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Is Newark Charter superintendent king of the $$$$$$$$$$$ ?

There is more to meet the eye re: all this talk about which superintendent is compensated the most $$$$$$$$.

We pretty much know charter schools don’t have superintendents but it appears Newark Charter has a director who oversees the Primary, Intermediate  and Jr. Sr High  principals. So I guess Mr. Meece is kind of like a superintendent. I see no other charter school with paid management above building principals or equivalent.

So here it goes:

Newark Charter School; Director / Superintendent: Meece pay $153,788.445 per year divided by 1,760 students  = $87.38 per student per year.

Appoquinimink; Superintendent: Barrows pay $152,660.02 per year divided by 9,750 students = $15.66 per student per year

Brandywine; Superintendent: Holodick pay $214,176.52 per year divided by 10,802  students =19.83 per student per year

Christina; Superintendent: Williams pay $192,088.36 per year divided by 16,721 students = $11.49 per student per year

Red Clay; Superintendent: Daugherty pay $174,931.26 per year divided by 18,295 students = $9.56 per student per year

Colonial; Superintendent: Linn pay $185,724.33 per year divided by 9,976 students = $18.62 per student per year.

New Castle County Votech; Superintendent Gehrt pay $184,433.57 per year divided by 4,548 students = $40.55 per student per year.

I see no other way to measure the level of responsibility of district superintendent but to break it down to per student $$$.

Wait until Markie’s babysitter finds out he makes the big buck! She’ll want minimum wage :)

More than 1,300 state employees earned $100,000 last year Jonathan Starkey and Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Gov. Jack Markell’s $171,000 salary made him just the 88th highest paid state employee. Nine cops, seven school district superintendents and 51 judges made more.

No bad for not doing a damn thing other than travel on the taxpayers and hold the gates open for federal intrusion into our public schools.

Brandywine School District Superintendent Mark Holodick was the state’s highest paid K-12 education employee last year, making $214,176, counting $38,695 in what’s called “other pay,” including a transportation stipend.

Holodick is flanked on the list by 70 other Brandywine employees earning six figures, ranging from supervisors of finance and transportation to 24 assistant principals and 15 principals. The state’s two largest school districts, Red Clay and Christina, have 103 and 108 such employees, respectively.

“Brandywine is a large, diverse district. We’ve got close to 11,000 students from about 10,000 families. We’ve got about 2,500 employees in 15 schools and four other sites and buildings that we manage,” Holodick said.

“It takes a strong team to oversee the operations of a large, comprehensive district. You have to have competent, capable and qualified people who make the right decisions, because, at the end of the day, bad decisions can jeopardize the safety and the future of children.”

Now why are you picking on Markie? Though he has his critics the man is doing a fine job in Brandywine School District. School district are like corporations and running them is a 24/7 responsibilities. I realize he is bit of a cheerleader for all this Wall Streed education ponzi scheme and a little awestruck when being in the presence of Governor Markell, DE Sec of ED Murphy and OMG Arne Duncan is coming to Brandywine School District this Wednesday! The poor guy is going to be a nervous wreck. Hey Markie, don’t worry about the News Journal because today’s edition is tomorrow’s bird cage liner. Your pay is a no issue here at Kilroy’s but your drifting into the Rodel spiderweb is.

Red Clay Superintendent Merv Daugherty, head of the state school chiefs’ association, said it has become increasingly difficult to recruit principals as their responsibilities increase. Even in the top-paying education position job of district superintendent, the average tenure is only about four years, he said.

“If somebody thinks an administrator is making too much, I’d invite them to go to any school in the state and see what they do,” said Daugherty, who was paid $174,931– more than Markell – last year.

Damn ! Now I know why Markie didn’t apply for the Red Clay Super’s job after A left! He didn’t want to take a pay cut to work for chump change. Damn Merv. Red Clay is the biggest school district in the state and you make under 200k? Merv the reason it’s hard to find good principals is because education leaders have sold out professional educators to the Wall Street ponzi scheme. Think about who would want to work for a super who was part of the state’s Race to The Top dream team that included Rodel’s skipper and DSEA Judas? Sad but true, you can’t built rock stars if their leader is nothing but a stage hand. When real leaders interview for a job it is they who are doing the interview to scope out what kind of back-up and support they’ll have as a team member. Take down the picture with Markell and Duncan and put up the one with employees and teachers of the year.

Wow it’s kind of odd that the News Journal took issue with Markie’s and Merv’s pay because word has these two guys are on the short list re: Murphy’s replacement next year. Markie is reading this and laughing and saying, Kilroy get real, do you really think I am going to take a pay cut and spend more time away from home?  

Jim Hosley, who studies education finance for the conservative think tank Caesar Rodney Institute, said big federal and state programs like the Common Core and Race to the Top have created a state that is “top-heavy” in administrators and state office staff.

“It’s gotten to the point where money is going to this big regulatory agency and it’s not going into the classroom,” Hosley said. “You’ve got so many higher ups trying to direct things that the people who are closest to children can’t spend any money the way they want to spend it.”

Caesar Rodney Institute is far from a think tank! How can someone take them serious when one of their leaders signed on to sell Fiskers? Also, one of Caesar Rodney’s biggest contributors is reported to be in the thick of things when it comes to education reform. CRI is all big on transparency but doesn’t publish their donor lest by name and contribution. And notice not one word about Markell being responsible for Delaware joining Common Core and RTTT or the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  Need the green-light from Pete to do that!

A report issued by Lt. Gov. Matt Denn in 2012 found that if all school districts spent as much of their money on “direct educational services” as the top five, the state would free up an additional $21.1 million for classrooms.

“We’re still spending too much on administration versus classroom, both at the state level and at the district level,” said Denn, adding that districts should explore ways to share administrative functions. Denn received $86,253 last year in state pay.

“It goes without saying that because of the amount of school districts we have, we have a lot of administrators that in a different scenario we wouldn’t have or need,” said State Auditor Tom Wagner, who estimated in a 2009 report that the state could save $50 million in administrative costs by consolidating school districts.

Denn is too busy catering to the needs of charter schools via misguided legislation. Also Denn was part of the famous H.B.# 119 that requires all districts and charter schools to post monthly financial reports and looks the other way when charter school violates it. And then there is H.B #23 in which he whispered in some ears to try to bury it.

My Good friend Tom Wagner OMG! When was your last audit of a charter school? 

In his first State of the State address in 2009, Markell criticized “duplicative functions” in the state’s 19 school districts, saying they were costing too much money.

“I don’t think many parents care whether their school district has its own back rooms, staffed with its own team of procurement officers, human resources advisers, lawyers and accountants,” Markell said then. “These duplicative functions drive too many of our investments from the classroom to the back room.”

Well Jack, we only struggle to get transparency legislation like H.B.#23 passed because you won’t support it ! And OMG who was the rude one when a member of the public questioned charter schools compliance with H.B.#119 during your last town hall meeting? You where! You and Sec Murphy “refused” to answer the question as you News Journal puppet stood by your side! What about your bailout of Pencader to protect Pencader Frank’s honor? What about Jack Makell’s back room deals and wasteful spending? Jack are you smoking crack? Look at all the money flowing to Wall Street because you open the federal intrusion gateway? Look at all the money pisssed away on K12.inc re: Moyer.