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Vote Michael J Piccio for Red Clay School Board May 13, 2014 #netde #edude

To me honest I had my reservations about Michael Piccio being on Red Clay’s school board. He seemed a bit reserved. However, during the issues in regards to the district inclusion agenda he demonstrated independent thinking. It appears he struggled with the decision which is a good sign! He showed a sense of respect and loyalty towards Merv but at the end of the day he heard the voice of the concerned community. Being a school board member isn’t about supporting the district write or wrong so that the public doesn’t think there is contention within the power-base. That’s how some of the former old guard board members operated. School board members are independently elected public officials. School superintendents serve at the pleasure of the board. We don’t want school boards micromanaging superintendents but also, we don’t want superintendents micromanaging school boards. I’ll tell you one thing, if I were a board member being chastised by the XO I’d have his ass before a court marital board. So, Piccio went from a greenhorn feeling his way through the dark of being a board member with some others holding the flashlight to a member carrying his own flashlight! He earned my vote and I hope your’s

During the inclusion controversy I did reach out to Piccio’s opponent Cini requesting his position on the issue. I did get a response that he was traveling and would get back to me. Well that never happen and I didn’t see public engagement on his part weighing in on the issue. Perhaps he was happy with the direction the board was going and with Piccio’s engagement! So why stand-up and show support rewarding his opponent? But I don’t know if that was Cini’s intentions. 

The real question is, is Michael Piccio learning how to be a independent thinking board member? I say yes! Is he approachable? Certainly! Also, he has children in Red Clay schools! So he is dealing with many of the changing issues in education firsthand. We do need to maintain a board with a balance of members with children in school and that doesn’t mean I oppose board members who do not! I did say balanced. Piccio took part in something historical in Red Clay which was the public’s intense engagement on the inclusion issue. This ups-the-stakes for being a board member in-which now they really have to think hard on their decisions. Taking back local control of school districts will be expanding as failures of central control from Dover and Washington collapses. Murphy’s upcoming rumored departure will fan the flames for greater local control! Surely Piccio and other board members sense this empowerment movement coming from the community. Right now it’s very important to keep this current board intact! Yea even with Ms. F Lee Bailey :).         

So mark your calendars for May 13, 2014 and get out and vote for Michael J Piccio. 

Stay tune for other posts on other school district board elections.

Where is the disconnect between Delaware legislators and the need to fire Sec of Ed Murphy? Re: Charter school application process.

State approves four charters, rejects one Matthew Albright, The News Journal

At the same time as it opened the door to new charters, the state put two schools already approved to open this fall on notice for low enrollment numbers.

Academia Antonia Alonso had only 107 students fully signed up by Thursday, or only 36 percent of its planned enrollment. Delaware MET had only 93 students fully signed up, or about 34 percent of planned enrollment.

That puts them on shaky financial ground.

Murphy and the board placed both schools on formal review, which will spur the accountability committee to scrutinize them. Formal review could lead to a revocation of a school’s charter or corrective actions, but Thursday’s vote was only a first step in the process.

“We are aware of the many effects this could have on a lot of people,” said Jennifer Nagourney, head of the state’s charter school office. “We are trying to takes steps as far in advance as possible.”

Dear State of Delaware Legislators, change the FUCKING LAW! These two charter schools failed to meet the objective of “their” world-class charter school applications before their doors opened!  Law should read, if approved charter school fails to meet at least 80% of their “promised” enrollment by April 1 prior to DE DOE approved opening, the approved charter application is null and void! No need for formal review! 36% and 34% of projected enrollment 5 months prior to first day of school??????? WTF ???????. Ms. Charter Jenny in the real working-world “trying” isn’t good enough! People get fired for their failures! Sec of Ed Murphy was responsible for this new charter school framework and he should have the common sense to see the law needs to be adjusted as not to allow for the formal review process for such failure.

Murphy rejected an application from Pike Creek Charter School, saying he agreed with the state’s Charter School Accountability Committee that the school was not on solid financial footing.

