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Moyer Academy to implement jail house discipline

The New Maurice J. Moyer Academy
Board of Directors’ Meeting
Student Cafeteria Main Building
Tuesday, February 25, 2014
6:00 PM – 7:15 PM

b. Assistant Principal’s Report – overview of school progress and area of improvement in discipline, transportation, athletics as well as culture and climate.
i. Suggested Saturday detention from 8-11 am – after brief discussion, the Board recommended instituting a Three (3) Strikes Policy in addition to the current “Zero Tolerance Policy” of immediate expulsion for such things as fighting, drugs and weapons; the Three Strikes Policy would result in an immediate 5-day suspension for belligerent behavior such as, use of profanity, willing defiance, disrespect to staff, etc., and after three repeated infractions, scholars will be expelled.
1. The board voted unanimously to accept this recommendation with parent notification.

Assault, drugs and guns = no calling police but expulsion? Does this mean feeder schools won’t have to take these students back? I am sure they’ll use the good old standby counseling out so feeder schools won’t know about the crimes!   


Breaking news! Arne Duncan walks on water! Coming to Delaware to save Governor Markell


Wake up Dover! Stop common core by stopping the Smarter Balanced Assessment

In Testimony, Arne Duncan Continues to Distance Himself From Common Core By Michele McNeil on April 8, 2014 3:54 PM / Education Week

In a hearing before a House appropriations subcommittee Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan defended the competitive grants built into his fiscal 2015 budget request, gave no substantive details about a proposed Race to the Top for equity contest, and continued to distance himself from the Common Core State Standards.

“I’m just a big proponent of high standards. Whether they’re common or not is secondary,” he told members of the House appropriations subcommittee that works on health, education, and other related issues.

Duncan also maintained that there are “zero” federal grants tied to the common core, after being pressed by members, including Rep. Martha Roby, R-Ala., who has filed legislation to prohibit the federal government from trying to encourage states via grants or waivers to adopt certain standards. (Note I clarified Roby’s position, as she’s not explictly anti-common-core, just against the federal government getting involved in such things.) Duncan pointed out that in instances where U.S. Department of Education programs such as No Child Left Behind Act waivers are tied to common standards, they include a back-up option for non-common-core states: getting universities to approve the standards as college-ready. (Virginia has a waiver, but has not adopted the common core.)

But when it comes to competitive grants, the answer is more complicated than “zero.” The administration’s original $4 billion Race to the Top program awarded 40 points to states for developing and adopting common standards. All 12 of those winners have adopted the standards, and have not backed off. 

Yep 40 points for adopting common standards and Delaware was on board with Judas mixing the Kool-Aid.

Rep. Steve Womack, R-Ark., wondered “how a competitive program actually addresses equity? … [It] creates winners and losers in public education.” Duncan, however, stressed throughout the hearing that carving out small chunks of money to push states to become models for others is a very fruitful use of federal tax dollars.

This guy has no ass behind his talk! Another republican waving a big stick for show an tell.

Mark my words Delaware Legislators, when Obama and Markell are out of office public education is going to implode because this over ambitious round of reform is not financially sustainable at the local level. Now Markell wants to start a program which students can earn manufacturing certificates to assemble wiglets in Delaware where the economy has shifted from manufacturing to service based. Markell keeps pulling wrongheaded agendas out of his ass and then expects local taxpayers to fund them after the first-year state seed money is exhausted.

Delaware legislators, get your heads out of your asses and say no to The Smarter Balanced Assessment. Markell needs $10 million dollars to replace the DCAS data base system. Insane!  

Delaware Governor Markell fesses-up! Needs 10 million dollars to fix broken education data system

Del. officials review Race to the Top progress MONDAY APR 07, 2014  |  RANDALL CHASE FOR THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Markell said that with a new data collection system and new state student assessment already in place, the cost of sustaining the state’s Race to the Top efforts will be less than the $10 million spent upfront to build the data system alone.