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New York state has new teacher union prez ready to fight Common Core! Also NYSUT withdrew support for Common Core!

Harrison union’s Karen Magee is new NYSUT president Gary Stern, TJN 11:18 p.m. EDT April 6, 2014

Karen Magee, the longtime head of the Harrison teachers union, has been elected president of the New York State United Teachers, the often powerful, 600,000-member statewide union.

She unseated Richard Iannuzzi, who served since 2005 and led NYSUT through a tumultuous period of educational change in New York.

“It feels wonderful and empowering,” Magee said Sunday. “My ultimate goal is to make sure teachers are respected again as professionals and that NYSUT is respected again as the great labor organization it is.”

Some 3,000 delegates representing 1,200 local unions voted Saturday at New York State United Teachers’ 42nd annual “representative assembly” at the New York Hilton Midtown in Manhattan. The results were announced Sunday.

A self-described “militant,” Magee has been harshly critical of New York’s education reforms and Iannuzzi’s response to them. She wants to see New York throw out its new teacher- and principal-evaluation system, which she calls beyond repair. Magee says she wants to convince Cuomo that the system is inaccurate. The governor, oddly enough, said for the first time Tuesday that the system needs to be reviewed because it may be unfair to use student test scores to calculate some teachers’ grades.

Delegates approved the no-confidence position on Saturday. They also withdrew NYSUT’s support for the Common Core Standards as they have been implemented in New York and supported the rights of parents to not have their children take high-stakes tests.

Teacher confronts student with pot and tried to restrain student now suspended from teaching

Teacher on leave after fight with student caught on video

CBS Los Angeles reports witnesses said the incident unfolded because the student was openly holding a bag of marijuana.

When the teacher, who students identified as science teacher Mark Black, tried to confiscate it, the student got physical, reports the station.

According to the station, there has been an outpouring of support for Black on social media. Many argue it was clear that Black was defending himself. Some said Lyon acted hastily in placing him on leave and called for the superintendent to resign.

“The coach has the entire community behind him. I think an investigation should be done before anyone rushes to judgment,” parent Michelle Cardel said, according to the station.

On Saturday evening, Lyon sent CBS Los Angeles an email explaining her decision to put Black on leave.

She wrote, “I want to emphasize that placing the teacher who was involved in this incident, on leave pending completion of an investigation is a matter of standard policy and practice. It in no way prejudices the outcome of the investigation. No decision has been made, nor will any decision be made, before gathering and reviewing all the information.”

This appears to be the video I located on another source 

Other reports indicate teacher tried to confiscate pot and the physical incident unfolded.

April 7, 20149:44 a.m. 

Santa Monica school official apologizes for remarks on teacher in fight

Santa Monica’s school superintendent has apologized for comments she made after placing a popular science teacher on leave for getting into a physical altercation with a student.  

In a statement sent to the “community” over the weekend, Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Superintendent Sandra Lyon acknowledged that her remarks about the teacher and wrestling coach have “caused great anger.”

“There is concern that my statement reflected a pre-judgment of the teacher’s conduct prior to completion of an investigation,” she said. “There is also concern about my failure to address the conduct of one or more students who were involved in the incident.  In retrospect, I understand how my statement has created these concerns.  I apologize …”

So is this the new rule of thumb for principals, when in doubt throw teacher out and you can always come back and say you are sorry? I wonder!! Did the student get arrested for possession of Marijuana?  


Delaware Legislators looking to extend state college scholarships to illegal immigrants! What do you say?


47th General Assembly
Senate Bill # 183

Primary Sponsor:


Additional Sponsor(s):    & Sen. Henry & Rep. Keeley & Rep. Miro


{ NONE…}

Introduced on :


Long Title:



This Act establishes that certain individuals shall be eligible to pay in-state tuition rates at Public Institutions of Higher Education in Delaware. These are individuals of non-U.S. Citizen status, who graduate from high school and who arrived in the U.S. as minors. If an applicant meets the criteria of the Act, they will qualify for in-state tuition rates and consideration for the SEED and Inspire scholarship programs.

