Markell’s Wall Street Ed Ponzi Scheme to Ax Private School Transportation

State may ax private school transportation stipend By Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Private school parents are protesting a proposal to eliminate a stipend they get to help pay for transporting their kids to school, saying they pay taxes and deserve at least something from the state’s education budget.

Each year, lawmakers appropriate a certain amount for the subsidies, which is split up among however many applications parents submit. Parents can ask for more than one stipend if they have children going to more than one private school.

FYI in case anyone didn’t know, private schools are school “choice” schools as is homeschooling!

I am sure many of these parents don’t really need the money but the fact remains they pay school taxes. If these parents all sent their children to public schools local public schools would collapse and state funding would be more! Governor Markell and Matt Denn are getting a bargain because the state save on state share of unit allocations. Do the math people!

“It’s not a large amount of money in the big picture,” Schiavoni said. “The public school system is benefiting from our tax money. So we ought to get at least a little something.”

I agree and let’s not forget the other private school system called charter schools get a hefty kick back from Matt Denn’s pet legislation and get this, charter schools get to keep unused portions of “state” transportation funding whereas traditional public schools must give it back. Go ask Lt. Governor Matt Denn why? 

Support groups for public schools, however, say the proposal makes sense.

Teri Hodges, president of the state PTA, said her organization believes the tax money is dedicated for public education and should stay there.

Shame on you Teri and state PTA ! These parents pay school taxes and the peanuts we’re talking about is nothing! Last time I looked parents of children and their children attending private schools are members of the public. What about federal Title 1 funding that goes to many of these private / parochial schools? see page 153! Yes Tatnall! O yea that’s federal funding!

“With the budget constraints the state is facing, our traditional schools really are struggling,” she said. “In the face of those problems, it doesn’t make sense to divert funds from our public schools to the private system.”

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! “budget constraints” WTF? DE DOE is over-bloated with about 270 employees and Secretary of Education Mark Murphy joins Jeb Bush’s Chiefs for Change whereas he’ll be engaging this group on “our” time! I am sorry but we don’t need to be teaching Chinese in dual language programs for public school children. Only 1% at best will be employed where Chinese language skills will be needed. Come on Teri!

Hodges points out that public school parents who choose to send their children to a charter school or “choice into” another public school are responsible for either driving their kid to class or getting them to a bus stop that serves the school. Parents who drive to a charter or magnet school receive no reimbursement.

What charter schools don’t receive state transportation funding? What Cab and Conrad don’t have buses pulling up to the doors everyday! Parents who drive their children to charters and magnets can use provided free bus transportation that is available.

Murphy told lawmakers the department was “constantly looking” to move around money to meet its top priorities, especially in recent years when state budgets have been tight.

There you have it “top priorities”! Like kissing asses of the likes of Rodel! Joining Chiefs for Change! Another f’ing standardized test four years after rolling out the last new standardized test.  When will Senator David Sokola and Rep Darryl Scott stop protecting Murphy! It’s time to vote these two out of office! 

 “We have been prioritizing our focus on our public school students,” Murphy said.

So Murphy now plays God! 

Sen. Brian Bushweiler, D-Dover, said that response “disappointed” him.

“I don’t think it’s much of an exaggeration to say you just don’t care about kids in private schools,” he said.

No senator, Murphy apparently doesn’t give a rat’s ass about these kids and it goes to show you the Markell / Denn administration doesn’t care about the overall health and quality of life in Delaware.  


9 responses to “Markell’s Wall Street Ed Ponzi Scheme to Ax Private School Transportation

  1. Interesting Kilroy. You are for keeping the stipend in place but at the same time you want to have vouchers.


    • kilroysdelaware

      I am about choice and private school is that! And if and when vouchers are a choice the surely it will be enough to cover transportation

      Caravel Academy
      Lower School

      $7,500 Grades 1 – 4
      Middle School

      $8,950 Grades 5 – 8
      Upper School

      $9,400 Grades 9 – 12

      Within 2 miles of Caravel Academy $970
      Between 2.0-5.0 miles from Caravel Academy $1,015
      Between 5.0-10.0 miles from Caravel Academy $1,070
      Between 10.0-15.0 miles from Caravel Academy & South of Odessa $1,420

      Red Clay per student $12,305. Do the math! And FYI no capital funding! Student can take the state test on a Saturday and private schools can be rated and approved to be part of the voucher system based on that. .

      This shit with teachers crying about the Common Core Standards and Smarter Balanced Assessment when they approved them by supporting RTTT MOU makes no sense! And they refuse to hold Markell and Denn accountable.


    • But you want to give private school parents a refund of their stipend yet want them to pay for other students to attend the same school for free where we pay a tuition? So why then shouldn’t the parents who chose to pay for school be the first ones in line for the voucher? Private school is a choice but that choice is contingent on knowing you pay for it.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Arthur you and I know vouchers will never be because “everybody” would get one even those in private schools. The $$$$ public school system would imploded and taxes would double.

      Red Clay and other school district get the local taxes these parents pay and aren’t required to render services. However, because of charters same students or student otherwise destine for private school now moves that money to charters.High poverty charters don’t do this. However, if more charter are built attracting more affluent students it will hurt traditional school district. Merv is smart in that he wants to fill every empty seat with out of district students when he can. So cash flow goes out with charter students but comes in with out of district choice. We’ll see district consolidation way before vouchers


    • On the flip side Kilroy, well performing charters (not the pop up over night ones) also take away from the private schools


    • kilroysdelaware

      Yep and the sad part is our public teachers support the RTTT Mou that put the other shit in motion and fueled the call for more charters. Personally we need only one public school system. However, If our teachers want to dance with Markell and then blame this mysterious “system” I can’t play that game! Sure not alternative to Markell and Denn but look bacl the last 16 years, democrat governor and Carper signed Charter, Choice and Neighborhood Schools Act. Markell is the Wall Street capitalist gatekeeper with a blue jacket like with red! Suck!

      Yep charters do takeaway from private schools and that’s why you see the Catholic Schools.


    • The teachers UNION REPS support the mou. My wife, not any teacher she knows supports it.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Well perhaps all teachers step up and say no more DSEA dues until they they publicly denounce Gov Markell and Lt Gov Denn. All the unions with majority of rank and file supported the RTTT MOU. .


    • lastDEconservative

      Good idea, but I don’t think that’s an option, is it? Doesn’t Jack collect the dues for the Fred and Co. and direct deposit the funds into the vote purchase, er, checking account?