Dogs are people too! Farewell my sweet Betsy Ross

I am sure many of you wouldn’t think I have the compassion to love a dog but I do. My wonderful amazing Brittany Spaniel Betsy Ross (yes that is her name) born July 04, 1997 departed this world February 25, 2014.  This sweet wonderful loving dog blessed the Kilroy family for 16 1/2 years. One of my saying in life is, dogs are people too. Just like humans, dogs are born seeking nothing but love and wanting to give that love back.





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18 responses to “Dogs are people too! Farewell my sweet Betsy Ross

  1. I am so sorry she had to leave you. I am sure you will miss her. Nothing hurts quit like having to say goodbye to someone who just wanted to be with you and please you.


  2. Elizabeth Lockman

    So sorry, Kilroy. 😦


  3. So sorry, they become a part of our family.


  4. Such sad news, Kilroy. As my husband always said about our dogs, “they listen and always agree with me and want to please”… My Wilson will be waiting there on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge for Miz Ross!


  5. Sorry to learn of your loss…sad, indeed.


  6. Dogs are definitely people! So very sorry for your loss.


  7. adelawareteacher

    I am sorry to here about your loss. I try to read your blog regularly.


  8. So sorry for your loss. You can tell just from those pictures that she was loved, she looks happy and relaxed. Love the name too!


  9. Dogs ARE people too! Only family member always happy to see you. So very sorry for your loss


  10. I’m so sorry….she was a beauty


  11. Sorry to hear of your loss, Kilroy



  12. It appears a that she had an incredible life surrounded by a loving family. I understand how important pets are to a family, they are truly members of the family. My condolences on your loss. May she rest in peace.


  13. thank you all for the kind words!


  14. So sorry about Betsy. It sounds as if she had a rich life and has left you with many wonderful memories.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Yep to both! I think one of the reason she lived so long was we only gave her spring water and not much on junk food! She use to jump on the bed and wiggle up the middle for snuggles! and she jumped like she had wings We got some bonus years out of her and thankful for that. .


  15. Joanne Christian

    Oh Kilroy I am so sorry about Betsy. Those losses cut real deep. It looks like your time with her was as passionate as your blog time, and she was one “kept” dog! I don’t know if you knew, her birthday may have been the 4th of July, but her passing shares the day w/ South Korea ratifying their first Constitution. Providence hey? Anyway, as we have been told before–all dogs go to Heaven, and doG spelled backwards is God, so Kilroy it’s now up to you to keep doin’ good and join Miss Betsy Ross there! I am truly sorry Kilroy.


  16. Publius e decere


    My pooch looks similar, so your loss hit me twice (your loss, and my someday-loss). I know you think my dog lives on caviar, Makers Mark and Grade A beef. But in fact she lives on some God-forsaken bagged food my family chose and she drinks plain water (and an occasional spill of Guinness). I live on the other stuff (you decide 🙂 ).

    Good thing my Pooch has specific-interest in the Pup-A-Roni I sneak in when the Fam is sleeping. I’m the Softie. I assume you were The Softie for your pooch too.

    Bury well, remember always. Dogs are more than people. They are cool. And that’s the bone-cold truth.

    My Condolences,


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