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Christina board member John Young earned his wings for another board term! Vote John Young #netde #edude @ed_in_de

District “D” expires 2019 – Martin W. Nicholson (3/7/14)
John M. Young (3/6/14) **************Kilroy calls it for Young **********

It’s no big secret Christina board member John Young is a in your face kind of guy! Young has helped drive the board away from policies that led to federal civil rights action as a result of Jea Street’s complaint! Those policies were in place prior to John Young and few other board members being seated. Young and other board members began reviewing the complaint and took action. John Young is a proactive board member and sprinkled with big-time grit, capacity and courage!

When going to John Young with questions, you’ll get answers and engagement!

John Young and few other school board members in New Castle County Public schools broke the mold and understand they are “publicly elected officials” not subordinates of the district superintendents! Board members have an obligation to the community and must weight all sides! In the end John Young will do and does what’s best for students and their support network of school employees. Publius might call him a union guy but Young doesn’t hold back in expressing his concerns pro or con. He is open and fair not closed-minded and yep accessible to parents. He’ll throw his phone number out there even on blog post! And damn he’s not shy using his own name rather than hiding behind a fictitious name.

Vote John Young Tuesday May 13, 2014 Christina school board. Your call! You want a voice or a puppet-head with no vocal-cords! Only one choice here Vote with your voice by clicking that ballot-box “X” next to John Young’s name.

Rumor!! Colonial Board Race District G down to two contenders and Melodie Spotts is in to win it! #netde #edude

Update 7:42 p.m. Gary Bennett (3-4-14) – WITHDREW – (4-23-14) Official 

I can’t publish the name of the person dropping out of Colonial’s board race because the department of elections hasn’t made it official. However, I can tell you this, Melodie Spotts is in it to win it!  

Colonial voters, Melodie Spotts helped convince other Colonial board members to record the public sessions of the board meetings and post online for all to hear.  2013-2014 Board Meeting Recordings: Publius might tell you this is no big deal but it is. Now the public can hear word for word of public sessions of board meetings. Melodie Spotts worked very hard to make this happen. There is pending legislation in Dover, House Bill #23 sponsored by state Rep. Hudson. However, it appears she backed-down fighting for it. This legislation would require all traditional public school boards, voctech school boards and charter school boards to record the public session of their meetings. Red Clay, Christina, Capital, Brandywine, Delmar and Colonial record their meetings “voluntarily”! Yep “VOLUNTARILY” The board members of these district heard the call for transparency and Melodie Spotts stepped up! Spotts didn’t wait on legislation and legislation being held hostage and apparently abandonment by it’s sponsor. Spotts knows the public is sick and tired of being left in the dark like mushroom only to have access to vague printed board meetings!

 Melodie A. Spotts.jpg

Melodie Spotts is the only Colonial mom on the school board and mom’s need a voice when it comes to their children and school. 

Mark your calendar for Tuesday May 13, 2014 and vote for Melodie Spotts! 

Forget about Beau Biden’s health and take a look at Uncle Frank Biden

Frank Biden, brother of VP, in Tallahassee to advocate for charter schools by George Bennett | March 4th, 2014

TALLAHASSEE — Among the notables spotted in the Capitol today: Frank Biden, the Ocean Ridge resident whose brother,Joe Biden, is vice president of the United States.

Frank Biden is president of the Mavericks High School in West Palm Beach and director of the Florida Charter School Alliance.

“I’m a charter school advocate and a choice advocate and have a lot of friends up here. It’s always fun to be at opening day. I’m a fan of the political process,” Biden said while standing outside the House chamber before Gov. Rick Scott‘s State of the State speech.

“We are embarking on another year where we want to make sure that the voices of parents and kids in charter schools, public charter schools, are heard. And there’s a great bipartisan flavor around this issue that we want to continue to encourage.” Biden said.

And this !

(Joe’s Brother) Frank Biden “Plans to Save the Country”

Frank Biden plans to save the country, one student at a time. With the dropout rates in the state of Florida and in the entire nation reaching alarming levels, the brother of US Vice President Joe Biden is dedicated to eradicate eradicating the silent epidemic by serving as the President and Director for Business Development for Mavericks in Education.

And over two years ago Kilroy provided this:

WTF !!! Joe Biden’s brother Frank heads a charter school chain in Florida Posted on  by kilroysdelaware