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Delaware’s Govenor Markell must be smoking crack! Wants to add another 10 cent gas tax

Hey Jack, add a 10% luxury tax on cars with sticker price over $30,000.00. Hey Jack, add 10% surcharge tax on all vehicles sold with 8 cylinders. Wait! My bad, I check the math! Those plans won’t raise the money you need. Yea Jack, go ahead and screw the working class one more time! Just another cup of coffee a day Jack! I did the math for all these cups of coffees! I think we done bought the pot and the stove! YIKES I SAID POT! Damn Jack, MARIJUANA TAX. There it is Jack big $$$$$$$$$$$$. Let the dopes that don’t know any better pay more taxes!

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest charter school queen of them all

More charter growth coming, applications show Public schools are OK with the competition Written by Matthew Albright The News Journal

“We are very interested in having conversations about what the long-term plan for our charter schools are,” Nagourney said. “We need to talk about what is sustainable and, most importantly, what provides the best situation for our students.”

Charter school advocates say there’s no reason to apply brakes now.

“We’re not trying to break down the system, we’re trying to provide as many high-quality options for kids as we can,” said Kendall Massett, executive director of the Delaware Charter Schools Network. “Until every student has a great educational opportunity, there will not be too many charter schools.”

Who is DE DOE Jenny Rhee trying to kid? The only conversations going on about charter schools is with the deep-seeded racist trying to create de facto segregated school system using charter schools. $30 million dollars invested in a world class charter school with no sports facilities or outdoor playground. Meanwhile, the evil traditional public schools being built have all the amenities. The “fact” remains Jenny Rhee nor anyone at the Delaware Department of Education can “not” have an honest conversation about without Gov. Jack Markell’s approval.

OMG here comes the other charter school queen claiming she’s not breaking down the system. High quality options my ASS! If you are black and at-risk you are not welcome in schools like Wilmington Charter! Yea there is a system alright! A system that sorts children by level of intelligence. She says, “Until every student has a great educational opportunity, there will not be too many charter schools.” As long as there is specific interest admission every child wouldn’t be afford the same equity in charter schools. Creating as charter school to serve at-risk students is nothing more that creating a racially identifiable schools. In comes down to “they got their’s and we got ours”. Meantime big fat cat lawyers reap the green backs. The charter queen refers to charter students as customers? WHAT! We’re not running a hotel we’re to run school via fair and equable education. It’s no fair for any public school aka charter to set admission preferences.

In defense of all charter schools, despite the screwed up charter school law, we shouldn’t close charter school unless we’re willing to close traditional schools. How many times are we going to start a new school improvement plan for Warner Elementary?

And then there are the clueless so-called civil rights leaders in Wilmington blind as bats! Who gives a shit if a new downtown charter school has 20 ft ceilings! where are the outdoor playgrounds or sports fields?

The new downtown charter school is nothing more than an interment camp for Christina district students who are not allowed to attend Newark Charter School located within Christina School District. Here is where the law needs to be changed now! All students living within a given school district “will” have first preference to attend a charter school located in that district. End the admission preferences and make charter schools “real public schools” or allow traditional public schools to pick and chose their students.

Nobody wants to hear about “Social justice”.