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WOW! Black History Month needs to be everyday!

Calling a spade a spade by Rob T. Lum / News Journal editorial  

As much as I want to solely blame the inexcusable ignorance that permeates the African-American community at the government’s feet, the blame is closer to home. It’s my family’s fault for not ingraining the knowledge and facts of many historical events and important achievements of my ancestors. It’s our nation’s educational system’s fault.

I blame well-educated, established, influential, powerful and wealthy African-Americans. It’s their fault for not going back to help and educate less-fortunate African-Americans by providing a blue print for prosperity.

Finally again, it’s my fault. As an informed African-American man, I haven’t entrenched myself in my history and ingrained these monumental dates and knowledge.

Until we — you and I — fully accept this failure, African-Americans will continue to fail. We will never begin to embody the sense of urgency, commitment, unity, sacrifice, and compassion required to begin working to holistically address and eradicate the core diseases that plague African-Americans as individuals, stifling the advancement of our families, communities and nation as a whole.

This is what I am talking about! The whispers in the wind are getting louder!

Kilroy’s love child kicks out this mix! Yep the revolution might be coming back around in your face! 

Delaware Gov Makrell scolded by one of his loyal supporters

Governor’s finance troubles costs my vote: News Journal Letter to The Editor by Michael Mays

I had great hopes for Gov. Jack Markell at the beginning of his term. Sadly I have watched him slide into the dirt and mud of the politics of this state’s Democratic Party – my party. His recent loan repayment, where he took my contribution and that of others, who gave to his campaign for governor and took a quarter of a million dollars from contributors, who thought they were helping to elect an honest governor, disappoints me to no end. No one seems to have noticed or care that he repaid a 16 year “debt” to himself — money he now says he loaned to himself. How does one loan money to ones self.? The Delaware way strikes again.

We have a word for what Gov. Markell just did in state and federal prisons. The word is thief. Do not ever expect another vote or dollar from me ever. I guess our attorney general and federal prosecutor – both Democrats – will simply turn their heads and cough.

Mr. Mays please remember, Jack Markell wasn’t endorsed by his party in 2008. Lt. Gov John Carney was the party’s choice. Jack Markell with his ego in tow took John Carney to primary and won. However, karma got Markell as John Carney is a congressman now. Carney’s downfall re: governor’s race was because he stool too long in Gov. Minner’s shadow just as Lt. Matt Denn is doing now with Markell.

As far as people turning their heads, that’s been the protocol for the Markell / Denn administration. Jack Markell is manipulating Delaware’s public school system and tax-dollars to sow his seeds for life after public office in a consulting capacity relating to education. Jack Markell is a self-proclaimed proud card carrying capitalist and he shared that on national TV during the 2012 DNC platform in Charlotte North Carolina. Jack is about Jack and his ego and wallet! When it comes to his own money, he is tighter than a bug’s ass!  

He loaded himself $750,000.00 to run for governor which is obvious a matter of a sick ego and lack of confidence. He took campaign contributions from Rodel and certainly one could say the hiring of Rodel clowns at DE DOE and the fact that Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy the former executive director of the Vision Network proves political payback.   

Jack Markell is the worst governor this state has had in regards to public education and I mean the WORST! But a personable person and a great parent. Same as Matt Denn. However, that does not make a good leaders. Real leaders lead with pride not over inflated egos! Matt Denn has been Markell’s number one cheerleaders and it’s bad enough former DSEA queen Judas stabs our school children and parents in the backs but damn if we can stand-bye and watch Matt Denn be knighted for be an ass-kisser! 

The best way you or anybody who are displeased with Governor Markell to express yourself is to NOT VOTE for Matt Denn. I hope for your party’s sake someone takes Matt Denn to primary just as Markell did with Carney! We all know the Delaware Republicans don’t have a chance because they are stuck in deep right field and have alienated those in the middle and left of middle. The extreme right in Delaware will never win! NEVER! So the question is who in the Democratic party of Delaware can appeal to the left and the disenfranchised Republicans? Debbie’s sellout on H.B. #23 pushed me out! You got Aqua Man in Pike Creek swimming with the charter crowd and abandoning ELL families and than there is St. Joe the Hispanic voice nowhere in sight or at best sending a representative to Red Clay’s board meetings if he is not well. Odds might be Denn wins by default or cowards in his own party not daring to primary him. Then there is the wild card Tom Gordon.  

