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Kilroy welcomes Homeless In Wilmington Website and Twitter

Homeless In Wilmington 

This site is for the homeless in Wilmington, Delaware. It is written for and dedicated to the homeless men, women and children, not only of Delaware, but across the United States. It has some useful information and tips. Hopefully it will be of some benefit to all of you. The blog is strictly opinion based on experience and fact and in no way reflects anyone’s views but my own. Feel free to contact us via twitter @homeless110 or you can email me at homeless110@mail.com. Please give us your opinion, thoughts, or suggestions. You can also use our forum to express your own opinions or start your own discussion. The comment section on the blog is open and is not edited. I will, however, delete any inappropriate content. Thank you for visiting this website and hopefully you will pass it along and come back again.  See You Around 

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More layoffs possible at Delaware casinos due Gov. Markell’s leadership

Casino earnings: Delaware’s budget cash cow is drying up; Dover Downs barely made any money last year Written by Jon Offredo The News Journal

The only way for the casino to survive without help from the state is to continue cutting expenses, McGlynn said. In 2009, Dover Downs cut about 100 jobs. Since then, they’ve hired more part-time than full-time workers.

There he is, can’t even look us in the eye! Jack, remember our 2008 pre-primary phone conversations? I actually believed in you! I openly supported you and vote for you! Damn, I was the GOP chair for 19th RD and one the state committee! Boy were they pissed at me on Lancaster Pike! Remember our conversation about Rodel and my concerns with the political contributions to you? And what did you do! You gave them the Delaware Department of Education. Now look at you!

You spend so much time being education czar you neglected your real responsibilities. Good hard working casino employees are going to lose their jobs because of you! Delaware is slipping into it’s very own private recession because of you! Jack stop micromanaging and put real leaders your circle and let them do their jobs!

Jack your call for higher gasoline tax is WRONG! Do you have any idea what that will do to transportation related companies and small business serving the communities? Even local florist will feel the pinch! Jack shit rolls downhill! Added operating cost trickles down to the consumer! Are you nuts? Yea raise those tolls! That will fix it all! Do the math Jack, 10 cents per gallon; “typically your average over the road truck will hold anywhere from 200 to 300 gallons of diesel fuel”. That’s $20.00-$30.00 a fill up. 18 Wheeler I-95 toll $9.00. Jack it adds up and on top the increase fuel tax you propose is added cost of goods and service. Jack do you have any idea what the cost is for a cargo container delivery for the Port of Baltimore to Wilmington cost?  

Jack people say Kilroy is obscene but think about it, its just words. However your obscenities are actions against the working class and honestly takes food out of children’s mouths. Stop your laughing Publius, Markell is one of my biggest fans! I am his life coach toughing him up for bigger things. Yea and I bet you’ll be bitching when Markell ups the alcohol tax on your Maker’s Mark 46. Or is it Johnnie Walker Blue 🙂      

Is IR Bunting losing her rock star luster?

Remember this;

DE Sec of Ed Mark Murphy needs to engage in these kind of scandals Posted on January 20, 2014 by kilroysdelaware

Lord Baltimore Elementary Principal & Asst. Principal On Admin. Leave  By Jarred Hill  Posted: Jan 16, 2014 11:44 PM ESTUpdated: Jan 17, 2014 1:11 AM EST

OCEAN VIEW, Del. – A shock for parents and students at Lord Baltimore Elementary School in Sussex County, when it was announced that both the principal and assistant principal are now on administrative leave.

The school district won’t comment on why John Turssline and Melissa Oates were placed on leave yesterday.  All they would say the decision was made, pending further action by the Board of Education, calling it a personnel matter.

Update 01/31/2014

Lord Baltimore admins reassigned in district Date Published: January 31, 2014 By Laura Walter Staff Reporter

The Indian River School Board has decided not to completely oust former Lord Baltimore Elementary School principal John Turssline and assistant principal Melissa Oates. Although the two were suddenly removed from their positions at the school on Jan. 15, both have been reassigned within the district. 

Effective on Monday, Feb. 3, Turssline will become the first assistant principal ever at G.W. Carver Academy, an alternative school in Frankford. Meanwhile current Carver principal Walt Smith will become the district’s supervisor of alternative programs. Lesia Jones is swapping that position with Smith, to become head administrator at G.W. Carver.

Oates will remain an assistant principal, now at Southern Delaware School of the Arts (SDSA), where vice-principal Ann Marie Logullo had been prior to being moved to the same role at Lord Baltimore on Jan. 21. 

These changes are not the result of any criminal activity or issues involving the safety and welfare of children,” IRSD Superintendent Susan Bunting has repeatedly emphasized.

