington’s at-risk students. 

The numbers tell the story – charter schools are making a difference for at-risk students in the city and district schools are not.

And the body-bags of young brothers tell the story of a failed mayor! Children will never win when one man can’t fess up to his own failures while covering for the failures of others. End the enrollment preferences charter schools are “rewarded” with and let’s compare apples to apples. However, data many charter schools do fail and now many can’t even get off the ground even after full approval.