Thank you Harry Belafonte for the civil rights wake-up call

Belafonte urges young to resume freedom march: robin brown, The News Journal 

NEWARK – Entertainment icon and civil rights lion Harry Belafonte delivered a call to action Thursday night, urging radical thought to advance the dream of his late friend, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

“If you don’t think radically,” he said, “You don’t think freely.”

Looking back at the last half-century, Belefonte said he is “stunned” by what he sees today. “This nation has not only abandoned its history, but abused all we did,” he said.

Dorian DeShields, 21, of Newark, called Belafonte’s talk “a wake-up call, to open our eyes, step forward and renew the pledge to civil rights.”

Debra Christie, 58, of Wilmington, called his appearance “beautiful,” adding that “he wants everyone to take a part in civil rights and not forget that it isn’t over.”

If black America think the have arrived with election of President Obama they better think twice. The King dream is still a long ways off and sorry to say honoring King Day with a day of service picking up trash and painting walls is a diversion from the truth. The truth is instead of brooms and paint brushes the African-America community needs to pick up those old protest signs. 

Clearly in Delaware the segregationist are still at work creating a de facto segregated school system using charter, neighborhood schools and even school Choice which lacks transportation provisions.

And then there is this concern: Does CRI want you to believe City of Wilmington officials have limited voice re: education?

No doubt Kilroy thinks radically and freely! We have too many brothers and sisters fearing stepping up and being radical will alienate them from the white $$$$ status quo.

Arne Duncan proclaims “education is the most important civil rights issue of this generation” yet he is part a “white” Wall Street agenda drive by predominately white billionaire and millionaire males. Honestly where is the radically and freely thinking of the African-American community in this education reform movement? The firewall between the truth is those African-American former education leaders positioning themselves to capitalize on SES funding and $$$ scraps thrown to the by the white reformist! Do remember during the slave-trade days African tribesman and even chiefs capitalized on slave trade! 

There is zero reason why Wilmington’s minorities don’t have a real seat at the table of education reform. Did Markell discuss Race to The Top, Common Core Standards and the Smarter Balanced Assessment plans with the Title 1 community prior to making decisions? Come on now Twins we all know about federal law Title 1 Section 1118. Hicks Anderson taught us well and sadly his torch is near the last flicker of hope. His first generation of disciples are dying off and what’s left is my generation touched by those disciples. Sister Crosby, Pullman , Pauls and Gipson taught me well. I guess I am nothing but the big white dope giving a shit about what and who inspired me. I am not perfect and sure my message does cross lines. However, I have the free and radical thinking but perhaps born the wrong color to make the difference. 

Someday a young Wilmington brother or sister will hear the whispers in the wind and carry the message of those who gave so much before them. Someday the torch of local civil right leaders of yesterday like Hicks Anderson’s will be picked up and shine the light of truth once more.

OMG! Is Delaware Lt. Gov Matt Denn part of a data cover-up? For real!

Matt Denn seems to be questioning the mechanism for the Reward and Recognition School program. Denn wants DE DOE to hold off on submitting their new ESEA Wavier Request until DESS can have a chance to review. Yep Matt the framework sucks.

Well folks here is the kicker! Lt. Gov Denn seems to feel DE DOE should formulate a more restrictive definition of Title 1 schools in regards to poverty level of within each school in relationship to the Reward and Recognition School program. I am told he has reservations about rewards going to schools with very low poverty levels.

Well here is my concern. Whatever is going on in Dover that has Denn worked-up there is a concern with the data poverty data reported to the public in respects to transparency. This school year 2013-2014 DE DOE has excluded poverty data % listed in the online district and school profiles. The public has no way of know what the poverty level of each school and district is. Personally, I think this is part of a data cover-up to manipulate the Reward and Recognition School program. Lt. Denn seems to have his concerns about the ESEA Wavier and The Reward and Recognition School program which is good. However he doesn’t seem concern DE DOE pulled the plug on transparency to the public. Sec Murphy and Governor Markell knows there are watchdogs in the community that rely on every piece of data they can get to ensure fairness.