Bullshit! It is was rejected because State Representative Mike Ramone owns the building to be leased to Pike Creek Charter. But I’ll admit one of the school leaders has a major ego problem! At best the lease shit should have been written in that the school would buy the building by the end of the third year of operations at current market price at year-one. That way all $$ card were on the table. Also, Ramone would not be permitted to vote on any legislation pertaining to charter schools. I don’t mean to be so hard on Ramone as we all know the connection going into Pike Creek’s application. Very few people know about Senator Dave Sokola being on the first board of directors for Newark Charter and yep Representative Debbie Hudson on Pencader’s board and more to follow on that love affair at a later date. Also, I believe former stat representative Stephanie Ulbrich was a former board member of Newark Charter when she was in office.    

The four charter school proposals approved by Secretary of Education Mark Murphy and the State Board of Education are: Freire Charter School, Delaware STEM Academy, Great Oaks Charter School and the Mapleton Charter School at Whitehall.

All of them are set to open in Fall 2015 except for Whitehall, which would open in 2016, and all are in New Castle County.

“The charters that we are recommending for approval today represent a geographic diversity of locations – two schools in Wilmington, one in southern New Castle County and one in [Appoquinimink],” Murphy said. “They are providing unique instructional models that are not currently available to students.”

“Geographic diversity of location” ? Does that make a different to the negative impact on traditional public schools raised in the concerned letter of 20 state legislators? Murphy is bias to the charter school agenda built into the fabrics of Rodel and The Vision Network his former employer. Fearless Fly needs to go back into his matchbox! WTF is with “unique instructional models that are not currently available to students”? Why can’t traditional public schools provide this uniqueness whereas if you don’t meet social behavioral or minimum academic standards you can be counseled-out or asked to leave. Also, with the Common Core Standards in-which all schools must align their curriculum driven by common best practices how more unique are these unproven charter schools. Didn’t I hear Race to The Top is working or is the working part more charters? At least Freire has a proven “working” model. Murphy is like the fox trying to cover his scent but rubbing a rabbit on his ass! (sorry for making you spill your coffee Kavips :)). Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% for choice school and wise enough to know magnet school and voctech have their little quirks. The problem with charter schools is the discriminatory provisions written in the Delaware charter school law by the anti-desegregation KKK prospects that hide in the shadows. Add hand-picked bias clueless puppets you end up with the mess our charter schools are in! The charter schools failing to meet required enrollment thought they could yell “charter” and parents will come running like it’s a free meal at the Green Room. Obviously with these rather unbelievable failures, “charter” doesn’t necessarily mean better! Charters do mirror traditional public schools because they both have failures and successes! Murphy claims to be for the interest of the children but yet he wants great charter schools and those no so great can fail and close. Murphy seems not to understand the emotional aspects impacting parents and students when a charter school is ordered closed. Charter schools that can’t meet their promise enrollment prior to opening is clue-one failure is around the corner. Why allow these failed charter plans go forward and just spare the emotional trauma parents and children will face? We should not roll the dice and give failed “approved” application CPR.  Murphy’s vision is clouded because of politics and honestly, lack of real world experience. Three years as a gym teacher who has never written a lesson plan on core subject matter and implemented it personally as a teacher and with two years as a building administrator being qualified as Delaware Secretary of Education? Come on state legislators! Qualifications should be 10 years of teaching “and” at least 5 years in building level hands-on administration no less than principal. PLEASE fix this state legislators! (Not you Debbie! Please don’t touch something you don’t have the grit to follow through).

Also Thursday, state officials approved New Moyer Academy’s request to shrink its enrollment targets by about half, from 455 students to 265 next school year.

The Board had rejected a proposal last year because of concerns over financial sustainability and ownership of the school building. Since then, Moyer’s board purchased the school.

Moyer is still out of compliance with its charter over a separate curriculum issue. Department officials say they’ve been working with Moyer over the problem and expect the school to submit a fix soon.

