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Rumor has it U S Sec of Ed Duncan will be in Delaware next Wednesday to be serviced

Just one of those Kilroy rumors! Word has it that Arne Duncan is coming to town next week. Markell put word out for all DE DOE employees to wear their best knee pads. Yea Yea I know, one of Kilroy’s bullshit rumors the News Journal will dispel. He Markie, give Arne my love!

Delaware Secretary of Education Murphy blows off letter from state legislators Re: charter schools

Looks like Delaware Secretary Education Mark Murphy blows-off the recent letter from state legislators concerned with the impact of more charter schools. Murphy just treated it like public comment and dumped the letter under public comments of the committee meetings. Don’t you think Murphy has a responsibility to “publicly” respond to our elected officials? I guess he’ll continues his dirty work behind frosted glass doors.

Sleepyhead Jimmy Olsen getting up to speed on lawmakers concerns re: charter schools

UPDATE !!! Kilroy is in deep shit with Cajun Mafia! They warned me that I can make all the crawl-fish and alligator jokes I want but be careful how you associate a Cajun and his beer! Had to give a holler down to snake-boy in Whiskey Bay and old Lamar U boy and he told me Jimmy Olsen’s favorite beer is:


So bookmark this page on your I-phone and if you see Jimmy out and about hook  him up with some Abita Amber. 

Lawmakers concerned about charter school applications By Matthew Albright The News Journal 9:56 a.m. EDT April 4, 2014

Damn Jimmy Olsen must of been out all night sucking crawl-fish drinking Bayou Teche Saison d’Ecrevisse (pretty much piss beer) 🙂

Well Jimmy appears to start his mornings reading local blogs and Delaware Liberal’s moon-bat gazette (sorry guys just wanted to throw a bone your way :))

So I’ll assume you all read the letter from legislators in my previous post. So let’s get to the meat of Jimmy’s sorry boss my alligator ate my alarm clock but here is my report.

The lawmakers stopped short of explicitly asking Murphy and the board to reject the applications.

Donna Johnson, executive director of the State Board of Education, said she received the letter last night, and said it will be added to the public record that is part of the charter school approval process.

  That’s it folks, that’s all Jimmy has! Nothing!

Wait he also has this! 

For more on the letter and reactions from state leaders and charter school advocates, keep watching DelawareOnline.com or read tomorrow’s edition of The News Journal.

Reaction from state leaders and charter school advocates! Interest, nothing from the opposition? Damn is this Jimmy’s way of telling John Young and Kilroy to go fuck themselves :). Hey Publius , I think it’s code for your to call Jimmy and add your two cents. Just use Publius and tell him you comment on local blogs advocating for charter schools good or bad. Tell him you’re a friend of Jack Markell and give Jimmy the code words, “talk to me or I’ll have your fired.”

Publius might be heading to Betty Ford after reading this letter from state legislators re: Concerns with charter schools

The good news for Publius, despite what the News Journal was told, Murphy is on his way out and this letter won’t impact him and he’ll approval the charters recommended by the committee. It will take about three years for any of these new charters to be in over their heads. Murphy will be settled in his new position boasting how “he” increased the number of charter schools in Delaware. Markell is keeping Murphy’s departure FGEO (For Governor Eyes Only) until after the approval by the state board of education. If the announcement of Murphy’s pending departure came any sooner it would legitimize this letter and the local superintendents. Word has many at DE DOE are marking the calendar like the last days in prison re: Murphy’s departure. Especially those with creepy feelings. Whatever that means!