Lt, Governor Matt Denn please ask Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy to populate the school profile spreadsheets with the 2013-2014 poverty data! We the public have the right to know and fuck the FOIA process! This data has been made available for years and now I suspect some type of fraud going on! Tell Murphy people can see through frosted glass and can see his ass.

Matt, I am on board with you call to delay the ESEA Wavier request until DESS can review and weigh-in. Good call and good luck dealing with the Delaware education czar Markell. 

Is Matt Denn stepping in ESEA Wavier quicksand?

As far as I know their are two definitions of a Title 1 programming which is set by federal law aka Title 1, targeted assistance and schoolwide  



 (1) IN GENERAL- A local educational agency may consolidate and use funds under this part, together with other Federal, State, and local funds, in order to upgrade the entire educational program of a school that serves an eligible school attendance area in which not less than 40 percent of the children are from low-income families, or not less than 40 percent of the children enrolled in the school are from such families. 


(a) IN GENERAL- In all schools selected to receive funds under section 1113(c) that are ineligible for a schoolwide program under section 1114, or that choose not to operate such a schoolwide program, a local educational agency serving such school may use funds received under this part only for programs that provide services to eligible children under subsection (b) identified as having the greatest need for special assistance.

So Mr. Denn, your baseline re: restrictive definition should be 40% or above which should exclude those schools with below 40% re: awards and incentives. And the framework does “suck”. Mr. Denn, it’s time for the coach to hit the showers! 

Seaford voters says FU RTTT Referendum

Seaford School Referendum goes down like this:

1918 “NO”

574   “yes”

Race to the Top is the big loser ! Way to go Seaford voters pushing back federal intervention!

Tonight as the results were announced, Interim Superintendent, Dr. Kevin Carson shared: 

“The school district would like to thank everyone who exercised their right to vote in this important election. Beginning tomorrow we will earnestly review our available budgets and begin developing recommendations for the appropriate reductions which will be necessary. More importantly we will recommit ourselves to earning the confidence of the community as we move forward.”

The black and white truth about the Delaware High School Dropout Rate

2011-2012 dropout


The annual high school dropout rate for Delaware black students is 4% and represents 44.8% of all high school dropouts! As for white students, the annual dropout rate is 2.1% and white students represent 42.5% of all high school dropouts.  You could say the dropout rate for black student is 50% (4%) higher than white students (2.1%) It’s all how you read the numbers. But by no means are 50% of all black student dropping out of high schools. There reason you may see many young black children on the streets of Wilmington that should be in schools is because of the concentration of poverty and minorities in the city. If half the black students dropping out live in Wilmington that’s about 250 students a year. Times that by four years it equals 1000 and by 10 years that’s 2500.  The bottom line is per DE DOE 4% of black student dropped out of high school last year 2011-2012. Don’t you think that is historic?

Question of the day re: Delaware school safety

I don’t like blogging about particular incidents where students are arrested after bring guns to school. However, without naming names or school districts I have a concern.

There were recent incidents in two schools in New Castle Count where students were arrested for bring loaded hand guns to school. Apparently deemed isolated incidents not related to a direct attack within a  schools. Perhaps the News Journal didn’t report all the details or I overlooked it. 

Here is my concern! From what I read and again maybe I overlooked it, it appears the schools weren’t locked down or searched even after the gun was taken from students in question. I honestly need to know why? Who is it to say the person(s) bringing the gun to school was fearing another student who may of also brought a gun to school but wasn’t caught? Personally I feel when there is such and incident the entire school should be locked-down and school be searched including all students and backpacks / belongings. Am I overreacting? Some might say yes! However, if there were other guns in the school and discovered after the fact would my concern be warranted?

Folks when it comes to safety of lives there may be only one chance to get it right! I don’t give a rat’s ass if the student found with the gun says he has no issue with anyone in the school and he needed it for personal protect from a street related concern! Do you honestly think he’ll snitch on another student(s)?

