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OMG did Moyer really miss their DE DOE charter modification application meeting 1/29?

Jenny Rhee’s unhappy subordinate reports Moyer lacked interest is their our charter school modification request. No show at their requested meeting? I guess they were too busy posting their monthly financial report required by law, finally!

Did Jenny Rhee really say this, “we are the authorizer- we shouldn’t be providing support and technical assistance to these charters. They should be able to stand on their own.”

Seems like we have a very fractured Delaware Department of Education. Has the DE DOE charter school office become a subsidiary of DE DOE?

Moyer can’t recruit enough students and now wants to reduce the number of students agreed to in their original application and it appears they didn’t show up to explain.

Meantime back on the ranch Hef sits helplessly as the DE DOE cancer continues it’s complete takeover of the state board of education. Hey Hef what was on those Moyer’s missing computer hard-drives? Hey Hef were criminal charges real filed?  😉 Looks like Water Boy hit the showers on this one!  

Look at Moyer’s December 2013 Financial Report #10 Management Company $20,000 budgeted and $169,685.33 in expenditures! 848.4%. No budget for food services? Lease payments and no mortgage payments! I thought Moyer purchased the building? o.oo budgeted for mortgage and $210,000.00 for lease payment.

Where is Moyer’s June 30th 2013 Financial positioning report? Where is Moyer’s FY2014 preliminary budget and final budget?

Unbelievable! New charter school board member starts of with LIES

Unleashed opportunity of great charter schools Kathy Laskowski Board member, Academia Antonia Alonso /NJ Letter to the Editor

Charter schools are public schools, open to all children without restriction.

WTF? Then why are there admission preferences? Charter schools are NOT open to all students! Is Newark Charter open all students living  in Christina district? Then there is charter School of Wilmington that requires applicants taking entrance tests. How many traditional public schools require an entrance test?

Delaware Libertarian kicks NJ’s Jimmy Olsen in the nuts

Charter schools: Because WNJ reporters don’t write their own headlines . . By Delaware Libertarian

So what’s wrong with that?  Well, possibly just the fact that very little in  Matthew Albright’s story even addresses the question of whether “public schools” are “OK with the competition.”

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