Here again Red Flags jammed up state legislators asses with the stick coming out their mouths! Where is the state auditor? The reason Moyer is getting a buy is to cover Jack Markell’s bud’s ass! Notice the the “NEW” in Moyer Academy! Those enrollment promises were part of the “New” Moyer Academy’s charter application two years ago! Did DE DOE publish the Spec Ed full audit? NO! Did the state board see it? NO and if they did nothing was documented on their agenda! Folks nothing but another Murphy failure!

Design Lab Charter High School, another charter set to open in the fall, was also scheduled to face possible review, but the department took it off the board’s agenda. Design Lab officials have asked the state to allow it to open a year later.

So this is how your circumvent a formal review?

Delaware MET could also choose to ask for a delay, but Academia has already received one and cannot request another.

My God! Academia trips a second time out of the starting blocks! How is the hell is that possible with the charter school guru on the board? Well what do you expect from someone who sees school boards as a game of $$$ musical chairs! Publius please pour guru a glass of Maker’s Mark 46 and FYI guru likes me more than you! Ask him and watch him smile as his eyebrows touch :). Hey guru, it’s OK Edison screwed up a few times before perfecting his inventions. Publius, a little tip my friend! Please start bringing a different book with you to Dover. People are thinking you are a slow reader :). Yea yea go ahead and say it, At least you can read! Cheap shot in advance :). FYI don’t forget you own me dinner at Walter’s. 

State legislators honestly, fix the charter school law to null and void approved charters who fail to meet enrollment goals on April 1 prior to initial opening day in the falling fall. Seriously it will be a motivator for them to work harder on recruitment and limit charter who are not ready whereas they get approval and knowingly will ask for a year extension. They call it getting their foot in the door! And please please be more wiser when approving Murphy replacement coming from Sacramento!   

Delaware legislators wants to prohibit schools from opening prior to Labor Day so state senator can capitalize on cheap summer labor

Task force looks at opt-out approach to post Labor Day school opening By Sean Carlson / Delaware Public Media

Members of a state task force looking into pushing back the start of Delaware’s public school year until after Labor Day took notes from another state today.

Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association governmental affairs director Kristian Havard joined a Dover meeting of the task force by phone. She outlined the Commonwealth’s success with starting school after Labor Day, which it’s done for more than 20 years.

Havard told the group by phone the Commonwealth experienced few drawbacks and many benefits to pushing back the start date. She noted nthat more than $300 million of economic activity annually takes place in the late summer due to tourism-related businesses staying open with high school aged employees with a negligible change in standardized test scores.

Still, school administrators and PTA members have raised concerns about how the change may affect students in Delaware. One member of the task force noted that Delaware adopted federal Common Core standards while Virginia has not, which makes comparison difficult.

Virginia law allows schools to opt out of the late start, a caveat that drew interest from some school administrators on the task force who have raised concerns about adopting the policy in Delaware.

Delaware Tourism Director Linda Parkowski, who heads the task force, says duplicating that waiver system may offer a way to garner more support for a post-Labor Day start to school in Delaware

“We certainly want to explore that possibility, and look at the systems that are in place and best practices from the states that are already doing something like that. And then it would be up to this group to decide if that’s something they want to recommend.” said Parkowski.

Representative Stephen Smyk (R-Milton), a member of the task force, says he is glad to see vigorous debate over the issue.

“This was a good discussion today, because instead of people just bringing up just their particular needs from their experiences in life, we were able to see this a large, multifaceted prospect,” said Smyk. “There are many gears to this and all these gears have to fit together, we have to have their teeth grinding together so we can get this whole clock working.”

The task force will vote on its recommendations to the General Assembly at its next meeting on May 21.

“One member of the task force noted that Delaware adopted federal Common Core standards”. No such thing as “federal Common Core standards”. A consortium of states created and adopted the standards.

Clearly this legislation is an infringement of  school district and charter school local control! Perhaps these capitalistic legislators supporting further intrusion of local control need to support legislation requiring 100% state funding of operational and capital needs of traditional and charter public schools.

FYI House vote on SCR #22 was by “voice” COWARDS SHOW YOUR FACE! Why was Senator Hocker permitted to vote! Isn’t there laws about conflict of interest! Well we’ll be watching to see if this bullshit advances to another vote need to make it law!

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