So question to you, do you support a full school lock-down and full search of students belongings and the school when a gun is discovered in the school or on a student? Even as I just wrote that, what’s if a gun was found in the bathroom. Call it a day we go the gun or lock the school down and do a full search? What’s your thoughts? 

Does CRI want you to believe City of Wilmington officials have limited voice re: education?

Delaware Needs a New Direction in Early Education? Jim Hosley Director, Center for Education Excellence Caesar Rodney Insitute

Rather than commit taxpayer dollars to another all-in program, why not try different solutions? Could a county structure benefit communities that may have different needs?

How would it help the Wilmington area if the county had more control? County and city leaders are grappling with tough issues and education is one of them. With a high crime rate, weak economy, and weak public school system families are leaving for better schools in places like Chester County, PA or, income permitting, the suburbs where there is a better selection of public, charter, and private schools.

Read entire article here ……………………

CRI is shoveling some shit here! Being born in 1954, I assure you what I know about civil rights isn’t from history books. Dr. Martin Luther King didn’t have PACs behind him! He had God, men, women and even children standing up saying enough is enough! POWER is free and the inability to organize is a result of lack of will.

One person can make a difference but 1000 people can move that mission forward overnight! 

The civil rights base in Wilmington Delaware is fractured and disorganized with no central unified voice. Too many righteous people fear their jobs, careers and social status measured by a white agenda. Boys are not men because their fathers don’t man-up.

Look around at the new education agenda meant to help the poor and minorities! The faces of those calling the shots and controlling the money are “rich white men” and their capitalist puppets. Ins’t anyone concerned that Governor Markell endorses the Delaware Secretary of Education joining Jeb Bush’s Chiefs for Change?

I’ll try to limit my rants but I am PISSED! Wilmington Delaware needs a unified voice not a fractured voice. Wilmington Delaware needs identifiable civil rights leaders who are “not” $$$$$$ linked to those driving education reform including the Longwood Foundation, Rodel, The Charter Schools Network , Governor Markell, Lt Governor Denn, teacher unions and fucking lawyers profiting of education reform, What Wilmington Delaware needs is “people with courage”. Yes indeed it is very hard to organized people because many times in public meeting we all preach to the choir saying we need to do this or do that! The comes a time to stop bitching and start pitching.

I’ll use Red Clay just as an example because, I live in Red Clay. Wilmington Delaware bring 500 people to a Red Clay board meeting and sign a green-slip to address the board. Tell the board enough is enough, put extra resources such as more teachers and more paraprofessionals in Red Clay’s Wilmington Delaware schools and fix it! If not convert those schools to charter schools lock, stock and barrel. No specific interest bullshit ! As they are re: same students. The current charter school law requires a vote of more than 50% of parents “and” 50% of teachers. This provision in the law was part of the deal to make it near impossible to convert an existing public school to a charter. So here is your start “Wilmington Delaware”. Yes I have deep concerns for de facto segregation via charter schools. However, we have de facto segregation right now with traditional public schools in Red Clay Wilmington’s schools.

The parents of Red Clay’s Highlands School united and stepped-up and rose to the occasion during a recent board meeting! I know I am a thorn in Red Clay’s ass but they should consider themselves very lucky I am not black! I see some promise on Red Clay’s school board and if the community don’t come out and “engage” that voice will be squashed. When Kilroy attends board meetings or any public meeting his radar is up! I listen to tones in conversation and watch body-language. I hear the code-talking and I see the divide even through body-language. There is a power struggle but more of a struggle with a certain board member crying for public / community support. The seed to your voice is in place and if you “Wilmington Delaware” do water it and nurture it , it won’t bear fruit! 

Message to Wilmington Mayor Williams. Mr Mayor, get your ass to a Red Clay school board meeting and look the super and the board in the eye and say, “I am disappointed in the education services provided “my” city children so fix it”. You don’t need mayoral control over Wilmington Schools! You need organized “VOICE”.          

Markell’s Wall Street Ed Ponzi Scheme to Ax Private School Transportation

State may ax private school transportation stipend By Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Private school parents are protesting a proposal to eliminate a stipend they get to help pay for transporting their kids to school, saying they pay taxes and deserve at least something from the state’s education budget.