Current Status:

Senate Education Committee   On   04/03/2014

Kilroy says,

As I see it the law requires all students applying for SEED must complete an application for federal financial aid.

 § 3404A Eligibility.

(3) A student shall have applied for all appropriate forms of financial aid for which the student is eligible including, but not limited to, the Federal Pell Grant, financial aid programs administered by the Delaware Higher Education Office, and financial aid programs administered by Delaware Technical and Community College, and/or the University of Delaware, and shall have accepted all such financial assistance offered or awarded to the student, except for loans.

In order to file for federal financial aid a student must be a U. S. Citizen or a legal resident via federal documentation. DO MAKE NOTE the amount of federal aid is applied to college tuition and SEED covers the rest. So for illegals, Delaware taxpayers will be required to cover 100% of tuition cost whereas with legal Delaware residents SEED picks up after federal aid. I understand the intent of this legislation and we know may kids are in this country illegal because their parent brought them here. However, in my opinion these students should apply for legal status which they’ll need after college. They must provided federal documentation that process has begun or if not only 50% of college SEED funding be offered to them. I don’t want us treating these children like criminals however, they must step up and address their status in America. As far as the Inspire scholarship which mirrors SEED but can only be applied at Delaware State University, the rules are the same.

This is also required:

 (2) The student shall not have been convicted of any felony and the student’s parent, legal guardian, or relative caregiver shall certify such fact.

How can a parent or relative caregiver certify such fact? However, being illegal the first offense is a misdemeanor. In the bigger picture, will parents of illegal students be willing to risk engagement fearing for their own concerns?

So what do you think! Yea or nay on this legislation? 

Is H.B.#263 stealth funding for charter schools ?

147th General Assembly
House Bill # 263

Primary Sponsor:


Additional Sponsor(s):    Rep. M. Smith & Rep. Heffernan & Rep. Scott & Sen. Hall-Long & Sen. McDowell


Reps. Miro, Outten, Paradee, Walker, D.E. Williams, K. Williams; Sens. Sokola, Townsend

Introduced on :


Long Title:



This bill is an attempt to ensure that every public school in the State of Delaware has a nurse. This bill provides a mechanism to allow public schools that currently do not have a school nurse to receive state funds. The bill also allows for a match tax to assist those school districts that acquire a nurse as a result of this bill to pay for the local share of that nurse.

Current Status:

House Appropriations Committee   On   04/03/2014


1.     Effective upon signature of the Governor.

  1. Delaware Code requires at least one school nurse per facility where state funding is provided at a rate equal to 1 nurse for each 40 state units of pupils. School districts and charter schools also qualify for partial funding for nurses at the rate of 30% of the fractional part of 40 state units of pupils. This formula does not sufficiently provide the full state share of funding to support at least one school nurse per facility, and when this occurs, districts are directed to meet the requirement through discretionary local operating funds or state equalization or academic excellence funds.

  2. This legislation will provide the appropriate state share of funding for school districts and charter schools when the existing state funding formula does not provide for the requirement of one school nurse per facility. School districts that receive such state funding will be able to provide the local funding through the match tax pursuant to 14 Del. C. §1902(b).

  3. This legislation will generate an additional 17.73 state units of funding for nurses at an average state share of salary of $41,835 and an average local share of salary of $24,268. Other employment costs are equal to 30.44% and health insurance costs at $11,400 per employee.

  4. Overall salary and employment costs are assumed to grow 3% annually.


                                                   State Share     Local Share

           Fiscal Year 2015:           $1,169,647           $561,243

            Fiscal Year 2016:           $1,204,737           $578,080

            Fiscal Year 2017:           $1,240,880           $595,423


Kilroy says; Charter schools receive their equal share of local funding to provide school nurses via the local district / charter allocation formula. This legislation seems to closing one eye to that fact and would give charter schools an overall funding advantage. If there were no charter schools such legislation wouldn’t see the light of day.  Also, this fiscal notes does not take into account charter school expansion. 

And here is the smoking $$$ gun:

This legislation will provide the appropriate state share of funding for school districts and charter schools when the existing state funding formula does not provide for the requirement of one school nurse per facility