Wow IR Rock Star stirs up a commotion using mayoral control and then back-peddles. Publius yea I know! If it were a charter the action would be decisive and I am not being sarcastic. I wonder how much this IR Rock Star’s blunder cost the taxpayers and lets not forget the disruption to students and staff.

The district would not comment further on the personnel matters involved.

I guess thats to preserve the morals and integrity of Inidan River School District. I think the personal issue might be with Rock Star herself. 

And this, The Vision 2015 Implementation Team. BARF !!

Red Clay special board meeting 2/6 re: public comments on inclusion plan. More code talking!

Special Board Workshop Feb. 6 

The Red Clay Board of Education will hold a special workshop meeting on Feb. 6, 2014 to hear public comment about a district proposal to transition Special Programs and Special Schools to home schools. The meeting will be held at Brandywine Springs School from 6 to 7 p.m

Folks, the deals have been cut! The district administrators will get their way with board approval of the transition plan. Technically the superintendent doesn’t need board approval of this plan. However, he is smart enough to included them in the decision process. Last month’s board vote to transition middle school ELL was a big YES and a down-payment for three more YES votes. I am going to pass on this meeting because it will make me sick seeing board members letting parents and staff go through the motions. Also, from the show of force by parents and staff at December’s and January’s board meeting the movement “peaked” and it’s done. Board members were elected by the people and the people did empower them to put children first. Sometimes board decisions aren’t popular and the transition plan is one of them. So Kilroy calls it a yes vote! 

Why did only “one” state legislator step-up for ELL students last night Posted on January 16, 2014 by kilroysdelaware 

Will Gov. Markell whistle Dixie at CSW’s Blue Ribbon Ceremony? #netde #edude

Gov. Markell to Celebrate Wilmington Blue Ribbon School By Stelle Kelli / 105.9FM

Governor Jack Markell will this morning speak at an event recognizing the Charter School of Wilmington as a National Blue Ribbon School.

Gov. Markell will join CSW President Dr. Samuel Paoli, CSW Vice President Eric Anderson and others to celebrate the Charter School of Wilmington being named a 2013 National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education. 

Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity

2011-12 2012-13

African American



American Indian















Other Student Characteristics

  2011-12 2012-13

English Language Learner



Low Income



Special Education



Enrolled for Full Year



Breaking News! Publius says Charter School of Wilmington does NOT have an entrance test.

Publius e decere says;

CSW. The school does NOT have an entrance exam, full stop. They assess specific interest as a preference, in a transparent process. If you don’t know the difference between a requirement and a preference, please do your homework. CSW have ALOT of applicants, ALOT of those applicants have demonstrated specific interest, the school has ALOT of buy-in from their authorizer, ALOT of buyin from the community, ALOT of recognition at the state and national level, and they have widespread respect in Delaware. Get over it.

Charter School of Wilmington; Delaware Today January 2013

“But getting in can be tough. There is an entrance exam and priority is given to in-district students. This year, there were 920 applicants for 235 slots.”

Davidson Institute for Talent Development

Contributed by: Student on 5/8/2008
The curriculum is challenging, the majority of the teachers are dedicated to identifying and aiding gifted students – though almost every student that attends has spectacular academic ability, due to a rigorous entrance exam. There are several opportunities for gifted students to take higher-level courses that suit their abilities. Roughly 80 – 90% of all students graduate with at least one Advanced Placement course under their belt.

No matter how you cut it placement test or entrance test, Charter School of Wilmington has an admission “process” that weeds students in or out based on academic ability.

Charter School of Wilmington is not breaking any state laws governing charter schools. Charter School of Wilmington uses allowable preferences to create an environment that lacks capacity to serve at-risk students or even average students. The charter school law has some moral flaws created by those who guided the hands of legislators during the creation of the law who now reap profit or twisted self-gratification. It’s obvious Charter School of Wilmington’s Governing body rather have an education systems that serves the more affluent and academic proven students than all students. Yes there are public magnet schools and votechs that employ other than open admission standards. However without a question, Charter School of Wilmington’s admission standards are the most rigorous that seems to purposely exclude high poverty students , special ed students and African-America students. My point is, Charter School of Wilmington does not provide a fair and equable “public” education to all students.

HOWEVER, Charter School of Wilmington does provide a world-class education to all students mustarding the selective admission process and as a supporter of charter school choice I urge all parents who feel their child can compete in the rigorous application process to make the effort. The heart of the question is not CSW’s service to those who can meet the admission process but to the state law and state legislators who turn an eye to a clearly discriminatory process that undermines fair and equable public education promised all children. Very sad!