Each year, lawmakers appropriate a certain amount for the subsidies, which is split up among however many applications parents submit. Parents can ask for more than one stipend if they have children going to more than one private school.

FYI in case anyone didn’t know, private schools are school “choice” schools as is homeschooling!

I am sure many of these parents don’t really need the money but the fact remains they pay school taxes. If these parents all sent their children to public schools local public schools would collapse and state funding would be more! Governor Markell and Matt Denn are getting a bargain because the state save on state share of unit allocations. Do the math people!

“It’s not a large amount of money in the big picture,” Schiavoni said. “The public school system is benefiting from our tax money. So we ought to get at least a little something.”

I agree and let’s not forget the other private school system called charter schools get a hefty kick back from Matt Denn’s pet legislation and get this, charter schools get to keep unused portions of “state” transportation funding whereas traditional public schools must give it back. Go ask Lt. Governor Matt Denn why? 

Support groups for public schools, however, say the proposal makes sense.

Teri Hodges, president of the state PTA, said her organization believes the tax money is dedicated for public education and should stay there.

Shame on you Teri and state PTA ! These parents pay school taxes and the peanuts we’re talking about is nothing! Last time I looked parents of children and their children attending private schools are members of the public. What about federal Title 1 funding that goes to many of these private / parochial schools? see page 153! Yes Tatnall! O yea that’s federal funding!

“With the budget constraints the state is facing, our traditional schools really are struggling,” she said. “In the face of those problems, it doesn’t make sense to divert funds from our public schools to the private system.”

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! “budget constraints” WTF? DE DOE is over-bloated with about 270 employees and Secretary of Education Mark Murphy joins Jeb Bush’s Chiefs for Change whereas he’ll be engaging this group on “our” time! I am sorry but we don’t need to be teaching Chinese in dual language programs for public school children. Only 1% at best will be employed where Chinese language skills will be needed. Come on Teri!

Hodges points out that public school parents who choose to send their children to a charter school or “choice into” another public school are responsible for either driving their kid to class or getting them to a bus stop that serves the school. Parents who drive to a charter or magnet school receive no reimbursement.

What charter schools don’t receive state transportation funding? What Cab and Conrad don’t have buses pulling up to the doors everyday! Parents who drive their children to charters and magnets can use provided free bus transportation that is available.

Murphy told lawmakers the department was “constantly looking” to move around money to meet its top priorities, especially in recent years when state budgets have been tight.

There you have it “top priorities”! Like kissing asses of the likes of Rodel! Joining Chiefs for Change! Another f’ing standardized test four years after rolling out the last new standardized test.  When will Senator David Sokola and Rep Darryl Scott stop protecting Murphy! It’s time to vote these two out of office! 

 “We have been prioritizing our focus on our public school students,” Murphy said.

So Murphy now plays God! 

Sen. Brian Bushweiler, D-Dover, said that response “disappointed” him.

“I don’t think it’s much of an exaggeration to say you just don’t care about kids in private schools,” he said.

No senator, Murphy apparently doesn’t give a rat’s ass about these kids and it goes to show you the Markell / Denn administration doesn’t care about the overall health and quality of life in Delaware.  

Seaford School District taxpayers are being played for idiots

Seaford School District budget referendum vote Thursday  By Tom Byrne / WDDE 91.1 FM

Residents of Seaford School District go to the polls Thursday vote on an operating budget referendum.

District officials are seeking a tax increase to help make up for an anticipated $1.2 million budget shortfall next school year after when Race to the Top funding ends.

The proposed tax increase would cost about an extra 98 dollars a year or just over 8 dollars a month for the average property valued at 187-thousand dollars.

Officials say the additional revenue would allow the district to maintain innovative programs started under Race to the Top that they argue are working. It would also help reduce class sizes in elementary schools and fund school safety initiatives.

If the referendum is not approved, district officials say serious cuts could be necessary.

Polls are open from 10am to 8pm at Seaford High School.

Voters in the Smyrna School District approved both capital and operating budget referendums last weekend

Well today is the day we’ll find out if the term “slower Delaware” (lower Delaware) is myth or fact.

Race to The Top is a federal grant not a federally mandated program! Damn Rick Jensen even knows that. 

