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State Rep. Darryl Scott (D-Rodel) tells teachers to go fly a kite on evaluation concerns. #netDE #eduDE

Cape Henlopen School District pulls out a win re: referendum


3597 YES  2410 NO

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News Flash! Delaware legislators gives bullfrogs death sentence and all other frog species safe! Also doesn’t look good for Delaware weasels

147th General Assembly
House Bill # 98

Primary Sponsor:


Additional Sponsor(s):    Sen. Venables Reps. Atkins Dukes Gray Heffernan Kenton Peterman Wilson Sens. Hocker Lopez


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Introduced on :


Long Title:



This bill amends existing statute by classifying gray foxes, skunks and weasels as game animals to allow the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control to establish seasons and regulations for these species. The change is needed to enable the management of these species as is currently allowed for similar species classified as game animals and to legalize the incidental take of these species by licensed trappers pursuing other regulated game animal species. The clarification that the bullfrog is the only frog game animal species is made to reflect current regulated harvest practice and to formally protect other frog species. The reference to Bryant fox squirrel is removed as antiquated nomenclature for the Eastern fox squirrel (Sciurus niger niger) which was not historically and is not currently present in Delaware.


Current Status:

Senate Natural Resources & Environmental Control Committee   On   04/01/2014

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House Committee Report 05/01/13 F=4 M=7 U=0—->Committee Report

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How far will DSEA go to protect their bottom 1% + 9%?

DSEA pushes lawmakers for hold on evaluations Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Jenner writes in the letter that such skepticism comes even though 99 percent of educators were rated effective or highly effective.

“These numbers beg the question: Why would educators want to change a system that tells them they are doing a good job?” Jenner said. “The answer is quite simple – because they realize the system fails to responsibly evaluate them, it fails to hold them accountable for what they directly influence and, most importantly, it fails to support them in providing all students with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in life.”

Let me guess to protect the 1%? So are we saying we need non-bias individuals doing evaluations who don’t have the authority to make or break an evaluations? No more building level admins to make the evaluations more subjective?

I am sorry to say we’ve kick the can down the road as far as we can and now it bounces of the the wall at the dead-end and hits us in the head! 

The lives of children and parents have been “disruptive” by the constant jockeying  of student testing and teacher evaluations. The battle cry was DSTP was a single indicator where one test shouldn’t tell all. Give us a growth model test and we’ll be glad to be held countable to student growth! Now it’s back to a once a year state assessment via The Smarter Balanced Assessment where the other growth indicators vary among district level student assessments. Now we’re down to a game of Where’s Waldo teacher assessments.

In a letter sent to legislators Monday, Delaware State Education Association president Frederika Jenner says confidence in the system has eroded after changes made as part of the state’s application for the $119 million federal Race to the Top grant.

Sorry to say the only ones who had confidence from jump-street re: RTTT was union leadership local and state whereas members and many parents where skeptical. No one ever crucified Judas ! Damn even union leaders help sell the RTTT Kool-Aid to the school boards. Well it smelled like piss and tasted like piss now swallow! 

Me, I prefer no federal intrusion via Race to The Top, Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment. However, teachers , I mean teacher union leadership keeps kissing Markell and Denn’s ass like they had nothing to do with this mess! Then we have the coach who seems to be running around behind frosted-glass doors with his pants down. Somebody is being fuck and somebody is doing the fucking! Meantime back on the ranch the lives of students and parents have been transformed into pawns on a chessboard where their lives seem disposable. There are students in the system poised to be subjected to yet another standardized test called the Smarter Balanced Assessment making it number three since they been attending public school. Test to take test and test that weren’t right test because the last test was ineffective as the test before that! 

There are charter school advocates on the sidelines claiming with charter school you wouldn’t have this mess! Perhaps the reason we have charters is because the unions are protecting the 1% with the livelihood of the other 99% on the line. End VT then address the 1% and then next 9% of the bottom.

This shit is getting old! Markell jams one in the backs of the unions and they drop to their knees and then pray to him as if he is God!

In a letter sent to legislators Monday, Delaware State Education Association president Frederika Jenner says confidence in the system has eroded after changes made as part of the state’s application for the $119 million federal Race to the Top grant.

Makes me want to SCREAM! 

DSEA cries about Race to The Top! Go figured ! They endorsed it!

Total bullshit ! Hello the world isn’t flat! Parents know who endorsed Race to The Top and jumped in bed with Rodel via DelExcels. If you’re on board with Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assesment then shut the HELL up and take your medicine and be held to accountable for the shit you pile on students and parents. Why is it only for the kids when its time for a referendum?

Merv, steps out of the box scratches his ass and comes up with good plan re: weather make up days

Red Clay details plan to make up snow days Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Red Clay Consolidated School District students will have four half-days converted to full days and an extra half-day added to the end of the school calendar to make up for days missed because of the harsh winter weather.

May 9 and June 2 -5 were all scheduled to be half days, but will now be full days. The last day of school was supposed to be June 5, but students will attend class for a half day that Friday, June 6.

Superintendent Merv Daugherty said the district chose this plan because taking away time from spring break or adding minutes to each school day would be “too disruptive.”

Red Clay, like most districts, builds extra time into its calendar for snow days, but the unusually high number of snow days ate that time up. State officials forgave some of the missed days last week, but some makeup was still necessary.

Merv graduating high school students reading at a sixth-grade level is too disruptive to the global economy and street crime. However, I like this plan but hang on, many will say its stupid to add a half day at the end of the year. They’ll say kids just sit around and play games and not learn a thing. For me, I think you hit a home-run rather than devise some senseless plan like Colonial.