If Matt Denn can’t stand-up to Jack Markell how can he fight crime in Delaware as AG

Matt Denn enters Attorney General race by Jonathan Starkey, The News Journal

Lt. Gov. Matt Denn has filed to seek the Attorney General’s office just days after Beau Biden said he would skip a third term to focus on a campaign for the governor’s office in 2016.

Denn said on Thursday after Biden’s announcement that he would give consideration to an attorney general campaign. He made it official Monday, filing with the state elections commissioner and releasing a statement on his website.

So running for AG is a matter of politics not heart for Denn! If Denn’s heart was in wanting to be AG he should have been willing to primary Beau Biden if Beau were to run for another term as AG. After all, Biden was prepared to primary Denn for governor in 2016.

What cracks me up is, Denn wants to lead the charge in fighting crime in Delaware yet he is Governor Markell’s Race to The Top, Common Core and Smarter Balanced Assessment cheerleader! Denn doesn’t call for state audits of a suspicious land transaction with Moyer charter schools and some odd:





Transaction with Markell’s old Mckinsey / Chicago Booth buddies. Denn was independently elected as Lt. Governor. Yet he acts like a loyal Vice President to Governor Markell. Yea yea Denn as AG is going to fight to protect kids. All AG’s have done that going way back to Jane Brady’s Safe and Sound Schools. Denn wants to hide behind kids and yet he allows Jack Markell to re-engineer public education to increase the flow of profits going to Wall Street and the Bush family.    

Markell is capitalizing on education sowing seeds for life after governorship and if Denn can’t see this immoral social crime no way should Denn be AG. Matt Denn’s cup of tea is Insurance Commissioner and that’s where is belongs.

But as I have thought about it and talked it over with my family, I’ve realized that the Attorney General’s office would allow me to take a leadership role on some issues that are critical to our state, while still staying involved in the issues involving Delaware’s children that have been the core of my work over the last six years.”

Yet a no show during Red Clay’s Special Ed and ELL inclusion agenda which threatened the integrity of the IEP process and pushed ELL students out of Conrad because ELL students were a drag on Conrad’s AYP. Denn supported legislation that take funding from traditional public schools and move it to charter schools. Denn supports a discriminatory charter school admission preference. 

Denn, 48, was a lawyer for Gov. Ruth Ann Minner

So what does he know about those Minner land deals?

Jennings, who is well known and respected in political circles and the criminal justice community, said in a Friday interview that she is seriously weighing a run.

“I’ve been approached by several people, both inside and outside law enforcement, in the wake of (Biden’s) decision urging me to run…I care deeply for the mission of the Attorney General’s office and the people who work there every day. For all of those reasons, I am carefully considering my options,” Jennings said.

OMG it’s a non brainer State Prosecutor Kathy Jennings should be AG over Matt Denn! SHE HAS COURTROOM EXPERIENCE fighting crime!  The only person out there that could possibly be her is Ferris Wharton!

Electing Matt Denn as Attorney General would be rewarding him for failing to confront Jack Markell on a destructive education reform policy that harms students, parents, the community and educators. Denn says NOTHING about Delaware Secretary of Education Murphy joining ranks with Jeb Bush’s Chief for Change organization.  Matt Denn hides in the corner after supporting Speaker of The House hijacking of House Bill #23! Denn apparently doesn’t want the public to hear recordings of school board meetings because charter schools want to operate like corporation yet the want public money because they are public schools. 

PLEASE KATHY JENNINGS RUN FOR AG. Keep protecting our children and adults! If Ferris Wharton runs against Jennings at least it would be a battle between two professional with experience and far far far more that what Denn has to offer.

Matt man-up and get your head out of Markell’s ass and run for “governor”. If you don’t help stop the crimes against public education, students, parents, teacher and the taxpayers you helped fuel by supporting Markell you’re not fit to serve in the judicial system! Finish the job and promise of open and transparent government! We’re not going to reward you for standing by Jack Markell!    


13 responses to “If Matt Denn can’t stand-up to Jack Markell how can he fight crime in Delaware as AG

  1. Ugh. This state is seriously f*ed up. Gee, I can’t beat Beau, so I guess I’ll try for the consolation prize. Lame.


  2. It’s going to take another 15 years till the Delaware government has purged itself of Minner minions till I feel comfortable voting


  3. I will vote for Denn for anything he runs for, anytime.


    • no matter his stated positions?


    • He is an advocate for children and also fights for fairness in small business and in insurance. If I am correct, then yes, I will vote for him in anything he runs for, anytime. If I am not, then please enlighten me. 🙂


    • he is a fierce advocate for children. He also makes policy using competitive grants, which is not helpful to all kids as it creates winners and losers.

      Beau is a forceful advocate for kids too.

      My point was that if he stated a policy you didn’t like would you vote for him no matter what, which is what your original post seemed to say.


    • lastDEconservative

      C’mon mom, obviously your Kilroy vacation was too short.

      – Should a “fierce advocate,” IN A POWERFUL POSITION, have something to show for many years in said position? It sure isn’t schools, where almost all of our children suffer daily, meaningless and made up statistics notwithstanding.
      – Fairness in small business? Not mine. I’m sorry to hear it if you managed to get on the teat, insofar as the unfairness is that there are never enough govt giveaways to give something away to everyone (another “winners and losers” as JY mentions).
      – Insurance? You’re deep into then Yellow Tail at midnight, eh? Any idea how many long employed BCBSDE employees have been terminated since he and Glamour Shot fed them to HighMark under the false pretense of protection from exactly that? And how many more are on the block now? And about those rates for worker’s comp.

      God forbid a (small c) conservative, limited government, laissez faire candidate would come along here in the People’s Republic, but if one did, I would hope for the sake of those to whom you are mom you would not vote for another destructive progressive to sit in the mansion, tax, spend, tax more, buy votes through constituencies, and perpetuate the myths.


    • good Lord, who is for small business?? Everyone says they are but it feels like no one.


    • lastDEconservative

      ” … good Lord, who is for small business??”

      “They” all are … as a source of income, period.


  4. Just more of the musical chairs that is the Delaware democrat way. Minner, Markel, Carper, Denn, Biden, Coons. Just wait til Markel runs for Senator when Carper steps down. Maybe Mr. Clark will get a hold of the governorship and set his wife up as attorney general. Tom Gordon will run for State Rep when Carney decides he wants to be Senator and Challenge Beau who will run for Senator in few years after Beau’s stint as Governor.

    Can you hear the kumbaya of all the State employees for more of the status quo?

    Do you see any effective reform and efficiency improvements for Delaware with that bench? Just more taxes and spending. We’ll have to spend and tax more to see if we can get more taxes and more spending. Budget austerity anyone? Nah, the serfs will keep voting the players in and wonder why they can’t afford Bread.


  5. Shame Jennings isn’t running. We need more like her – a hot piece!


  6. Hahahahaha- I’m sure pubic will be online shortly for you to trade wits with