Seaford voters are being asked to vote to keep administrative jobs, There is not one classroom teacher or even paraprofessional funding by “Race to The Top”.

Seaford voters OMG don’t feed Wall Street! Ask your school board why they refuse to record public sessions of their school board meeting? Seaford voters you are being taking to the cleaners!

Race to the Top – District Technical “Review”

Technical Review Form
Application #1292DE-1 for Seaford School District

Absolute Priority 1 Reviewer Comments:
The Seaford RTTD project is an extremely comprehensive and ambitious project, which raises a major concern over feasibility. The project would implement many new activities, assessments, professional development activities, technology applications. The number of new activities, tools, assessments, processes, expectations, demands for teachers and principals from this project are so many that effective, efficient, and thorough project implementation is unlikely. The narrative does not address the process it will use to manage, coordinate, and align the competing demands from various project components, particularly the professional development demands on teachers. Thus, while individually, each component in the plan has worth, there was insufficient description of how the project would be managed and coordinated to not overwhelm teachers and principals.

And more

(F)(2) Reviewer Comments:
The narrative does not address the key issue of training in the numerous components of the project for new staff after they are hired. In order to maintain the level of teacher efficacy in using the strategies implemented in this project, there must be a thorough plan for immersing new staff in the project’s deliverables. The narrative does not address this key sustainability issue. The sustainability plan as presented depends substantially on reallocation and use of federal Title I, II, III, IDEA, and Perkins funds. The application does not provide a sufficient explanation within a plan in case federal funding is reduced.


DDOE ESEA Flexibility waiver language….look out DE schools

Dogs are people too! Farewell my sweet Betsy Ross

I am sure many of you wouldn’t think I have the compassion to love a dog but I do. My wonderful amazing Brittany Spaniel Betsy Ross (yes that is her name) born July 04, 1997 departed this world February 25, 2014.  This sweet wonderful loving dog blessed the Kilroy family for 16 1/2 years. One of my saying in life is, dogs are people too. Just like humans, dogs are born seeking nothing but love and wanting to give that love back.





Photos not photoShop

STOP THE RED CLAY F’ING PRESSES!!!!!!!! re: Inclusion plan

Stepping back reassessing Red Clay’s call for district-wide inclusive plan for ELL and Special Ed I realized all the referendum for the kids might be a sham!

Red Clay pushed all their referendum for the sake of the kids and continuing current programming. So why pull the plug on promises made? Red Clay admins never came out and say by federal or state law we’re required to adopt a district-wide inclusion plan. If that were the the case a board vote wouldn’t be needed.

Red Clay’s wants you to believe this change is about love and fairness to all children! They claim their will not be any financial savings and that all current programming funds be reinvested in the district-wide inclusion plan. I don’t buy it! Sure Red Clay is backing down on some of the Special Ed inclusion plan but that might be a reaction to possible legal ramification from parents of special needs students. ELL on the other hand doesn’t have parents organized enough to stand and fight as “parents”.  The only political voice ELL parents have is State Representative Kim Williams and she picks up the slack for other state representative and senators. I think the ELL community needs to recognize this. For whatever State Representative Joe Miro is staying out of this issues (not sure if there are health reason) but ELL parents needs that extra culture voice. Damn if I were an ELL parent I’d be offering Rep Kim William free Spanish tutoring.

I keep digesting what’s going on and at this point my gut feeling is Red Clay school board needs to vote opposing all the district inclusion plans. Wait until the next referendum efforts and see if we can maintain funding for ELL as it is and support for special ed beyond what’s required by law. ELL parents hear me well! You as a community have “power” and you must unite bringing you individual cultures together as one! One person is a pain in the ass, two a nuisance, five a concern, 10 a real concern, 20 a crisis, 50 a major crisis, 100 a fire and 1000 a voice to be reckoned with and a super that will be dancing to the beat of parents not those in Dover. Parents you have the “power” find it us it! If the Red Clay board votes to end ELL as it is then organized and stand ready to oppose the next referendum!

Red Clay school board I honestly think it must be a no for any inclusion plan unless order by law and the “board” must provide documentation supporting a yes vote under that pretense.