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Message to Mr. Pencadermom re: commenting on blogs

Pencadermom, on April 13, 2014 at 10:19 pm said:

This blog has been interesting and I’ve learned a lot about how our education system works (and doesn’t work) but it takes up time I should be working. I’m pretty sure it makes my bp go up a little and I’m burnt out. My husband ask me what is the point of commenting on a blog anyway. If I want to make a difference in a kids life or help them, spending time on here certainly isn’t going to make that happen. He’s right and I’m taking a break. Just wanted to say bye.

Dear Mr. Pencadermom,

In deed blogs and commenting on blogs seem like the dog is chasing his tail. No doubt every parent who visits Kilroy’s are 100% engaged in their child’s education. Then there is the sometimes thankless job of being a PTA member. Over the year I’ve serve as PTA President of my son school, many Red Clay committees, state committee, many seminars and conventions. The sad part of many of these committees and even seminars and committees they are scripted to one side. One thing I hate is the so-called town hall meeting when participants are required to write down their questions and hand it in and hope they’ll be called on. Blogs are like virtual kitchen tables, very spontaneous. Yep and there is the name calling drama Publius enjoys! But Publius is welcome at this table. Yep and it get’s old and people need a break. However, blogs represents a place were people can freely debate and in debate truth does emerge. At time all sides steps back and might learn something from each other. There are many people who check in on blogs where some won’t comment and as you see from time to time brave legislators drop-by. Some call bloggers the trash men of the blogoshere but somebody has to take the trash out :). But do note, there are folks who read through the blog bullshit and hear the concerns and take them serious. The traditional school vs charter debate will go on. However, the real concern is the ever expanding public school reform where each time a new idea / agenda comes along we see expansion of administration, consultants and the need to rewrite the standards and of course need new textbooks to match. Keeping this agenda in check is for the kids and for parents.

 Publius e decere, on April 14, 2014 at 12:11 am said: Edit Comment

Pencadermom,Thanks for being here. I understand your need for a break. I have felt the same. You’ll be back, but take the well-deserved break.

Yes buddy it is very time consuming and distracts from other things in life. I am sure you are here because blogs are the only place we all can hash it out. I don’t see bad people on either side of the debate. I see people with different perspective and yes moral values. There are many time I don’t enjoy blogging and even today I thought about hitting the delete button. Believe it or not is was my son way back in 3rd grade (1995) came home with a letter asking for parents help with Title 1 concerns. I thought Red Clay’s Title 1 program was in trouble and was going to lose funding. My son was being served by Title 1. I went to the meeting and entered a room with about 10 people sitting around a conference table. They said, welcome aboard! I was speechless as I just joined the Red Clay district Title 1 Parent Advisory Council. I was in deep an invested myself and expanded involvement from there. About five years later I looked at my son and said, “baby Kilroy (no his name of course) I think I am call it quits! I don’t think I can make a difference.” Baby Kilroy’s response was, “dad you do make a difference and people are counting on you.” I was like, WOW! Baby Kilroy tagged along to many events with me and saw my involvement. Onetime we were at an event AG Jane Brady hosted where people went up to the microphone and made comments and suggestions! I did and when I came back to my seat Baby Kilory was pissed! He said, “you didn’t say what I would have said.” I told him get, “up there and say your self.” He did!

Parents can be good and bad roll-models (jury still out on Kilroy). However, I feel we must stand up and question reform so laced with political agendas and yes poke them in the eye if need be! Comments here does do that but offers the many “legislators” who visit here and other blogs “raw” opinions and concerns. Many don’t dare comment because they’ll get eaten alive live. I do sidebar many people who don’t comment here. My blogs posts are pushed out to Facebook and Twitter. But yes in deed people do need a break from this headbanging! Pencadermom is valued here just as OMG do I have to say Publius! I am sure she’ll be back commenting after Jerry Springer goes into reruns :). But for real Pencadermom thanks and take a break! Start now by no commenting to this post 🙂


Thanks for showing your bias. At least we know where you stand, “big tent” notwithstanding. Tell your muse Pandora that charter schools and choice are the Jeffersonian local control that everyone on here keeps blustering about. Just take off your parochial hats and you’ll see it. Or better yet, apply it to your own kids and you’ll get it right away.

Embrace it.


Now back to you! I got something for you to “embrace”! Publius explain why there are three charter schools set to open fall 2014 that can’t even enroll 100 students! One of those charter has the godfather of the charter school law ( well the one who wrote it in the shadows) on their board! And his better half associated with a well know charter school related organization! Making a pretty good $$$ living off of charter schools wouldn’t you say! FYI you DO NOT want to mess with Pandora! Your esquire friend couldn’t handle her and no way in hell would you. 

Building another Titanic doesn’t solved the problem! You”ll see after the state board of education’s meeting this week! I am sure you’ll be there pretending to be reading your book like always. I have no problem with you coming here getting salty! I know in the scope of things you aren’t on the A Team and Markell only loves your political donations, not you!  You are good man but don’t let your ego be ruled by you social status. Compassion is a blessed gift so repent!